When And Why Would You Need An IRS Tax Attorney?

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Your tax bill has arrived. But, as they say, you can’t get blood from a stone. You simply can’t pay. This is when you need an IRS tax attorney to help you navigate the complex landscape of tax laws and court revenue rulings.

Perhaps the interest, fees, and penalties have mounted to the point you can’t even fathom your tax bill. Or maybe your circumstances changed, the money you earned is long spent, and you can’t pay the taxes you owe on past income.

Maybe you’re a new business owner who vastly underestimated your earnings and, as a result, your estimated quarterly tax payments.

Whatever your individual circumstances, you are probably scared, sick with worry, and concerned about your financial future.

When And Why Would You Need An IRS Tax Attorney?

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Let’s look at some of the ways an IRS tax attorney or a tax settlement company can help you.

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1. A tax attorney can represent you in court.

Did you know that if you are subpoenaed and taken to court for your tax debt, your own accountant could be forced to testify against you? A tax attorney, on the other hand, will represent your best interests. It’s scary facing a prosecuting attorney and judge on your own. A tax attorney understands the laws and will represent you with the goal of negotiating a tax settlement that will keep you out of jail and prevent financial hardship.

2. A tax settlement company or tax attorney can help you negotiate an offer-in compromise.

Offers-in-compromise (OIC) can help you avoid financial hardship by negotiating a settlement with the IRS that is less than the full tax debt, interest, and penalties you owe. But negotiating a successful OIC requires a lot of paperwork, an intimate understanding of tax law, and the ability to negotiate successfully with the IRS. (Gulp!) That can be a scary proposition when you’re already in a position of vulnerability. A tax attorney is used to this and has probably negotiated cases far worse than yours. Let a professional who understands the ever-changing tax code help.

If you don’t qualify for an offer-in-compromise, a tax attorney may be able to negotiate a tax penalty abatement to have interest and fees waived.

3. If you want to file for an installment agreement, an IRS tax attorney can help you negotiate a manageable deal.

Although not as difficult as obtaining an OIC, filing for an installment agreement is also a complex undertaking. You’ll need to show your income and expenses in order to prove to the IRS that you can’t pay the full amount all at once. Tax attorneys and tax settlement firms are well versed in today’s tax laws and can help you negotiate a manageable installment agreement.

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4. If you’re being audited, a tax attorney can help.

If you receive notification of a tax audit, the IRS may be trying to prove that you owe more taxes than you believe you do.

An IRS tax attorney can help you gather the evidence to prove that you filed correctly so you don’t have to overpay your taxes. If it is determined that you owe more than you claimed, a tax attorney can help you negotiate an offer-in-compromise or an installment agreement to reduce your tax burden or make it easier to pay your tax bill in full over time.

5. If you’ve been charged with tax fraud, you’ll want a tax attorney on your side.

Even if you wouldn’t knowingly evade taxes, mistakes happen. If you’ve been charged with tax fraud or tax evasion you don’t want to mess around. Hire a knowledgeable IRS tax attorney to defend you in court. The IRS has teams of professionals on their side; you deserve an advocate who will fight to keep you out of jail and negotiate your tax bill so you can pay your taxes without going broke.

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Reputable tax settlement firms can assist you in managing your tax debt through a penalty abatement, installment agreement, or offer-in-compromise. IRS tax debt relief programs are all based on vast tax laws and court revenue rulings. To navigate this complex landscape you may want to consider an experienced and knowledgeable tax relief company to help you.

If you are facing legal action, an audit, or charges of tax fraud, you’ll need a tax attorney to represent your best interests.

Whether you need a tax relief firm or a tax attorney (or both), count on Solvable to guide you through your choices and help you select a reputable firm.

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