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  • Omni Financial is one of the leading back tax assistance companies in the nation.
  • They offer services to both individuals and businesses, and they work to settle back taxes in several ways.
  • While they can help with most tax problems, they don’t have any lawyers on staff.

Many people who find themselves dealing with tax indebtedness turn to a back tax assistance company for help. back tax assistance companies can work with the IRS on your behalf and help you to clear your obligation once and for all. If you’ve been thinking about hiring a back tax assistance company to help you with your tax burden, it’s important to research these companies so that you choose the one that’s right for you.

Omni Financial is one of the leading back tax assistance companies working today, and they have helped countless taxpayers clear their indebtedness. Before you begin work, however, here are a few things to know about Omni’s services and how they may be able to help you with your back taxes.

Tax Services for Individuals

Back taxes can come in several different forms, and some types of debt are easier to clear than others. One of the reasons that Omni Financial may be a good choice for your tax problem is that they offer a variety of services for individuals, and they have experience dealing with a number of different tax issues, including:

  • Tax penalties
  • Tax liens
  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax levies at the state and federal levels

In addition to helping you deal with the IRS, Omni can also help you work with your state tax authority, if necessary. Because of their wide range of services, Omni Financial should be able to help you with your current tax issue.

Services for Businesses

Like many back tax assistance companies, Omni Financial also provides several services to businesses that find themselves in debt to the IRS or their state tax agency. Some of the services that Omni offers to businesses, such as help with tax penalties, tax liens, and tax levies, are similar to those provided for individuals, and they also offer business-specific services.

Omni Tax Help

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Many businesses run into tax problems because of payroll issues and Omni has experience dealing with these problems. They can also help businesses that have been charged with the trust fund recovery penalty. If your business is dealing with a serious tax issue, the professionals at Omni Financial can help.

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How Omni Helps With the IRS

No two tax issues are the same, which means that not every solution will work with every problem. When you bring your tax issue to Omni Financial, one of their tax professionals will analyze your problem to determine which form of back tax assistance is best suited to your situation.

The IRS offers several solutions for taxpayers looking to get out of debt, meaning Omni should be able to help you find an option to clear your tax problem. In most cases, they will help you calculate an affordable payment plan and then present this plan to the IRS. If you can’t afford a typical payment plan, Omni may be able to help you set up a partial-pay installment agreement or submit an offer in compromise, which would allow you to pay off your debt for a lower amount.

If you’re interested in disputing your back taxes, you may want to file a tax appeal. Omni also offers tax appeal services, meaning they can help you prepare your appeal and may even be able to represent you before the IRS or state taxing authority.

Reasons to Work With Omni Financial

Now that you know a little more about Omni Financial and their services, it’s time to take a look at some of the reasons to work with this back tax asssitance company. First, Omni has a large staff that includes Licensed Tax Practitioners, which means they have the ability to handle complex tax problems.

Omni Financial also has experience dealing with large amounts of back taxes. By their own estimates, their current clients have over $650 million in back taxes with state taxing authorities and the IRS. Omni has also been in operation for more than 20 years, meaning they have dealt with almost every tax situation imaginable.

If you seek back tax assistance through Omni Financial, you’ll be working with a company that is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business and that has an A+ rating. Omni is also an IRS-approved continuing education provider, which means they understand all of the latest tax laws.

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Tax Issues Omni Can’t Help With

Some tax problems come attached with legal implications. For instance, if you’re in back taxes because you intentionally included false information on your tax return, you may also face serious legal repercussions on top of your debt. In these cases, Omni Financial might not be your best option.

Omni’s staff does not include any attorneys, and they do not offer legal advice. If you’re dealing with a legal problem stemming from your back taxes, then you may want to hire a tax attorney instead. A tax attorney should be able to help you with your legal issues and may also be able to give you advice for getting out of your back taxes.

Is Omni Financial the Right Choice for You?

If you’re still trying to determine whether you should work with Omni Financial, there are a few things that you should consider. For low amounts of back taxes, you may be able to handle the problem yourself. You can contact the IRS directly and request an installment agreement, and as long as you meet certain requirements, the agreement will likely be accepted.

You should also think about whether you simply owe money or you’re dealing with something more complicated such as a lien or levy. Removing a lien or levy will likely be a lot easier if you enlist the help of a tax professional, so in these cases, working with Omni Financial is probably a good choice.

Solvable is here to help you get out from under the cloud of back taxes. In addition to this review of Omni Financial, we provide reviews of other popular back tax assistance companies, helping you make an informed decision about which company is right for you. Check out our reviews today so you can finally get rid of your back taxes.


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