Should You Hire A Back Tax Assistance Company or a Tax Attorney

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Many people looking to resolve their tax problems often get confused about whether to hire a tax attorney or a back tax assistance company. Both can resolve tax problems; both are experts in their field. Then which is a better choice?

How to Choose between a Back Tax Assistance Company and a Tax Attorney

The one major difference between a back tax assistance company and a tax attorney is that a back tax assistance company is a collective of professionals, including tax attorneys, tax professionals, and many times enrolled agents and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). On the other hand, a tax attorney is a tax lawyer specializing in tax laws and tax codes, and can represent taxpayers before the IRS and in court.

Whether you choose a back tax assistance company or a tax attorney depends upon what kind of a tax issue you have. If the problem you are facing can be resolved by hiring a lawyer, you can choose to hire a tax attorney. If you want more expansive assistance that includes dealing with the paperwork, tax returns, back taxes, lien, other non-compliance, and so on, then choosing a back tax assistance company is undoubtedly a better choice.

The advantage of having an entire team of tax professionals in one place becomes convenient if you are facing complicated tax issues with the IRS. In such cases, a back tax assistance service can help you with every aspect, be it representation, obtaining documents, negotiations with the IRS, and the elaborate paperwork.

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What Can a Back Tax Assistance Service Do for You?

A back tax assistance service offers a host of tax services such as back tax resolution, stopping IRS liens and levies, handling IRS audits, responding to IRS notices, and more. They house qualified and experienced tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and other tax professionals who pour in their expertise to resolve a tax issue.

Should You Hire A Back Tax Assistance Company or a Tax Attorney

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The benefits of the combined efforts of tax professionals become important in complicated tax issues such as stopping a lien, resolving back taxes for financially strained taxpayers, bank levies, wage garnishments, in-depth IRS audits, in-person IRS audits, and so on. A legitimate back tax assistance company can relieve you of dealing with the IRS yourself. Even in simple cases where you only need representation by a tax lawyer, a back tax assistance service can offer the required help.

What Can a Tax Attorney Do for You?

A tax attorney has the required knowledge and skills to handle complicated tax problems such as back taxes, IRS audits, liens, cases of non-compliance, and so on. Since a tax attorney is a lawyer, he or she can represent a taxpayer before the IRS and also in the tax court.

A tax attorney may have specialization in a particular field of taxation. If you need specialized help in a specific taxation field, you may inquire about a tax attorney that provides such services.

A tax attorney is qualified to conduct negotiations with the IRS on your behalf in back taxes cases and represent you before the IRS in in-person audits. When IRS audits go deep, it is best to hire a tax attorney or a back tax assistance company because, without proper guidance and help, things can easily get complicated.

Though DIY saves money, if the case is complicated or you are unaware of IRS rules, even one mistake can lead to loss of money and worsening of the problem. So, depending upon the issue at hand, consider if you need help.

Tax Problems You May Need Help With

There are many tax problems taxpayers face, such as back taxes, IRS audits, tax liens, tax levies, IRS notices, and so on. Though not all tax issues may need you to start looking to hire a service, some may need handling by experts.

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For instance, if you receive an IRS notice that only asks you to provide a few tax or financial documents so that the agency can determine your tax liability correctly, then you may simply do what is required.

Similarly, if you owe back taxes and can pay it all in one payment, you also don’t need help resolving it.

However, if you wish to negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement, or want to reduce IRS penalties or the back taxes amount, then you will do much better with professional help. Also, in cases of grave non-compliance such as tax evasion or challenging the IRS in court, expert help should be sought.

Tax problems for which you may need help include:

  • Back taxes resolution where you can’t pay the full amount in a single payment
  • In-depth IRS audits
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank levy
  • Lien on property
  • Tax evasion and tax avoidance
  • Challenging the IRS in a tax court

How You Can Seek Help

If you find that the tax issue you are facing is not simple enough for you to handle yourself, you can get in touch with a back tax assistance company or a tax professional.

Many back tax assistance companies provide a free consultation, which allows you to check the tax professionals’ credentials working there and gives you a chance to see whether the service they provide is of quality. There are many illegitimate scam back tax assistance companies of which you need to be wary. Always do a background check of the company and, if possible, talk to their other customers before hiring.

If you wish to hire a tax attorney, you may conduct online research and background check to find an attorney who has experience resolving the kind of tax problem you are facing. You may also ask your friends and family to help you reach the right person for the job.

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Any tax problem, no matter how difficult, can be resolved easily with the right help. However, this first step in deciding whom to hire is an important one because it marks how the resolution process will be. Research well and seek help from near and dear ones before making your decision, and you will smoothly and successfully reach the resolution.


Joe Valinho
Expert Contributor
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