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  • I finally have peace of mind that I will not have to struggle with tax issues again. They helped me see the main problem and showed me how to avoid future issues with the state and federal.

    Susie M. |
  • They've been very helpful. I already have recommended them to my niece. Whatever they say they'll do, they do!

    Darnell J. |



  • Free Consultation with No Obligation
  • Employs CPAs, EAs and tax attorney
  • 10-Day Refund Policy Available
  • Experience Releasing Tax Liens
  • Resolve State & Federal Back Taxes
  • Specializes in Stopping Wage Garnishments
  • Representation for Personal & Business IRS Audits
  • Knowledgeable About Small Business Tax Laws

50 Years of Tax Relief Expertise
Honest Tax of Woodland Hills, California, promises “Honest Answers” and “Honest Results.” The team of tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, tax accountants, and CPAs boast a combined 50 years of experience in helping California residents eliminate their tax debt legally and with a minimum amount of stress.

A Trusted and Recognizable Name in Tax Assistance

In business since 2005, the company recently signed renowned actor, celebrity, and economist Ben Stein as its official spokesperson. Stein now appears on the website and is the public face of Honest Tax, even providing the voiceover for the company mascot, “Ben” the wise owl.
Honest Tax has been Better Business Bureau-accredited since 2017, with no customer complaints and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Honest Employees Who Care About You

Honest Tax prides itself on hiring honest employees who really care about their customers and work hard to provide a realistic assessment of a client’s financial situation and the expected outcome when it comes to IRS tax negotiations.

Honest Tax does not take on every customer. If the organization’s tax experts feel they can help, they will give it their all, staying in constant communication until the resolution of your case. Honest Tax professionals will immediately seek to stop collections actions and then take the steps necessary to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. They schedule weekly calls with clients to keep you up to date on the progress of your situation.

Qualified Tax Experts Will Review Prior Returns

The Honest Tax team of tax professionals will review prior tax filings and federal and state tax returns to ensure you did not miss a deduction and that you reported all expenses to ensure the taxes you paid are correct and your tax returns are accurate. They will set you up to potentially reduce future your tax liability so you can eliminate back taxes once and for all.

Free Consultation

Honest Tax offers a free 30-minute consultation to prospective customers. Find out if you qualify for back tax assistance and how much money you may be able to save with a no-risk phone call.

10-Day Refund Policy for Many Cases

Honest Tax offers the Honest Tax Guarantee, a 10-day refund policy for many customers. If you call Honest Tax for back tax assistance and do not have immediate collection notices against you, wage garnishments, bank levies, or tax liens, you may qualify for a refund within 10 days for any reason. The refund policy does not apply to audit representation and cases requiring immediate action.

Honest Tax Provides a Variety of Services

One of the most impressive aspects of Honest Tax is the depth and breadth of services the agency provides. Unlike some back tax assistance firms that only specialize in a few solutions and may not have a full team of experts on staff, Honest Tax employs attorneys, CPAs, and IRS enrolled agents to assist with every aspect of back tax assistance.

Whether you need representation during an audit or someone to stop collection calls and negotiate a settlement on your behalf, Honest Tax can help. No matter how much or how little you owe in state or federal taxes, Honest Tax may be able to work on your behalf to eliminate your back taxes and help you build a stronger financial future.

Release Liens or Levies and Stop Wage Garnishment with Help from the Pros

Honest Tax specializes in taking the proper steps to stop wage garnishment and have liens or levies released. Honest Tax can also file for lien subordination on your behalf, giving you an opportunity to pay off your IRS back tax through a third-party loan.

Get Help with an IRS Audit from Professional Tax Attorneys

Honest Tax has represented countless businesses and individuals during IRS audits. With a keen knowledge of IRS tax laws and the savvy to spot allowable deductions and expenses, Honest Tax professionals can keep you out of trouble with the IRS and potentially reduce your tax burden for future filings without raising IRS red flags.

Honest Tax Helps Stop Aggressive Collections Calls

As soon as you agree to work with Honest Tax, the team of tax experts works diligently to stop aggressive collections calls that may cause you added stress, so you can focus on realistic tax resolution solutions.

Save Your Small Business

If you are facing collections of unpaid payroll taxes, you could be in danger of losing your savings, your business, and even your freedom. The IRS can and will send business owners who are delinquent on payroll taxes to prison. Honest Tax works with business owners to help stop collections of unpaid payroll taxes, negotiate an affordable agreement, and keep your business running so you can get out of back taxes.

About Honest Tax

Founded in 2005, Honest Tax is made up of a team of carefully selected IRS enrolled agents, tax attorneys, tax preparers, and CPAs devoted to providing stellar customer service and total transparency to taxpayers.
Honest Tax offers a variety of tax-related services, including negotiations with the IRS, submission of overdue tax filings, audit representation and more. Honest Tax offers a number of back tax assistance programs, which can help taxpayers negotiate an agreement to settle for less than they owe, set up a plan to pay off their back tax in installments, and catch up on late tax filings.

The Bottom Line
Honest Tax isn’t just a clever company name. The tax firm really does emphasize honesty and transparency in every situation. Stellar consumer reviews, a longstanding reputation and, now, Ben Stein as a celebrity spokesperson all speak to Honest Tax’s trustworthiness and dependability. If you have unpaid business or personal back taxes, it’s worth 30 minutes of your time to see if the pros at Honest Tax can help.


  • Richard | 10/29/2018

    have been dealing with a tax issue for 8 years and I have received all kind of advice one company even took $1600 dollars from me and did absolutely nothing I finally handled it myself then honest tax specifically ***** ***** and he helped me with my situation provided me with the best advice and got the job done I will absolutely recommend this company to anyone thank you so much for all of your help

  • Rochelle | 10/29/2018

    This company is wonderful. The gentleman who helped me was so informed, patient and understanding, I was amazed. He went above and beyond to help me and explained everything in a simple clear language. He spent a very long time searcheing information for my situation knowing I would not be able to pay him or higher his company. I’d rate him more than 100%.

  • Amanda | 10/29/2018

    I called honest tax to help me with a sales tax issue within 2 days it was all fixed and complete. Mitch is so nice and vwry understanding and explained everything in great detail and kept me well informed about everything. Best company ive dealt with.

  • Veronica | 10/29/2018

    I contacted Mitch ***** at Honest Tax in my hour of need. Crying and not sure about what to expect, he put me at ease right away. I was amazed because Mitch was so kind and listened to me as I rambled on with my issues. He is patient and took care of things immediately. In no time, he resolved all my issues. Mitch doesn’t stop there, he is still there for any questions I have. Another amazing thing, in this day of computerized phone service, Mitch actually answers his own phone. Yes, right away, without any answering machines or secretaries. Thanks again Mitch *****!

  • Carmah L. | 10/29/2018

    I called nervously over owing 5times the amount of taxes that I usually owe due to a new accountant and other factors . Mitch listened to my issue and was extremely knowledgeable, gave amazing and solid advice and did not push me in any way to use this service , just let me know different options. Truly professional and so helpful. Thanks Mitch!

  • Christine | 10/29/2018

    They were honest and very accommodating.
    No pressure.
    Which is rare.
    Mitch was awesome!

  • Steve | 10/30/2018

    Honest Tax is exactly what their name says. They are fast in their actions on your account and they do what they say. If you are looking for relief from the pressure of the IRS, you can not go to a better firm than Honest Tax. The sooner you contact them the faster you can eliminate the pressure that has been a constant bother and you can get on with your life.

  • Jack U. | 04/21/2020

    I have to say that with all these tax service/tax relief companies these days, claiming they will get your taxes owed to IRS reduced dramatically (it’s just NOT the case if you have decent income and can pay off full amount within 10 years), the name “Honest Tax” had me a little skeptical. But over 7 months ago I had been desperately looking for a good tax service to help me get my mess with the IRS cleared up once and for all, so I contacted them and told them about my situation. I first spoke to Logan on the phone who was very thorough and asked me detailed information on my tax info, and I was very impressed with her way of explaining everything to me and how honest she was (no big promises)… I also told Logan that I had started using a tax service that’s been around for quite some time, but wasn’t completely happy with the way they were handling my tax situation (always very minimal in the conversation, not that caring it seemed, and wasn’t really being very clear what they could do to clear up my tax nightmare). She told me she was familiar with that tax service organization, and seemed disappointed that I wasn’t too pleased with the service I was receiving. We talked a little bit more, but I was at work and had to end the phone call after a good 30+ mins of conversation.

    Later that same day, I got a call back from Logan who told me she wanted me to talk to her Sr. VP at Honest Tax, Mitchell Agnew, because as it turns out Mr. Agnew was an acquaintance of my current tax guy. So Logan handed the call over to him, and I spoke with Mr. Agnew for a while about my tax situation, and I must say I was impressed with Mr. Agnew a great deal… Especially when he told me they would be more than happy to handle my tax mess, but that he wanted to be honest with me and tell me my current tax guy and his company were actually very good at what they do. He went as far to say that even though they were competitors, they had respect for this other tax service, and that I should consider giving my current tax service another chance at handling my taxes. So I did decide to stick with my current tax guy, but I still wonder if I should have made the switch to Honest Tax (especially since my tax nightmare still not completely cleared up). Who knows, I still may make that switch… Or at least maybe the next time the IRS makes my life miserable (if there is another time God forbid), I will call on their services. But one thing is for sure, I have to say that the name of their company is not a bunch of BS… I mean, who does that these days? I firmly believe that this truly IS an HONEST TAX Relief company!

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