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The Good

A Team of Tax Attorneys with the Expertise to Help with Any Tax Issue

W Tax Group is different from many other tax debt relief firms. Founded in 2014 by Stephen A. Weisberg, a tax attorney with decades of experience negotiating with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers, the knowledge and expertise of the W Tax Group team surpasses many other firms that hire only tax preparers or CPAs.

Weisberg works with other tax attorneys in the W Tax Group office to help customers facing unpaid tax debt, delinquent returns, wage garnishments, liens, and levies. Placing customer service at the forefront, W Tax Group seeks to negotiate the best scenario possible for their customers, with a satisfaction guarantee.

Get a Free, No-Obligation Consultation and Personalized Tax Solution

If you aren’t sure if The W Group can help you, there’s nothing to lose by giving them a call. You’ll receive a free, no-obligation consultation. Tax experts will suggest a personalized tax solution, and will only proceed with an in-depth analysis and negotiations with the IRS if you approve.


  • Free Consultation
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Expertise in Releasing Tax Liens
  • Simple 3-step Process
  • Experienced in Stopping Bank Levies
  • Assists With IRS Audits
  • Expertise in Fighting Wage Garnishment
  • Knowledgeable About State & Federal Debt
  • Customized Settlement Plan Based on Your Situation

Easy, Three-Step Process Makes Getting Help with Your Tax Debt Easy

Many tax debt relief firms outline a three-step process. At the W Tax Group, this process is: Analyze, Investigate, Resolve. The best part is there is no charge until you enter the investigation phase.

Your first phone call to W Tax Group begins with a free tax debt settlement analysis, where experts discover the most important information about your tax issues, including how much you owe, how long you’ve owed the IRS money, and the status of your case to the best of your knowledge.

If you decide to move forward, a tax attorney on the staff will analyze your tax history according to official IRS transcripts and documents. The W Tax Group attorneys will recommend the best course of action to resolve your tax case, stop liens and levies, and stop collections action.

Finally, they will put an end to harassing collections calls; have liens, levies, and wage garnishments reversed or halted; and negotiate a fair settlement with the IRS on your behalf.

Throughout the process, customers are kept in the loop on the status of their case.

15-Day, Money-back Guarantee

You have the option to face your tax issues and the IRS on your own. If, at any time during the first 15 days of the process you decide you would rather not proceed with the investigation and resolution, you are entitled to your money back. Not every tax debt relief firm offers a rock-solid, 15-day money-back guarantee or the chance to change your mind even after the tax settlement firm begins to dig into your case.

Get Help with Liens, Levies, and Wage Garnishments

Receiving a notice of an IRS lien or levy is a scary situation. But it is possible to stop liens and levies and have them released without having your property seized. Similarly, getting help from the right tax lawyers can help you stop wage garnishment so you can keep the money you’ve earned until you reach a reasonable settlement with the IRS to resolve your tax debt in a way that you can afford.

The W Group has extensive experience stopping liens, levies, and wage garnishments for their clients as one of the early steps in the process of complete tax resolution.

Have Experienced Tax Attorneys by Your Side During an IRS Tax Audit

No one knows when they might get a notice that they are being audited by the IRS – and you may not even know why you were chosen for an audit. An audit could result in the taxpayer owing thousands more to the IRS than they expected and could even result in jail time. That’s why you want respected, experienced attorneys by your side during an audit.

The W Group tax lawyers will assist with your audit, so you don’t feel intimidated by the IRS. The W Group team can negotiate to have penalties and fees removed and may even negotiate a settlement agreement and payment plan to help you save money.

Find Relief from State and Federal Tax Debt

The IRS offers a number of programs to help businesses and individuals facing unresolved tax debt. The attorneys at The W Group understand all the options available to you. Whether you need to file an offer-in-compromise, a settlement agreement, currently-not-collectible status, or any other IRS paperwork under the Fresh Start program, the W Tax Group knows how to file properly so you have the best chance of your offer being accepted. You don’t want to negotiate with the IRS or your state tax agency on your own. You want the most knowledgeable professionals on your side.

Informative Website Provides Free Advice and Guidance for Taxpayers

W Tax Group has an informative blog where they keep website visitors up-to-date on new tax laws and legislation and news related to tax debt and personal finance. Their blog answers many questions you may have about tax debt relief.

In addition, a “self-help” section of their website includes free links to tax forms, information about programs for senior citizens and veterans, and answers frequently asked tax questions. You can even find links to check on the status of your refund, make a payment to the IRS, or check on the status of your amended return.

The W Tax Group cares about its customers and about all American taxpayers and provides this information as a free service.

Get Help Filing Back Taxes

Are you in trouble with the IRS or state for delinquent tax filings? Sometimes things happen, and people forget to file their tax return, didn’t realize they needed to file, or their tax filing just doesn’t make it to the IRS. If you have delinquent tax filings, you could face penalties and fees on top of your tax debt. You might even go to jail for tax evasion if you don’t clear up the situation quickly. The W Group can help you find the deductions you deserve to lower your tax bill, even on late filings, and then have penalties and fees waived. They may even be able to negotiate a settlement, so you can resolve your unpaid taxes in less time and for less money than you thought possible.

The Bottom Line

W Tax Group provides the services businesses and individuals need to resolve their tax debt quickly. Whether you are facing back taxes, late tax filings, liens and levies, unpaid tax debt, wage garnishment, an IRS audit, or even legal action from the IRS, the W Tax Group can help.

With an initial, free 30-minute consultation and a 15-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose by calling the W Tax Group for help with your unresolved tax debt and other IRS or state tax issues.

About W Tax Group

Founded by tax attorney Stephen A. Weisberg in 2014, this Southfield, Michigan-based tax settlement firm is a full-service tax debt relief organization run by seasoned tax attorneys, possessing special skillsets that CPAs and IRS enrolled agents may not.



Customer Satisfaction


The W Tax Group prides itself on its exemplary customer service and building and maintaining the trust of their clients. The business thrives on word-of-mouth referrals and positive consumer reviews.
Owner Stephen A. Weisberg has a 5-star rating on Avvo, a website directory of lawyers designed to connect top legal professionals with those in need of legal help. The W Group also has 5-star ratings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and the Better Bureau website. The firm achieved an average of 4.5 stars on Google and 4 stars on TrustPilot, all a testament to its skill at negotiating with the IRS to achieve favorable outcomes for its customers and its focus on personalized service and support.

Variety Of Services


Whether you need help with tax debt relief, an IRS audit, or criminal tax defense, the W Tax Group has the experience, expertise and credentials to help.
The organization has knowledge of all the IRS programs to help customers reduce or eliminate their tax debt, and prides itself on negotiating the most favorable settlements possible.
Since it does not have CPAs on staff, the company does not provide bookkeeping or accounting services, regular tax prep, or financial planning services, which some tax debt relief firms do. But W Tax Group excels at the services it provides, which includes legal defense against the IRS and state tax agencies.
The W Tax Group also offers free information and support through its website to help everyday taxpayers who may just have common questions about their taxes.

Experience And Recognition


Founder and CEO Stephen A. Weisberg has been a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan since 2008 and worked for several tax law firms before starting the W Tax Group.
Since its founding in 2014, the W Tax Group has been featured on major television networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, and on the Small Business Trendsetters website. Weisberg was a guest on the Business Authority Radio! podcast and is a top-ranked lawyer on the Avvo website. In addition, Weisberg received the Clients’ Choice Award from Avvo in 2018.
The company maintains an active Facebook page with regular posts, as well as active and engaging Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.

Licensing and Accreditations


Weisberg is licensed to practice law, receiving his J.D. degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law in Illinois and passed bar admissions in the state of Michigan as well as with the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Michigan and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of Michigan in 2008. He brings decades of experience and a history of excellence as an attorney in other two Michigan law firms to W Tax Group.
W Tax Group has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2016 with an A+ rating, no complaints, and multiple 5-star reviews.

Expert Review


The W Tax Group has everything you could look for in a tax debt relief firm, including experienced tax professionals with the expertise and skill to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to reach a favorable settlement.
Run by an experienced tax attorney, the W Tax Group has insight into how to save you the most money on your taxes and even keep you out of jail if you are in trouble with the IRS.

When you’re facing unresolved tax debt, you don’t want to take a chance. The W Tax Group has established a solid reputation for customer service and earned its clients’ trust, as exemplified by high consumer ratings and dozens of positive reviews.
When you call W Tax Group, you’ll receive a free 30-minute phone consultation. At any point within the first 15 days of your case, you can take advantage of the money-back, satisfaction guarantee.
There is nothing to lose. If you have tax problems, are facing criminal prosecution for unpaid taxes, are being audited by the IRS, or simply have tax debt you can’t afford to pay, let the W Tax Group help you today.


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