• Provides a wide variety of tax-relief services.
  • Provides some tax-representation services not available at most relief companies.
  • Works on high-dollar tax cases.
  • Employs tax attorneys.
  • A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau.
  • Successfully resolved millions of dollars’ worth of tax debt.
  • Released thousands of wage garnishments.
  • Released thousands of bank levies.
  • Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals.
  • Five Star Rating with Trust Link Reviews.
  • Employs enrolled agents to negotiate with the IRS.
  • Employs Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).
  • Low Minimum Tax Debt Requirement.
  • Represents Offshore Account Holders.

Handles Complex Tax Cases

Employing tax-relief attorneys and enrolled agents allows Stop IRS Debt to handle very complex tax problems. These tax problems include cases involving offshore accounts and foreign banks, business audits, 941 payroll tax issues and cases involving unfiled tax returns.

Expert Tax Relief Attorneys and Enrolled Agents

Stop IRS Debt employs expert attorneys and enrolled agents that can stop many IRS collection efforts including wage garnishments, property and credit liens, seizures and bank levies.

Handles Cases Other Tax Relief Companies Don’t

Stop IRS Debt will handle cases other tax relief companies will not touch. This includes cases involving overseas bank accounts and state tax matters.

Can Remove Bank Levies

One of the most powerful weapons that the IRS can deploy against taxpayers is a bank levy. A bank levy enables the IRS to seize any money in your account. Stop IRS Debt has 14 years of experience getting bank levies removed.

IRS Audit Defense Available

An audit is really a negotiation between the IRS and a taxpayer. In most audits the taxpayer is at a disadvantage because he or she is unaware of his or her rights. Stop IRS Debt’s attorneys know your rights and how to negotiate with the IRS.

Division Dedicated to High-Dollar Tax Cases

Stop IRS Debt is one of the few firms with a division dedicated exclusively to high-dollar unit cases. They can even handle cases involving multi-million dollar tax debts.

Handles State Tax Debt Cases

State tax collection efforts are becoming more aggressive than ever because many state governments are strapped for cash. The state can do everything to you that the IRS can, but some tax-relief companies will not touch state tax problems.

Stop IRS Debt’s attorneys provide representation in every state of the union.

Helps with Disclosure For Offshore Bank Accounts

The IRS has a program designed to help Americans with foreign bank accounts comply with the tax law. It is called the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and Stop IRS Debt’s attorneys are very familiar with it.

Stop IRS Debt can file all the paper work necessary to get accounts into compliance with the Foreign Account Compliance Act.

Provides Compliance For All Offshore Accounts

In addition to foreign bank accounts, Stop IRS Debt helps with Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) compliance for a wide variety of offshore investments.

This includes mutual funds, variable universal life insurance policies, variable annuities, Swiss annuities, hedge funds, debit card accounts and prepaid credit cards.

Tax Attorneys Available Around the Clock

Unlike most tax attorneys, the experts at Stop IRS Debt can be reached at almost any time with a simple phone call.

No Obligation Free Consultation

Unlike a normal tax attorney, Stop IRS Debt will not charge for the initial consultation.

Flexible Pricing

Since Stop IRS Debt provides a wide variety of services its’ pricing is much more flexible.

Low Minimum Debt Requirement

Stop IRS Debt will handle tax cases that involve less than $10,000.

Will Provide Proof of Legal Representation

Unlike some tax-relief companies Stop IRS Debt will provide proof that it employs licensed tax attorneys with the 2848 form from the IRS. That is a legal document verifying the employment of attorneys.

Five Star Reviews

Dozens of clients and former clients have given Stop IRS Debt a rating of five stars for customer service. Many of them were even willing to provide their names and pictures.

About Stop IRS Debt

Stop IRS Debt offers a wide variety of services to defend yourself from IRS collections and penalties and interest, including: stopping wage garnishments, bank levies, lift stubborn property and credit tax liens, to filing old tax returns and negotiating settlements, represent personal and business audits, Stop IRS Debt can take charge of your tax issue and stop your tax debt from spinning any further out of control. They also can help you with 941 business payroll tax issues or State tax issues and defend against aggressive revenue officers.

The Bottom Line
Stop IRS Debt is the right choice for people and businesses with a lot of tax debt or complex tax cases. They might be a little pricier, but Stop IRS can handle a variety of tax situations that other relief companies cannot.


  • Peter S | 07/22/2019

    They’re not finished with the litigation part so I can’t give them a higher score. So far, I would recommend them.

  • Theresa M. | 07/23/2019

    I am still in the process. They have been very attentive. So far they have been at responding quickly.They need to finish one final thing for me. Would recommend them

  • Tanya C. | 07/29/2019

    I’ve asked them to help me with certain things because I don’t understand them and they haven’t done that, but I have to admin that a lot of it is on my end. These past few weeks have been straight crashed for me and I’ve had all this stuff happening and it’s been keeping me from getting the paperwork to them that they need. I don’t want to say anything bad about them because they haven’t had a chance to help me yet, but I would recommend them if I had the chance.

  • Richard P. | 07/30/2019

    I’m really more confused than anything. I’m using it, I’m paying $200 a month. I think there’s some things I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. The IRS came after me for a lot of money. I sent them some information and took pictures and turned it in like they asked me to. I talked to the guy who opened my case but I don’t get updates that I know of. Nobody’s called me except to check when my payment wasn’t going through. I’m just lost. I figured I would be getting more of an update on what’s going on because I got another letter from the IRS again and it’s scary. Because I’m paying stop IRS money and I know for a fact I’m gonna have to pay the IRS and that’s what I thought this other thing was doing for me. I thought I would pay through them or however it works, I don’t even know. One of my concerns is they asked for all this information – my bank account, my check stubs, pretty much everything that is me – and when I talked to the guy he told me that they would make payment arrangements but it made it sound like they were going to take all my money. Clean out my bank account like the IRS would do . It’s confusing & scary. Every time I talk to them they’re very professional – I can’t say it’s great or terrible because I just don’t know what’s going on. They could be doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, but I don’t know. If this all turns out legit, I would recommend them to others but I just don’t know.

  • Anonymous | 07/30/2019

    The main reason I am not giving a 5 is because I am not being kept updated. I don’t know what they have achieved, so i cannot recommend them.

  • Alvin A. | 07/31/2019

    They were not totally into what they were doing, so I’m not totally satisfied, but I would recommend them.

  • Sean H. | 07/31/2019

    They have speedy service so I would recommend them to others.

  • Anonymous | 08/01/2019

    Everything got taken care of. I would recommend them to other people.

  • Barbara F. | 07/23/2019

    I don’t give them a 5 because it take so long to hear from them. You have to call to make sure your email is received. Communication is slow, but I would recommend them.

  • Anonymous | 07/24/2019

    Everything they were going to do they put in place. We will see how it goes. I would recommend them.

  • Federico S. | 08/15/2019

    The customer service, the people I’ve been talking to have been very helpful, I’ve been waiting for a letter from them. In fact, I’ve been posting on Facebook that they’re awesome.

  • Belinda B | 08/15/2019

    I feel like there’s always more cost and services. I would recommend them though

  • Ariel L. | 08/15/2019

    I would expect them to call me and let me know they have been successful in removing penalties. Only until then I would recommend them.

  • Anonymous | 08/16/2019

    I give them a 4 because I don’t hear from them, I haven’t gotten any results yet. I guess they’re still working on it but I just don’t know. I can recommend them in the future.

  • Jennifer O. | 08/16/2019

    Their website is difficult, not a user friendly tool. They’re very hard to get a hold of. I don’t think I’d recommend them yet.

  • Anonymous | 08/16/2019

    Nothing in particular stood out, they did their job. I would recommenced them.

  • Louise O. | 07/25/2019

    I would not give them a 5 because I was not completely satisfied. they did not complete the job on time. I would recommend them.

  • Anonymous | 07/22/2019

    I Can’t get client portal to work. I would probably recommenced them.

  • Julia P. | 07/23/2019

    They were quick, I’d recommend them on that.

  • Sam C. | 07/17/2019

    I recently was in a car accident and couldn’t get back to them, but they’ve been very patient with me. I haven’t had any bad experiences with them. I would recommend them!

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