6 Companies That Can Help With Tax Relief

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  • Tax relief companies typically offer free consultations to give you a better idea of what they have to offer.
  • The sum of your tax debt will influence which companies will work with you, as some have minimum debt requirements.
  • You may get relief from wage garnishments and other troubles in a matter of weeks with the right companies.

Tax relief services will give you professional assistance tackling outstanding tax debt. If you’re faced with more debt than you can reasonably handle, there are many options that are available to you. It’s difficult to navigate the ins and outs of the IRS without help. This is where tax relief companies come in. Consider these businesses first if you’re looking for reliable tax relief services to help you get your finances back in shape. Here are a few of our tops picks.

Stop IRS Debt

Stop IRS Debt is regularly rated as one of the top companies for assistance with debt relief. The business maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and earned one of our top ratings here at Solvable. With 17 years of experience helping customers deal with tax debt, Stop IRS Debt has the knowledge that you need on your side.

Available services include tax relief, tax preparation, and audit defense. Prospective clients looking to resolve tax debt begin with a consultation which includes a proposed resolution plan. This is followed by a careful investigation of the individual’s tax situation and mediation to minimize the amount owed as much as possible.

Tax Defense Network

The Tax Defense Network is a flexible option that’s available to individuals with any amount of tax debt. There is no minimum or maximum debt threshold that clients must meet with this company, which makes the services more readily accessible than many other companies. By calling the Gold Star Client Care hotline, taxpayers can reach knowledgeable tax professionals quickly and easily.

Tax Defense Network serves customers across the country and resolves over 4,000 cases a month. Working with this company, you’ll begin with a free consultation. There’s no charge unless you choose to proceed, and you have the option to change your mind for a full three days after signing the contract if you decide to go another route.

6 Companies That Can Help With Tax Relief

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J. David Tax Law

When you’re with J. David Tax Law, you’re working exclusively with tax attorneys. This offers you an outstanding level of expertise that’s above and beyond what other companies will offer. There is no minimum tax debt required to work with the company. In fact, J. David Tax Law is a full-service tax law firm that even handles cases for clients with no tax debt.

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You will always begin with a free tax consultation which comes with no obligations. J. David Tax Law can lift wage garnishments in just 48 hours and resolves simple tax issues in as few as five weeks. Even the company’s more complex cases are typically handled within 12 weeks. J. David Tax Law has been BBB accredited since 2015 and maintains an outstanding A+ rating.

Honest Tax

Honest Tax is comprised of a diverse team of tax accountants, tax attorneys, CPAs, and IRS enrolled agents. This company strives to provide a customer-centered experience where each client feels genuinely cared for. Every prospective customer gets a free 30-minute consultation. This will help you understand which of the company’s services are best suited to your needs. Among other things, Honest Tax handles:

  • audit representation
  • settlement negotiations
  • liens
  • levies
  • wage garnishment

Whether you’re dealing with aggressive calls from collectors or you want to find out how to settle your total tax debt for a small lump sum quickly, this company can help. Honest Tax isn’t only interested in your current tax situation, either. This team will also work hard to help you plan for the future. You’ll find that your advisor wants to help you make solid financial choices that will prevent you from needing tax debt relief again in the future.

Community Tax

Community Tax offers tax relief services to individuals with more than $7,000 in tax debt. As with most top tax relief companies, this provider begins with a free consultation. In addition to tax resolution, Community Tax also offers bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filing services. Once you’ve resolved your outstanding debt, you may choose to continue working with the business to keep your finances in line in the future.

Community Tax specializes in releasing liens and levies and stopping wage garnishments. This company was founded by attorneys, bankers, and tax professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the tax industry. On staff, you’ll find CPAs, enrolled agents, and attorneys who can help you with your case.

Optima Tax Relief

Services with Optima Tax Relief begin with a free consultation. You will then work through a two-phase process for tax relief. In the first phase, the company establishes communications with the IRS and begins the process of stopping collections and other actions against you. During the second stage, Optima focuses on achieving compliance and resolution, so you can get your taxes back in line for as little money as possible.

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The entire process with Optima typically takes between four and nine months. Clients here enjoy the unique feature of a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied that you received the services you were promised, you may qualify for a refund from the company.

If you’re facing a significant amount of tax debt, it’s important to know that you have options. You may not have to pay the full sum of your debt. Speaking with a tax debt relief company will help you understand your options better and Solvable can help. We have an extensive listing of tax debt relief companies. The site’s detailed information will help you select the best business for handling your needs. You can get rid of many types of tax debt quickly with the right services.


Mandi Rogier
Expert Contributor
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