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  • Free Consultation
  • Resolved More Than $800 Million in Back Taxes
  • Offers Wide Variety of Service (Tax Filing, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Resolution)
  • Works With Consumer & Business Back Tax
  • Bilingual English & Spanish
  • Operates in all 50 States
  • Founded by Bankers, Attorneys & Tax Professionals
  • Employs Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents
  • Experts in Releasing Bank Levies
  • Proven Track Record of Stopping Wage Garnishment
  • CTAX Assurance Tax Account Monitoring Service
  • Expertise in Releasing Tax Liens
  • Offer Tax Preparation Services

Has Resolved More Than $800 Million in Tax Debt for Customers

Community Tax, sometimes known as CTAX, has resolved more than $800 million in tax debt for businesses and consumers since it was founded in Chicago in 2010. The company has worked with more than 80,000 clients nationwide.

CTAX settles an average of $10s of millions in tax debt each year. They negotiate with the IRS to release hundreds of liens and levies and resolve close to 1,000 tax cases in a month. The numbers are on your side when it comes to receiving a fair and manageable tax settlement when you work with CTAX.

Free Consultation and Fair Pricing

Like many back tax assistance firms, CTAX offers a free consultation. The CTAX experts will determine your filing status and your unique situation with IRS or state back taxes. If you qualify, they can develop a plan to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

Founded by Bankers, Attorneys, and Tax Professionals Who Understand Back Taxes

Unlike many back tax assistance firms who keep their company ownership and employee credentials hidden behind a veil of secrecy, CTAX is upfront about the experience level, certifications, degrees, and names of their founders and employees.

Three of the four founders are certified to practice law, while the other is an IRS enrolled agent, the highest tax credential offered by the U.S. Department of Treasury. All four have extensive experience in banking, finance, and tax defense, giving them the expertise needed to run one of the nation’s leading tax defense agencies and to ensure the highest level of customer service from their firm.

Get the Help You Need from Attorneys, CPAs, and IRS Enrolled Agents

Community Tax employs a large team of attorneys, CPAs, IRS enrolled agents and trained tax preparers with a client-centered and solutions-oriented approach to tax resolution and other financial services, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting services.

Reduce Back Taxes with Proven Programs

Community Tax experts are experienced in acting on behalf of taxpayers to file offers-in-compromise, partial pay installment agreements, innocent spouse, currently-not-collectible status, and other programs designed to reduce or eliminate back taxes.

They can negotiate with the IRS to eliminate or reduce fees or penalties, reduce the overall amount you owe, and arrange a manageable installment agreement that allows you to keep more of your money while paying down your back taxes over time. With an incredibly high success rate, CTAX has saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Have Levies and Liens Released So You Can Keep What You Earn

Facing tax liens on your property or even levies, which can allow the IRS to seize your assets, is scary and stressful. CTAX has unprecedented success in filing to have levies and liens removed so you can keep your cash, property, and other assets. Once the levies and liens are taken care of, CTAX will then start the process of negotiating with the IRS on your behalf to reach a satisfactory resolution to your back taxes.

Stop Wage Garnishment

 Did you know that the IRS can garnish your wages if you owe back taxes? Avoid this stressful situation by calling on the professionals at Community Tax to stop wage garnishment and help you reach an agreement with the IRS that lets you hold onto the money you need to live.

Leading National Provider of Tax and Accounting Services

Since its launch in 2010, CTAX has grown to become one of the nation’s leading tax resolution agencies, with positive reviews, media coverage, industry affiliations, and multiple certifications and accreditations. Transparent in its approach and forthcoming with information, tips, and advice, CTAX places customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities.

Get Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Help, Too

CTAX provides not only back tax assistance services, but also tax accounting for businesses and individuals, as well as small business bookkeeping and accounting services.

Taking the place of pricey in-house bookkeepers, the CTAX team can customize monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, provide monthly reconciliation and maintenance of your books, and complete business tax filings, so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

CTAX can also help individuals file state and IRS tax returns annually. Headed by a team of experts who understand the financial challenges businesses and individuals face, CTAX strives to be a one-stop shop for taxes, bookkeeping and financial consulting for businesses and individuals.

Prevent Tax Problems with a Monitoring Service

If you’ve been in trouble with the IRS, you know how stressful it is. You would probably do anything to avoid the situation in the future. The CTAX Assurance Program provides personalized services to help you stay ahead of tax deadlines and problems with the IRS.

CTAX Assurance is available at three service levels. The first is a free service to customers, which provides tax account monitoring, access to IRS transcripts, IRS account alerts, free access to the TaxPal mobile app with 24-hour tax monitoring, and more.

The Executive and Enterprise Programs offer many additional services for business owners, including automatic business tax extensions, direct access to CPAs, and full-service small business bookkeeping.

Reduce Your Tax Liability with Tax Prep Help from CTAX

Community Tax experts file tax returns for their customers with the utmost care. Before beginning the process, the company’s tax professionals file for a limited power of attorney on behalf of the client. CTAX may order transcripts or account records from the IRS to ensure that no income or expenses are accidentally left off the returns by the taxpayer.

If you are filing a complicated tax return, with income from stock sales, property rentals, the sale or transfer of assets, interest, dividends, unemployment, gambling or lottery income, or other 1099 miscellaneous income, Community Tax will work with you to determine what tax deductions could legally help you reduce your overall tax bill. You may be surprised by how much you can save by having your taxes prepared by a tax professional and reviewed by an IRS enrolled agent.

Tax Returns Prepared by CTAX Come with an “Audit Guarantee”

When CTAX prepares your taxes, whether they are delinquent or on time, all filings come with an “audit guarantee.” CTAX attorneys will represent you during the IRS audit if your returns prepared by CTAX are audited.

Bi-lingual Services

CTAX translates its website into Spanish with one click of a button and has bilingual tax professionals available to help American taxpayers who speak Spanish.

About Community Tax

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Community Tax was founded in 2010 by three attorneys and an IRS enrolled agent with the goal of helping businesses and individuals resolve IRS and state back taxes. Operating in all 50 states, CTAX is now a leading provider of tax resolution services, as well as tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting.

The Bottom Line
Although it's been in business for a decade, Community Tax quickly rose to the top of highly respected back tax assistance firms in the U.S. thanks to its experienced and conscientious leadership. Numerous positive consumer reviews and industry accreditations stand as a testament to the company's reliability and results.

CTAX offers a wide range of financial services, all provided by experts in their field, including licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and IRS Enrolled Agents. If you need assistance with small business bookkeeping and accounting or are an individual with tax problems seeking a solution, contact CTAX for a free consultation. With professional tax prep and financial consulting help, CTAX can also help you avoid future problems with the IRS.


  • Carlos V. | 01/03/2019

    They were phenomenal!!! Daniel Irwing was my contact. He gave me great customer service and was exceptional for 3 years. He really went above and beyond, he held my hand every step of the way.  I would highly recommend.

  • Stephen R. | 10/21/2019

    They have always been helpful and have been willing to help out with any question or any doubt, special thanks to Saul who was always there to help and to listen, Thank you! forever grateful

  • Jorge G. | 12/20/2019

    Very professional and patient with me, They were working on my case very closely and kept in constant communication with. That is very important cause they were explaining my case in detail so I can understand it clearly!!

  • Sherri A. | 12/22/2019

    I would like to thank Lissette G. of Community Tax for her VERY helpful, timely, professional and caring assistance in not only getting my Tax Returns done in such an efficient and easy manner, but mostly for treating me with such dignity and respect with what is, and can be such a frustrating and even embarrassing situation. Lissette, and the entire team at Community Tax have truly been amazing and a real miracle for me at this time in my life. I HIGHLY recommend you call them ASAP if you are in need of any tax issues or concerns!

  • ALFREDO D. | 12/31/2019

    Exelente experiencia con Community Tax en especial con Elisabel amable siempre ayudandome en todo gracias Elisabel..

  • Margarita G. | 01/21/2020

    Hoy hablé con Raul Catriel. Estoy muy contenta desde que puse mi caso en manos de Community tax cuando tengo una duda los llamo y siempre contestan y resuelven mis dudas . Gracias Raul por tu cortesía y amabilidad en resolver hoy mis dudas . Es una compañía muy seria y profesional y yo los recomiendo 💯 %. Gracias Raul🙏

  • Sean C. | 03/05/2020

    Community Tax has been amazing for me. They were able to get $119,000 of tax debt cut down to $10,000. To say I’m grateful is a huge understatement! I would definitely recommend them if you owe the IRS money so you don’t have to fight them alone. Thank you Community Tax.

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