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Debt Checkup Quiz

Are you wondering how your tax debt and credit card debt compares to others? Would you like to find a way out of your IRS debt? Do you wonder if there’s a solution to your financial problems?

The same way a credit score can offer a snapshot of how well you manage credit, Solvable’s exclusive Debt Checkup Quiz provides a rating of how well you’re managing your overall debt – including tax debt and credit card debt.

Before you take our Debt Checkup Quiz, you’ll want to collect some important information. It’s a good idea to look at these factors to get a better handle on your budget and overall financial situation. If you don’t know the answers off the top of your head, spend a few minutes gathering the necessary paperwork, such as credit card statements, pay stubs, and any letters or bills regarding your IRS debt.

Some of the information you’ll need includes:

What Is Your Debt Threshold?

Our Debt Checkup Quiz also asks you to explore your feelings about your unsecured credit card debt and outstanding tax debt. What may seem like a lot of debt to some people could be no big deal for you if you’re making the monthly payments on time and watching high credit card balances drop. Or maybe you only have a little bit of debt, but you’re struggling to make even the minimum payments.

Of course, if you’re receiving letters about wage garnishment from the IRS, your tax debt is probably pretty bad. But that’s okay. The first step to tax debt relief is facing your situation.

Our debt checkup provides a realistic assessment of your debt, income, and expenses, so you can determine your best course of action.

Don’t worry! If you don’t like the results of the Debt Checkup Quiz, we’ll provide options to help you pay down high-interest credit card debt and resolve your IRS tax debt.

IRS Tax Debt Relief Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Unpaid IRS tax debt can lead to liens, levies, and even wage garnishment. The IRS can even revoke your passport, preventing you from traveling across U.S. borders, if you have a serious tax delinquency.

You can’t make IRS debt go away by ignoring it. But you can find solutions with a reputable tax debt relief company. You can stop wage garnishment, establish a payment plan, and even settle your tax debt for less than you owe through a number of IRS tax forgiveness programs.

Our debt checkup calculator can help determine if you might qualify for tax debt relief through:

Innocent spouse relief
An offer in compromise
An installment agreement
Currently not collectible (CNC) status

Don’t Worry: Take Our Debt Checkup Quiz

You don’t have to worry or wonder if there’s a tax relief program that’s right for you. Take just a few minutes answering the questions in our Debt Checkup Quiz and let the experts at Solvable help you find the best solution to your debt problems. We can connect you with a tax relief firm, tax attorney, or other tax professionals to help you resolve your tax debt and get back on the right financial path.