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Recommended Partner for Help near Costa Mesa, California.
  • Cynthia F.

    Posted 07/01/2017

    They resolved my tax issue within 10 months

    “2 weeks agoI called National Tax Experts (Tax Doctors) to help me with my tax debt. The price was reasonable. They allowed me to pay $500 up front and then $200.00 for 5 months and they resolved my tax issue within 10 months. I received my letter from IRS stating the compromise that we agreed on which was me paying only $1300.00 back. I want to thank the staff of National Tax Experts (Tax Doctors) for their help, keeping me informed of what was going on and sending me all info as they received it. I would definitely recommend them..”

  • Lonnie W.

    Posted 05/22/2017

    I take my hat off to them and their Attorney’s.

    “I would like to thank National Tax Experts (Tax Doctors) for the outstanding work that they accomplished for me. The amount of money that I owed the IRS supersedes any amount that I could pay. National Tax Experts found a way with their excellent Attorneys to negotiate with the IRS to help resolve my tax issues. To this I take my hat off to them and their Attorney’s.”

  • Santi X.

    Posted 03/21/2017

    I thought I was dreaming as I had to only pay that “best case scenario”

    “I typically am the kind of guy that reads reviews as opposed to actually writing one but in this case I felt compelled. I’ve had a 10-year burden on my shoulders with the IRS and when I got into some serious trouble with them I had to go to the experts. Mind you that time I was getting many letters as they where painting a beautiful picture and basically trying to get my business and I was very hesitant to talk with anyone until the day I had no choice and had to research all of these companies and in the end after talking with someone at National Tax experts (Tax Doctors) I felt comfortable in revealing more and more about my case as they were very professional. When I think about that conversation we had back then it makes me chuckle because they said the best case scenario would be such an amount that it sounded so ridiculous but I felt if they can even help me two at least to reduce two thirds that I would be a lucky fellow. In the end after everything when I got the final letter of acceptance for my offer and compromise from the IRS… I thought I was dreaming as I had to only pay that “best case scenario” amount so I had to call the national tax experts to confirm this information and it was all true and I still couldn’t believe it but when everything settled down I was convinced and sent my final payment to the IRS and had a new start on life! When I decided to write a review it was just to say that I truly recommend the National Tax Experts (Tax Doctors) and I’m so glad that I chosed them and I feel very blessed and looking forward to my future with everything taken care of!”

  • Will C.

    Posted 02/01/2017

    I couldn’t of wished for a better result.

    “I had a great experience with these guys. I had a 21,000 + tax lien and I was currently on Non collectible with the IRS. I contacted them 11/05/2015 and took a little longer than expected to get everything together to send in the OIC. I had summit the OIC 6/24/2016 and it was Approved 8/31/2016. My lien release was File 11/30/2016. Took a little over a year to resolve my IRS debt. Even Thou it was longer then expected I couldn’t of wished for a better result.”

  • Irving M.

    Posted 07/01/2016

    Little over 4 months my liability was resolved

    “A year ago I could no longer avoid the inevitable. I reached a point where I had to deal with my income tax mess. National Tax Experts (Tax Doctors) certainly demonstrated expertise professionalism and trustworthiness when I handed over the responsibility of fixing my problems after not filing for over a decade and consequently growing an insurmountable debt. After a total of little over 4 months my liability was resolved in more than satisfactory fashion. I have referred a friend and she too is very happy with the service as is her husband.”