Tax Relief

Determine if Tax Settlement is Right for You

Are you drowning in back taxes and unable to pay what you owe? Have you considered a tax settlement to help you get a handle on your finances?

While it’s true that the IRS appears to be a big, scary, all-powerful entity  that could (in theory)  take your money, your assets, and even your home, wage garnishment and tax levies are actually the last resorts to collect unpaid tax debt.

In reality, the IRS is often happy to reach an agreement that gives the agency a portion of the tax money owed and allows the IRS to close out your case. Such an agreement is called a tax settlement. (And the same goes for state tax debt. Your state tax organization is most likely willing to listen to a settlement offer, too.)

A tax settlement may allow you to settle your case for less than the original amount of money owed. You might also negotiate for a more favorable payment plan.

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