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  • Best Rated by Multiple Review Sites and Organizations
  • Flat Fee Basis Means No Surprise Bills
  • Can Help with FBAR and Offshore Compliance
  • Can Assist Companies with Payroll Taxes
  • Accredited with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

The Good

Tax Attorneys to Solve Your Tax Issues

Unlike many tax debt resolution services, Victory Tax Lawyers LLP employs only tax attorneys, and not other tax experts. What’s more, everyone on their team has a minimum of 10 years of experience. This sets the company apart and enables it to handle even the most complex tax issues.

Best Rated by Multiple Review Sites and Organizations

VTL boasts that it is “the nation’s leading tax law firm.” The positive customer reviews and awards it has earned seem to prove this is not just an empty claim. VTL was voted a Best Business of 2021 by ThreeBest Rated, has 5-star customer ratings on both Facebook and Yelp, and was a top 10 ranked company from BestCompany.com.

Free Consultation

VTL provides three easy ways to reach out and schedule a free consultation with one of their tax attorneys. You can email info@victorytaxlaw.com, call 800-883-8301, or fill out the contact form on their website, which includes a question about how much you owe in back taxes so the attorney can schedule a call with an idea of how the firm may be able to help.

Flat Fee Basis Means No Surprise Bills

Unlike some tax debt relief companies that charge an hourly rate, VTL typically charges a flat fee. That means you won’t experience surprise bills or be unsure about what you’re getting into when you hire VTL.

Saved Tens of Millions of Dollars for Their Clients

VTL says it has saved its clients more than $12.5 million. Clients in customer reviews have mentioned that VTL helped them eliminate taxes and fees and worked out payment plans to reduce tax debt from $26,000 or more to zero. Another client on TrustPilot said, “They basically made my $17,000 tax debt go away.”

Can Assist Companies with Payroll Taxes

Not every tax debt relief company has the capabilities to help businesses with payroll back taxes. In light of the Paycheck Protection Program introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, payroll taxes and knowing what’s owed may be even more complicated for business owners today. VTL can help you get caught up on payroll back taxes, avoid fees and penalties, and stay on track for the future.

Can Help with FBAR and Offshore Compliance

IRS tax laws get even more complicated for taxpayers who have offshore bank accounts or investments. VTL has attorneys on staff who are experts in helping tax papers file FBAR, or the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts to ensure compliance with U.S. regulations.

Investors with foreign funds exceeding $10,000 must file the FBAR form or face fines of up to $10,000 if the failure to file wasn’t willful, and the greater of $100,000 or 50% of the total amount of foreign investments and holdings if the IRS determines that failure to report was a willful act by the taxpayer.

VTL can help taxpayers with foreign holdings avoid penalties and fees and get up to date and in compliance with U.S. tax laws for foreign accounts, saving hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of dollars.

Solutions to Stop Liens, Levies and Wage Garnishment

If you are facing IRS tax liens or levies on your property due to unpaid state or federal taxes, VTL is ready to help. Their tax attorneys can take immediate actions to stop collections actions, have liens or levies release and stop wage garnishment.

Variety of Services Offered

From tax prep to tax debt relief, VTL offers full-service tax solutions for individuals and businesses. Because VTL hires only qualified tax attorneys, they can also represent clients during an IRS audit.

VTL offers many solutions for tax debt relief, including proposals for an offer-in-compromise, partial pay installment agreements, penalty abatements, and even currently-not-collectible status, if you can show enough financial hardship to put an end to collections.

Accredited with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

VTL has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2017, which was the year the company launched. It was achieved the highly A+ rating and also a 5/5 for customer reviews on the website. Even more surprising, VTL has no customer complaints, which is practically unheard of in the tax debt relief industry. Often, if a tax debt relief company is unable to save a taxpayer money the client will post a bad review, even if the company put forth its best effort. VTL seems to have a long string of happy customers, not just on the BBB website, but on other customer review sites like TrustPilot and Yelp, as well.

Founded in 2017 by managing partner and experienced tax attorney Parham Khorsandi, Esq., VTL is a Los Angeles, California, based tax debt relief company specializing in issues often best handled by tax attorneys rather than CPAs or IRS enrolled agents. The company handles both individual and corporate tax matters.

Khorsandi founded VTL after working for more than six years as an attorney at the top-rated Tax Defense Partners firm, where he managed a client services team of 30 tax professionals, including tax attorneys. Khorsandi graduated in the top 30% of his class at Pepperdine Law, after graduating with a BA in Psychology from UC San Diego.

The Bottom Line
The Bottom Line
If you’re looking for the best help you can get with your IRS tax debt, payroll taxes, or even offshore investments, VTL’s reputation goes unmatched. Stellar customer reviews showcase the team’s expertise and devotion to customer service. Some reports say the VTL can’t help taxpayers with less than $15,000 in tax debt, but customer reviews mentioned tax debt as low as $3,000 being reduced or eliminated.


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