• Skilled at releasing wage garnishments
  • Free consultation
  • Payment plans available
  • Expertise stopping tax levies
  • Employs EAs, CPAs and tax attorneys
  • Experience with audit representation
  • BBB A+Rating
  • 3 Decades of Experience Resolving Tax Debt

Resolves Local, State, and Federal Tax Issues Nationwide

Tax Law Advocates is a Santa Ana, California based tax service firm that can help you resolve your local, state, and federal business or personal tax debt. State tax agencies can be more aggressive than the IRS, but Tax Law Advocates has the patience and knowledge to negotiate an agreement. If you need help with unpaid payroll taxes and other business taxes, Tax Law Advocates also has the experience to help.

The Bottom Line
The Tax Law Advocates website provides the basic information about their company plus an 855 phone number to call for a free consultation. If you need help with IRS tax debt relief or have missing or incomplete tax returns, Tax Law Advocates can help. The company specializes in offers-in-compromise, partial pay installment agreements, audit representation, and releasing liens and levies. Tax Law Advocates may also be able to help stop wage garnishment and help clients pay off their tax debt for a small fraction of what the IRS says they owe.
  • Angelica A. | 04/11/2019

    They solved my case and I would recommend them.

  • Rodney L. | 04/23/2019

    It was easy to pick up the phone and get the person that was helping me. They were easily available.

  • Richard S. | 04/16/2019

    I would recommend Tax Law Advocates if I had a friend that needed tax help.

  • Vera L. | 04/25/2019

    They were wonderful! They contacted me whenever something needed to be done. I loved the organization of it and the people that helped me. I’ve been recommending them to my friends.

  • Leroy W. | 05/02/2019

    Their service was good, but I thought I’d get more off than I did. I would recommend them.

  • Wendee M. | 05/02/2019

    The outcome was very favorable so I’d give them a 5 out of 5 and would recommend them.

  • Jonathan T. | 04/29/2019

    I’ve been recommending Tax Law Advocates to my friends! They couldn’t have done a better job and I got a good result.

  • Robert A. | 04/10/2019

    They were very quick to respond and follow up. I would recommend them.

  • Charles P. | 04/16/2019

    They answered all my questions when I called and responded when I needed them. They helped me out and I’d recommend them.

  • Isaak Z. | 04/25/2019

    They were on top of their stuff and informed me every step of the way.

  • Dominique W. | 04/25/2019

    It was a good experience and I would recommend them to my friends.

  • Thomas R. | 04/22/2019

    They always take care of everything by just having one single person that does it all.

  • Angela U. | 04/22/2019

    They accomplished exactly what they told me that they’d do. I would recommend them.

  • Joseph D. | 04/23/2019

    The total process took a very long time, but they were good.

  • Harry S. | 04/10/2019

    I think they’re communication could’ve been a little bit better, but everything else was good and I would recommend them.

  • Michael N. | 04/22/2019

    They were always very friendly and I would recommend them.

  • Trevor S. | 04/22/2019

    They were very professional and were available to listen and explain everything. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

  • Roy O. | 04/16/2019

    They had a good attitude and were willing to help.

  • Roy O. | 04/16/2019

    They had a good attitude and were willing to help.

  • Gale H. | 04/10/2019

    Everybody did their job there and it was good to have a person to talk to about my situation. There was a lot of peace of mind with having someone there for me. They are trustworthy and did their job. I would recommend them.

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