Best Tax Software: 2021 Guide

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If you don’t have exceptionally complex tax returns, but the thought of doing math to file your taxes makes you cringe, tax software provides a low-cost, convenient solution. Additionally, using one of the best tax software platforms makes it easy to e-file without navigating the IRS website.  

Many tax preparation companies, including the biggest in the country like H&R Block, offer online tax software solutions for customers who prefer to do it themselves. 

Best Tax Software: 2021 Guide

We looked at some of the top-rated tax software programs to help you find the best for your needs. We evaluated their prices, offerings, options, ease-of-use, and customer service availability from a tax professional if you need a helping hand.

Company Free Federal? Free State? Signup for Free
TaxSlayer Yes Yes START HERE
TurboTax Yes Yes START HERE
E-file Yes Yes START HERE

Tax Slayer

This is a great software that can potentially help you save a lot. The company charges according to the level of support you want, rather than according to a software package’s capabilities.

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Price breakdown makes a huge difference at TaxSlayer. People who need advanced tax software, which can run $100 or more elsewhere, can especially benefit from the price difference, particularly when adding a state return



TurboTax initially launched as a tax software company, not a brick-and-mortar tax prep firm.

With this in mind, you may expect TurboTax software to be robust, intuitive, and flexible – and you’d be right.

TurboTax offers four cloud-based software packages, and four different packages available for download to do your taxes locally. Only the online version has a free edition. You can take a photo of your W-2 to file easily with any version.

TurboTax, which is owned by Intuit, integrates seamlessly with the Mint budgeting app and QuickBooks accounting software, also developed by Intuit. TurboTax is an ideal choice for small business owners or taxpayers who budget with Mint.


FreeTax USA

This is one of the most budget-friendly options out there. You can prepare your state tax returns for free and add state taxes for a small additional fee. One of the best things of FreeTax USA is their user-friendly platform.

You will be able to access the basics with FreeTaxUSA. If you value low prices over a higher-end software, platform and some capabilities like being able to speak to a tax professional, then this is probably the best choice for you.



Being up to 50% less expensive than other software companies out there, you are able to get your tax returns done in 15 minutes. This hassle-free option is great for you as opposed to traditional paper filings.

This program works to guide its users through the complicated filing process with ease, helping to prepare returns correctly and if a refund is due, put you on your way to receiving it.


Dawn Allcot
Expert Contributor
Last Updated: