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The Good

Expert Tax Relief Attorneys and Enrolled Agents

Stop IRS Debt employs expert attorneys and enrolled agents that can stop many IRS collection efforts including wage garnishments, property and credit liens, seizures and bank levies.

Handles Complex Tax Cases

Employing tax-relief attorneys and enrolled agents allows Stop IRS Debt to handle very complex tax problems. These tax problems include cases involving offshore accounts and foreign banks, business audits, 941 payroll tax issues and cases involving unfiled tax returns.

Handles Cases Other Tax Relief Companies Don’t

Stop IRS Debt will handle cases other tax relief companies will not touch. This includes cases involving overseas bank accounts and state tax matters.

Can Remove Bank Levies

One of the most powerful weapons that the IRS can deploy against taxpayers is a bank levy. A bank levy enables the IRS to seize any money in your account. Stop IRS Debt has 14 years of experience getting bank levies removed.


  • Provides a wide variety of tax-relief services.
  • Provides some tax-representation services not available at most relief companies.
  • Works on high-dollar tax cases.
  • Employs tax attorneys.
  • A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau.
  • Successfully resolved millions of dollars’ worth of tax debt.
  • Released thousands of wage garnishments.
  • Released thousands of bank levies.
  • Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals.
  • Five Star Rating with Trust Link Reviews.
  • Employs enrolled agents to negotiate with the IRS.
  • Employs Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).
  • Low Minimum Tax Debt Requirement.
  • Represents Offshore Account Holders.

IRS Audit Defense Available

An audit is really a negotiation between the IRS and a taxpayer. In most audits the taxpayer is at a disadvantage because he or she is unaware of his or her rights. Stop IRS Debt’s attorneys know your rights and how to negotiate with the IRS.

Division Dedicated to High-Dollar Tax Cases

Stop IRS Debt is one of the few firms with a division dedicated exclusively to high-dollar unit cases. They can even handle cases involving multi-million dollar tax debts.

Handles State Tax Debt Cases

State tax collection efforts are becoming more aggressive than ever because many state governments are strapped for cash. The state can do everything to you that the IRS can, but some tax-relief companies will not touch state tax problems.

Stop IRS Debt’s attorneys provide representation in every state of the union.

Helps with Disclosure For Offshore Bank Accounts

The IRS has a program designed to help Americans with foreign bank accounts comply with the tax law. It is called the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and Stop IRS Debt’s attorneys are very familiar with it.

Stop IRS Debt can file all the paper work necessary to get accounts into compliance with the Foreign Account Compliance Act.

Provides Compliance For All Offshore Accounts

In addition to foreign bank accounts, Stop IRS Debt helps with Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) compliance for a wide variety of offshore investments.

This includes mutual funds, variable universal life insurance policies, variable annuities, Swiss annuities, hedge funds, debit card accounts and prepaid credit cards.

Tax Attorneys Available Around the Clock

Unlike most tax attorneys, the experts at Stop IRS Debt can be reached at almost any time with a simple phone call.

No Obligation Free Consultation

Unlike a normal tax attorney, Stop IRS Debt will not charge for the initial consultation.

Flexible Pricing

Since Stop IRS Debt provides a wide variety of services its’ pricing is much more flexible.

Low Minimum Debt Requirement

Stop IRS Debt will handle tax cases that involve less than $10,000.

Will Provide Proof of Legal Representation

Unlike some tax-relief companies Stop IRS Debt will provide proof that it employs licensed tax attorneys with the 2848 form from the IRS. That is a legal document verifying the employment of attorneys.

Five Star Reviews

Dozens of clients and former clients have given Stop IRS Debt a rating of five stars for customer service. Many of them were even willing to provide their names and pictures.

The Bottom Line

Stop IRS Debt is the right choice for people and businesses with a lot of tax debt or complex tax cases. They might be a little pricier, but Stop IRS can handle a variety of tax situations that other relief companies cannot.

About Stop IRS Debt

Stop IRS Debt offers a wide variety of services to defend yourself from IRS collections and penalties and interest, including: stopping wage garnishments, bank levies, lift stubborn property and credit tax liens, to filing old tax returns and negotiating settlements, represent personal and business audits, Stop IRS Debt can take charge of your tax issue and stop your tax debt from spinning any further out of control. They also can help you with 941 business payroll tax issues or State tax issues and defend against aggressive revenue officers.


Chandler A.
Posted 07/31/2017

Thoughtful, caring & effective!

“This page is almost like a love parade for this company, but I have to throw in my two cents and agree with everyone here because they did an AMAZING job for me and my family. I read something about the IRS being more lenient the last couple of years but it sure didn’t seem that way, they kept sending me notices to my employer and finally they levied my paycheck and took over 80%. Obviously this was crazy, no one can live on that, and so I started calling a bunch of companies looking for help. This was the fourth company I called that I felt knew what they were talking about and not just trying to quick-sell me something. I trusted them right off the bat, did my due diligence and found that they are a great reviewed company, and hired them. From Anne and VINCENT, the experience and results were life-changing. We got all our tax returns filed and even got a nice chunk of a refund applied to the tax debt (went from 23k to about 7k). Now we’re on a payment plan for $175/mo, and I don’t have to stress out all the time about this. So thanks guys, you made my holidays that much brighter this year!”

Tammy S.
Posted 07/29/2017

One of the best companies I have EVER worked with!

“It’s a shame we can’t give more stars, because wow am I one happy camper. Taxes and me are like water and oil, we don’t mix well at all, my mind doesn’t like to keep track of all the letters and notices we get from the IRS or how to make sense of them.
We got a large demand for over fifty thousand dollars, which is about what we owe on our home, and my husband and I went into full panic mode and started looking everywhere for someone to help us. My sister’s preparer referred us to StopIRSDebt.com – he had worked with them before many times – and for the price said we wouldn’t get better results or better treatment. You go into any business agreement with one eye open and one eye closed so to speak, I’m not the most trusting person, but we did the research and found a great bill of health on this company so we called and went with them. They really are as everyone here describes – they are on TOP of it. So organized, so communicative, so friendly and professional, and they did everything they said they would do and more. At the end of the day we got our debt into a modest payment plan and I think the total we owe now is about 18k. They will do our tax returns every year and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Angela is a dream, and so are Mary and Vincent. So that’s my review, hope it helps….”

Morris C.
Posted 07/09/2017

Impressive knowledge of tax law

“Thorough handling of my account, very professional, very courteous, and very reliable. I am a paralegal, and although I am around law all day, tax law is something completely different, and stopirsdebt.com was very highly recommended by my sister’s friend (she owed roughly $50,000). From the first consultation they were up to speed on my options and very understanding of what was feasible. I think the standout thing they did – apart from releasing a small bank levy and reducing my tax debt substantially – was the professional excellence each and every time we were in contact. Updates were provided weekly, I never had to call and ask for something, and they were just completely on top of the ball. I am referring them to the managing partner here for any clients we get with tax issues, they were that good. I will ask them to handle my returns each year as well. Quite a find, considering how many companies are out there claiming to be tax relief specialists.”

Janis E.
Posted 07/05/2017

Amazing Amazing Amazing!

“My name is Janis, I have never posted a review like this, but I am very impressed with this company because they helped my family so much it is without words. For years we have never understood taxes, they are a different language to me, and I have never done what I needed to do to make sure everything was taken care of. One year I would have my friend do it, another I would have H & R do them, but I always felt completely out of touch with what was going on with my taxes. So after about ten years of this, I guess it finally caught up and we were audited. We lost most of the audit, and the result was a tax debt of more than $75000. Obviously we couldn’t pay, but the auditor didn’t seem to care and made us agree to a payment plan of $1500/month. This was crazy, we couldn’t pay our mortgage, we couldn’t afford our kids education, and we ended up not paying the payments. Not a good idea, but we had no choice, we asked for the plan to be altered but he said we could afford to pay it and wouldn’t. So because we didn’t make payments they levied our bank and took most of what we had out. This is the IRS btw, thought that was obvious. So there went ten more thousand, which was everything to us. We didn’t know what to do, and all of a sudden we were ‘those people’ who owed the government. Out of a whim I saw the spinning stop sign on tv for stopirsdebt.com and called them with my husband, we spoke to anne for over an hour the first time, more the second time, and agreed to hire them. Honestly, we were hoping to just get something fair with the IRS and the agent, but I’m telling you, they must have magic sauce over there because what happened was amazing. First, the asked for an ‘audit reconsideration’ – never heard of this, no one has lol – and the audit was reopened for examination. They went back and forth with my tax returns and the new auditor, and the craziest thing happened. The audit was wrong!!! Can you believe it, the IRS made a mistake, go figure. But it was the smallest mistake and because of it it invalidated the entire audit, and stopirsdebt.com found this one small mistake. The debt didn’t go away completely, we still owed about 20k, but they got us on a small payment plan of $175/mo for the balance, which will end before we pay it in full. All told, we went from having nothing – oh, they even got the ten thousand from our bank account back! forgot to mention that! – and owing 75k to only owing about 12k after everything will be said and done. The results were amazing, but the service was so professional, they are so on top of it, they called me and calmed me, I never had to ask them for anything, they are so organized and care so much, all I can say is that if you have a problem like this you owe it to yourself to call this company. Remarkable, terrific, life-changing….”

Tracy M.
Posted 06/29/2017

You should hire them if you owe the IRS!

“I was very skeptical about hiring anyone to resolve my tax debt, but this company was referred to me by my accountant who has handled all of my family’s tax returns for the last ten years or so, and it was an excellent referral. Since my accountant doesn’t do collection work, he found this company after seeing a bunch of their TV ads and called them to pick their brains. Anyways, they did a great job for his clients and have done a very solid job with me, hence the review. $150,000+ in business payroll tax, massive headache from the revenue officer, threats, calls, name it, he wanted to collect and wasn’t pulling any punches. We hired StopIRSDebt.com about 3 months ago, and here’s what happened: 1. revenue officer is happy and cool, no more calls. 2. tax debt negotiated to $49k. 3. payment plan negotiated for 60 months. 4. all returns ammended and filed. Summary – will have saved over $115k after all is said and done. Will hire them if I ever need something like this again, and if you’re considering anyone, consider them. It was a team approach, very knowledgable, very good at returning calls and emails, no complaints whatsoever. Wish it was free, but we saved so much the fee was small in comparison. Thanks again!”

Landon M.
Posted 06/22/2017

Would hire them again

“I am very happy that we were able to have such a positive and loving experience with such an amazing group of people. Taxes scare the living daylights out of me, and my wife and I made a mistake about 4 years ago when we filed and we got a bill for over $40,000 last march. We freaked out! My wife had lost her job, and my company was barely hanging on, so we didn’t pay the IRS anything and they started sending more notices until they finally levied my account and took over 4k (rent money!). We saw the ad for stopirsdebt.com and called them – actually we called a few places, including tax masters, but the person I spoke to there had a very basic understanding of taxation, you could tell he was just a salesguy – but stopirsdebt KNEW what they were talking about. We discussed our case at length before hiring them for about 2 hours, and I just knew they were the real deal. For us, we had a big mess they had to undo – they had to redo our previous three tax returns, stop the IRS from taking anything else, and then try and set something up for the balance. Once the returns were filed, I was shocked. They nailed them! It reduced the balance to about 12k, and then from there we were put on a payment plan for the balance which will expire before we have to pay everything in full. All told, we will have paid about 7-8k on the bill. Rock and roll! Anne Chen is amazing, Nicole Pokusay is incredible, and Brian H (don’t know how to spell is last name lol) is unreal. Hire them if you have a problem like this, thumbs way up!”


Customer Satisfaction


Stop IRS Debt has a good reputation with customers according to several online review platforms. The company received a grade of A from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There were 12 customer reviews of Stop IRS Debt at the BBB website and all of them were positive.
Reviewer Christy Krangston described the team at Stop IRS Debt as an “honest and nice group of people.” Stop IRS Debt received five stars from TrustLink, there were 90 reviews of Stop IRS Debt at Trustlink and all of them were positive and five stars. One reviewer, Jacob C. described Stop IRS Debt as “amazing.”

Variety of Services


Stop IRS Debt offers a wide variety of services to defend yourself from IRS collections and penalties and interest, including: stopping wage garnishments, bank levies, lift stubborn property and credit tax liens, to filing old tax returns and negotiating settlements, represent personal and business audits, Stop IRS Debt can take charge of your tax issue and stop your tax debt from spinning any further out of control. They also can help you with 941 business payroll tax issues or State tax issues and defend against aggressive revenue officers.

Experience and Recognition


Stop IRS Debt has been in business for over 15 years, since December 2001, which makes it a very well established business. Stop IRS Debt is also a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers or ASTPS. The ASTPS is a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to providing continuing education for tax professionals. By partnering with these organizations, Stop IRS Debt offers focused and professional tax relief and representation before the IRS.

Licensing and Accreditations


Stop IRS Debt employs both tax professionals and tax relief attorneys. Tax attorneys have to be certified public accountants to represent clients before the IRS. They also have to be members of the federal and state bar. The nature of the other professionals is not described but they are presumably enrolled agents - tax professionals that are empowered to represent clients before the IRS.
To become an enrolled agent a person has to pass a test administered by the IRS. Enrolled agents are required to participate in continuing education about the latest IRS procedures and tax code changes to maintain their status. Since it participates in NATP and ASTPS, Stop IRS Debt’s staff is active in the industry and has access to the latest education and information.

Expert Review


Even though it is based in California, Stop IRS Debt operates nationwide. There is a no-obligation free consultation, generally Stop IRS Debt has better pricing than its larger counter parts, but can be only determined once an initial consultation is completed.
Stop IRS Debt offers some services other tax relief firms do not, including a high-dollar unit for people that owe a lot of money, but it also handles cases where taxpayers owe less than $5,000.
Employee reviewers on Glassdoor gave Stop IRS Debt 4.5 out of five possible stars. One of them wrote “Great environment! If you are looking to get knowledge in the tax field this is definitely a good place to be at.”
Stop IRS Debt seems like a knowledgeable tax service with a reputation for good.


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