Solvable Rating

If you’ve read any of the Solvable back tax assistance company reviews, you may have noticed a number ranging from 1 to 10 that represents a company’s “Solvable Rating.”

Just as a consumers’ credit rating determines how lenders perceive their likelihood to pay off back taxes, the Solvable Rating represents how trustworthy and reliable we believe a financial services firm to be.

Our proprietary Solvable Rating is based on a number of factors that, combined, tell you how likely the company might be to help you solve your specific financial problems and take the first steps toward better financial health. Solvable Ratings are never influenced by advertising or affiliate marketing.

Our Approach to Research-Driven Ratings

The Solvable Rating gives you our perspective on how companies compare based on our research.

Considerations for ratings include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer satisfaction based on reviews
  • Other reputable websites like the BBB.
  • Broad range of expert services
  • Long and prestigious company history
  • Certifications and accreditations
  • Social media presence
  • Media coverage exemplifying a positive reputation

The Solvable Rating is a subjective rating that represents all factors evaluated by our editorial team and expert researchers.

Our Research

In determining Solvable Ratings and compiling information for our company reviews, we leverage publicly available information from highly reputable sources. We also take into consideration information posted on the company’s own website, including the company history, policies, services offered.

Take a deeper look at some of the factors that contribute to a company’s high Solvable Rating:

Positive Customer Reviews Honors & Accreditations

Customer reviews that are posted on are a combination of reviews generated by Solvable and from review sites such Google, Trustpilot, Yelp and others. We and our partners post good and bad reviews alike to provide fair representation or potential bias and request our partner adhere to this policy. The Solvable rating score is an editorial rating score and is NOT an average of customer reviews posted on Solvable. We provide customer reviews to our visitors so they can read first hand experiences others have had with companies we have reviewed as secondary source of information.

We also evaluate information on third-party certification sites, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Honors & Accreditations

Membership in organizations like the National Association of Tax Professionals, the National Association of Enrolled Agents, or certification as an IRS-approved continuing education provider also weighs favorably in a company’s Solvable Rating.

In addition, if a company hires CPAs, tax attorneys, and IRS enrolled agents, we recognize that in our review and Solvable Rating.

Broad Range of Expert Services

We evaluate the company’s range of expert services because we’ve determined this to be an important factor in selecting a back taxes assistance firm.

Consumers often prefer to work with a single company that provides a “one-stop” experience for all their tax needs. This can include tax back taxes assistance as well as assistance with tax filings to help taxpayers stay up to date and avoid future trouble with the IRS.

Services may also include representation during a tax audit, help stopping liens, levies or wage garnishment, and ongoing financial counseling. Taxpayers may also want assistance with local and state taxes, as well as federal tax back taxes.

Working with one company that provides all these services can save time and also reduce the overall cost of back taxes resolution.

Fair and Honest Customer Service Policies

We consider how a back taxes assistance company treats its customers. Can consumers get a free consultation? Is there an option to receive a refund if the customer isn’t satisfied? How long does tax resolution usually take? How responsive, communicative, and transparent is the company over the course of a typical tax back taxes assistance case?

We comb through consumer reviews and read each company’s FAQs and terms and conditions as published on the company website to determine the answers to these questions and more.

Overall Company Reputation

We also read news stories about a company, examine their social media resence, and see what coverage—positive and negative—the company has garnered.

A company’s history and time in business play a role in their rating. A company that has been around for a long time knows what it takes to keep customers happy. A positive, longstanding reputation earns points toward a company’s Solvable Rating – just like a long credit history bodes well for a consumers’ FICO rating.

Unbiased Research

It’s important to note that every Solvable Rating is based on a careful analysis of the research we have done and publicly available information about each company we rate.

Companies cannot pay for a higher Solvable rating. Our Solvable Rating is our honest assessment of how well-equipped a company is to help you get out of back taxes and take the first step toward financial freedom.

Up-to-date Information

Solvable Ratings change with time, as additional reviews are posted or new information becomes available about the back taxes assistance firm. Check our Solvable reviews often for updates before you choose a back taxes assistance firm to work with you.

Your Help

Our Solvable Ratings are only as good as the information we can gather. If you have a recent experience with one of the companies listed on our site, we would appreciate your input. Leave a review on their profile page for other visitors to see, as it will help them make their decision and will influence the company’s future Solvable Rating as we revise our ratings based on the information.

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