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Tax Defense Network

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The Good

Decades of Experience and Education

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Tax Defense Network employs experienced tax attorneys and other licensed tax professionals with a combined 60+ years of industry experience. The company’s tax consultants have been approved by the Jacksonville, Florida, Chamber of Congress. Many are also certified with the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and/or the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), two organizations devoted to the continuing education of tax professionals. With so much expertise under one roof, the company is well-positioned to offer a wide range of services to help consumers and small business owners get out from under the burden of tax debt.

Prestigious Affiliations, Awards, and Accreditations

Tax Defense Network’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau could stand alone as testament to the company’s exemplary service and success rate. But Tax Defense Network also holds a 1A1 rating with Dun and Bradstreet and a Silver Power Profile, showing the company’s excellent financial standing. In addition, Tax Defense Network was recognized by the Jacksonville Business Journal as the city’s fastest-growing private company in 2010. Tax Defense Network maintains this commitment to growth and works hard to serve the people of Jacksonville and beyond. Tax Defense Network recently partnered with tax firm Jackson-Hewitt, enabling the tax accounting firm to reach and help even more customers who are facing large tax debts.


  • Flat-rate, honest pricing with no retainer fee
  • Free consultation
  • Gold Star Client Care hotline gives taxpayers access to experienced tax professionals
  • A+ BBB-rating, 1A1 D&B rating, prestigious industry affiliations
  • No minimum or maximum tax debt thresholds

Positive Consumer Reviews

Tax Defense Network received an average of 4.2 out of five stars on Facebook, a rating of 8.6 out of 10 on TrustPilot, and a 98 percent customer review rating with the Better Business Bureau, with 1,170 positive reviews compiled. Many reviewers feel like David D. Jones Sr., who wrote: “TDN was excellent in handling my case. I was informed throughout the entire process. I will highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks.”

Industry Leading Process and Rock-Solid Philosophy

Tax Defense Network offers Gold Star Client Care, a department devoted to ensuring that every person who calls the firm has an Ideal Client Experience (ICE). The Gold Star Client Care hotline and email address offers a direct means of communication to our tax professionals, and also serves as a resource center for past and prospective clients.

Tax Defense Network formed its company philosophy around the acronyms FIRE and ICE. FIRE stands for “Fully Informed with Realistic Expectations” and ICE points to the Ideal Client Experience. The tax professionals at Tax Defense Network believe every customer should be treated with honesty and integrity and that communications should be clear and frequent.

Free Consultation

Tax Defense Network offers a free consultation, which includes an analysis of your tax situation, an appraisal of your standing with the IRS or your state tax agency, and a proposed solution to your tax issue. There is no charge unless you decide to proceed with Tax Defense Network, and you have three days to change your mind even after signing the contract.

No Tax Debt Too Big or Too Small

Tax Defense Network does not require customers to face a minimum amount of tax debt before seeking help with the firm. Nor is there any amount of tax debt so big that Tax Defense Network won’t be able to help. Tax Defense Network’s certified professionals evaluate each case on its own merit and is equipped to help individual taxpayers and small businesses regardless of the size of their debt or the measures the IRS is taking to collect that debt, including wage garnishment or tax levies.

Nationwide Service

Tax Defense Network can and does help taxpayers across the U.S., and successfully resolves more than 4,000 tax cases per month.

The Bottom Line

With overwhelmingly exemplary customer reviews, a policy of transparency, and willingness to help nearly any individual or small business taxpayer regardless of their tax issue or the amount of their tax debt, Tax Defense Network is an easy choice if you’re facing tax debt and need professional help.

About Tax Defense Network

Founded in 1997, Tax Defense Network has garnered positive media attention from the local and national press for its affordable tax debt solutions and its Gold Star Client Care services. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the company serves taxpayers nationwide, and recently partnered with Jackson-Hewitt tax accountants to provide full-service tax assistance for individuals and small businesses anywhere in the U.S.


William B.
Posted 01/14/2019

When you need people that can resolve your tax problems, Tax Defense Network will come to your rescue!

“Not only did they resolve my huge tax issue that had me biting my nails and wondering if I would ever be out from beneath the debt, but they arranged a very reasonable payment plan, got the fines and penalties reduced to sensible levels, and cut my tax debt by less than half! Every piece of paper I had to submit was easy to fill out, made sense, and literally took the burden off of my shoulders! I’m very happy I chose Tax Defense Network to help! Don’t go anywhere else!”

Fred S.
Posted 11/15/2018

An A+ experience!

“After several years of trying to hide the “Elephant in the Closet” TDN came through just as promised! They gave me peace of mind and dealt with IRS to work with me and get me compliant and out of the serious situation I was in. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend them without hesitation! Very professional and stayed in constant contact, keeping me informed of progress. Thank you so much for all you’ve done!”

Mark F.
Posted 08/10/2018

What a Deal!! They are the BEST!!

“We were skeptical in the beginning. After 8 years of problems, how much could they do for me, right?? Well, it took a good while, as there was a Revenue Officer involved. Start to finish, it was almost 16 months. It seemed like forever, n it felt like they wanted to know everything about me, even things I didn’t feel they needed to know. But after I was under the protective arm of TDN, it was pretty easy. THEY did all the hard work and THEY met w. The RO from the IRS, not me. They stayed in touch even when it was a “wait and see”, and in the end, it was about the best resolution I could have hoped for. It cost a bit to enroll, but for all of my problems and concerns? My resolution was a very cheap date for me. I would not hesitate to tell anyone to use them. There just is not enough room here to tell you how pleased we were, for what they did for me! I think they are the best at what they do!!”

Thomas G.
Posted 06/16/2018

Outstanding Service True Professionals

“20 plus years hiding from the IRS. On payment plans with them. Never seem to get caught up, alway’s behind. IRS tried to attached my pay. Huge mess. Tax liens on 2 towns I lived in. About $90’000.00 in debt. I am a free man today. Tax liens now removed. Took about 1 year plus to settle. Just received my second tax refund on my yearly taxes. These professionals made it all go away. It’s like I never had a problem in the first place. Better yet, I did not have to pay the IRS back anything because of my income.was to low. These guys did everything they needed to do to solve the problem. That Corey Taylor was the best. So professional. Still amazed 2 years later. Worth every penny.”

Don H.
Posted 03/15/2017

Thank you for lifting our burden!

“We had a problem; we hadn’t filed taxes for 5 years. We were unable to pay what we owed so we stuck our heads in the sand. Finally I knew we could not ignore the notices any longer, but who to find to help us? I conducted a search online and picked the company based on it’s A+ Better Business Bureau rating. I received a call from their representative and he helped me feel I had made the right choice almost immediately. I was fearful we would be unable to pay for their service yet I felt the cost very reasonable and I was able to make payments. They did most of the work locating documents and negotiating a very favorable settlement with both federal and state tax agencies. Tax Defense had our backs and I would recommend to everyone like us who had no clue what to do to solve their tax issues to call tax defense and you will feel like I do now, free to get on with our lives!!! Thank you, Tax Defense Network:)”

Adam S.
Posted 09/16/2016

Above and beyond!

“I’ll keep this short. I am self-employed. I am one of those people who knows how to make money but hates managing it. I can admit that. After I received a series of IRS letters within six months, I knew it was time to call for some help. From the first person that I spoke with at Tax Defense Network to the last, I knew I was in good hands. I ended up owing about $32,000, but these folks were able to really teach me how to handle my books and still run my business. I knew I would have to pay the IRS back, but at least I can do it and keep my doors open. Im a electrician, but Tax Defense Network is the one keeping my lights on. Job well done! Thank you!”


Customer Satisfaction


With A+ rating with Better Business Bureau, an average of 4 stars on TrustPilot, TDN has earned its reputation as a trustworthy tax relief firm. TDN is also has an 1A1 rating with Dun & Bradstreet. In 2016, the company received a Torch Award for Ethics from the Better Business Bureau. Tax Defense Network established its Gold Star Client Care, an email and phone hotline designed to answer taxpayers’ questions and offer clear and honest communications about tax debt issues. The company even publishes the phone numbers of past clients so that taxpayers in trouble can read closed case files and hear from the actual taxpayers TDN has helped.TDN recently partnered with Jackson-Hewitt, a household name in tax accounting, further bolstering its reputation as a trustworthy tax relief firm. Lastly, Tax Defense Network’s excellent customer service is rooted in its philosophy of FIRE and ICE: That customers should be “Fully Informed with Realistic Expectations” and receive an “Ideal Client Experience.”

Variety of Services


Tax Defense Network is prepared to help individual taxpayers and small businesses with tax debts of any size—or even just a tax-related issue that doesn’t involve owing the IRS money. The company can negotiate offers-in-compromise, installment agreements, payment plans, and more. Whether you’re facing a tax lien, tax levy, IRS bank levy, wage garnishment, tax penalties, or any other issue with the IRS, Tax Defense Network can help. TDN offer payment terms and financing, but since they provide the evaluation for free, there is no initial fee.

Experience and Recognition


Founded 20 years ago in 1997, Tax Defense Network is one of the oldest and experienced tax relief firms in the country. What this also means is TDN has deep established relationships with staff at the IRS. The tax professionals on staff have a combined 60+ years of experience in tax debt relief services. Tax Defense Network recently partnered with Jackson-Hewitt, a household name in tax accounting, further bolstering its reputation as a trustworthy tax relief firm. The company was ranked as Jacksonville’s Fastest Growing Company in 2010 and has had numerous appearances on TV news.

Licensing and Accreditations


Tax Defense Network employs tax professionals certified by industry organizations such as the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA). TDN is a Chamber-approved Tax Consultant for the Jacksonville (FL) Chamber of Commerce. The company employs more than 20 licensed tax professionals, including accredited CPAs, tax attorneys who are members of the American Bar Association and the Florida Bar Association, and former IRS agents, who understand the idiosyncrasies of dealing with this government agency. Various members of the legal team are, additionally, members of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, a non-profit organization offering advanced education for licensed tax pros.

Expert Review


Whether your tax debt is large or small, the pros at Tax Defense Network can help. With write-ups at places like Huffington Post and Fox News, the extensive media coverage the company has earned stands as testament to its positive profile and reliability, as do 950 positive satisfied customer reviews published on the Better Business Bureau website. Tax Defense Network offers clients a flat price model that doesn’t change throughout the negotiations of your case, and offers a free upfront evaluation. The company is touted as a great place to work, with a fun company culture and overtime opportunities contributing to its Glassdoor rating of 4.2 stars. TDN has resolved more than $110 million in tax debt—and is still going strong.


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Tommy C.
Posted 01/18/2019

It took longer than expected. I went through a lot of reps, but I’m still happy with them and I would recommend them.

Katie H.
Posted 01/15/2019

I went through a lot of people, but besides that, they were great! I would definitely recommend them.

Charlotte D.
Posted 01/11/2019

There was a lot of paperwork and they helped me with all of it. I would recommend them to a friend.

Warren lyon (RK Lyon)
Posted 01/05/2019

KERI Brown TDN – EXCEPTIONAL! Personal attention. Responsive. Effective solutions in unfair and dire situation. Relief! Top notch service. TDN IS AAAAA. Especially Mrs. Brown.

Robert F.
Posted 11/29/2018

Easy to understand

john d.
Posted 11/27/2018

came to tax defense with great concerns and they made me feel like it was nothing to worry about, solved all issues.

Dwone W.
Posted 11/26/2018

I came to tax defense with great concerns & they made me feel like it was nothing to worry about & started to fix the problem. The tax defense team did a great job, thanks.

Charles P.
Posted 11/20/2018

Very professional and try their best to handle every problem their best.

Posted 11/19/2018

As usual, Tax Defense Network has resolved my issue efficiently and in a timely manner…I was having issues getting an installment agreement in place with the IRS, per previous past experiences w/ TDN, I knew they would resolve it…so I reached out asking them to take care of it and in 2-3 weeks they got done what I was unable to in 6 months. Thank you again for exceptional service. Heather Irizarry – special thank you to you.

Murphy P.
Posted 08/31/2018

Tax Analyst Michael Manamon was very patient working with me, taking the time to explain the intricacies of my tax issues. As a legal professional I know the test of excellent professional service and representation is not in the delivering of good news to a client but bad. He passed the test with all “A’s.” The stress was great with owing over $45k to the IRS, tax levies, and garnishment of my paycheck. His knowledge of the tax laws and process and the options available to me that would be the most beneficial was reassuring and brought some level of peace. He promptly responded to my inquiries and maintained a rapport, respecting my busy schedule. Agreement in place, garnishment of my pay check and abatement of penalties and interest (over$4k) pursued. In some ways the resolution was not what I would have fully preferred however Michael’s service as a Tax Analyst for Tax Defense Network (now Money Solvers) has given me the confidence it was the best resolution possible – one which I could not have acquired on my own. Thank you.

Chris B.
Posted 08/31/2018

I haven’t a heard out of them in 2 weeks at Tax Defense Network. They haven’t called or emailed yet..

Sharon H.
Posted 08/30/2018

Sara always kept me informed and was always available to answer any questions as she resolved our situation. I would very much recommend Tax Defense!

Constance G.
Posted 08/30/2018

They were supposed to call me back within the next day and it’s been almost a week so far.

Michael M.
Posted 08/30/2018

I called yesterday and was able to get a hold of someone, and they were able to get back to me on the same day. I’d recommend Tax Defense Network so far.

Jeffrey P.
Posted 08/30/2018

The communication at Tax Defense Network is good and they’re right on top of everything!

Carol R.
Posted 08/29/2018

The process and the personnel is making me give 5 stars, I’d recommend TDN to others.

Posted 08/29/2018

Tax Defense Network seems to know what they’re doing and they’re very attentive, I’d recommend them.

Posted 08/28/2018

At first, there was a little lack of communication with who’s been assisting me but now everything’s been better

Kevin D.
Posted 08/28/2018

TDN had basic business practices, good follow up and they answered my questions.

Richard L.
Posted 08/28/2018

Everything is looking pretty positive all around. They seem to be very caring and anxious to get it done. I can’t complaint at all. They’re doing a marvelous job.

Robert B.
Posted 08/28/2018

They have been going over my taxes and I love that, would recommend Tax Defense Network to others.

Ricardo J.
Posted 08/27/2018

I just started with everything and the transaction has been smooth. An improvement I’d consider is that sometimes that they just take too much time, but other than that they’ve been great.

Mike WS.
Posted 08/27/2018

So far I like the peace of mind and the good follow up I get from TDN, I’d recommend to others.

Devera C.
Posted 08/27/2018

Everything is going along as planned. So far so good with TDN!

Ronnie C.
Posted 08/27/2018

Everything has been going smooth with Tax Defense Network. All my questions have been answered, can’t complain hands down.

Robert W. J.
Posted 08/20/2018

I loved my tax team. They did a fabulous job. My out come was more than i ever could have hoped for. With out my tax team i would have been screwed with the irs.

Leonard M.
Posted 08/11/2018

Mr. James Sirous has helped us twice by getting relief on a large tax debt. The first was 100, 000. Plus then second 59,000.
He is very professional and does a superior job.

Marianne M.
Posted 08/07/2018

To Whom It May Concern:
My experience with the Tax Defense service was very professional. My questions were answered promptly with expertise and in layman’s language. I’ve been very anxious about my taxes but Robin Mulder gave me the confidence and direction, to put into motion, steps that would resolve my tax issue with the Internal Revenue Service. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Thank you

Craig B.
Posted 08/01/2018

Mr. Aqueel Majied, professionalism was excellent in resolving my tax problem. His down to earth approach was outstanding in understanding my needs. Mr. Majied communication was clear in helping me better understand the tax lax and terminology. I would like to THANK, the entire Tax Defense Network team for working to resolve my tax issue. YOU guys are the BEST!!!

James A.
Posted 08/01/2018

Thorough and helpful. Inspired confidence and provided details throughout. Kat provided just the right amount of guidance and answered my questions timely and without hesitation. Highly recommended.

Posted 07/27/2018

Did a very good job, was very helpful and kept me in the loop the whole time they worked my case!

John m.
Posted 07/26/2018

You helped on my behalf when I couldn’t do it alone in negotiations with the IRS

Christy A.
Posted 07/24/2018

Mark Giles was wonderful to work with. He came to my defense literally!

Robert. M.
Posted 07/13/2018

It has been professional from the very first contact, to the last and everyone in between. Ruth Retes is a treasure. Efficient, knows all, immediately takes control and is kind and considerate even when I was asking foolish questions—that I did.

Use this group and your problems will melt away

Tina netters
Posted 07/13/2018

DeeDee…saved me the stress of my irs debt…I thank you so very much for the wonderful help you gave me

Posted 07/05/2018

My experience overall with Tax Defense Network was good. I have to be honest I had a little problem with them, however, they resolved it quickly.

Posted 06/30/2018

I received a letter from the IRS stating that I owed them $55,000 from back taxes. I did a bunch of online searches to find a company that could help sort this out. TDN is who I went with but I was very hesitant. DeeDee Moore was my main contact and did a great job keeping me calmed down and informed as we progressed through this process. DeeDee and her team got my taxes corrected and re submitted and fines reduced. In short my debt went from $55,000 to $10,000. That’s a life changing difference for me. They helped me drastically. Thank you

Posted 06/29/2018

I engaged TDN to deal with a significant past tax debt, tax lien, and potential garnishment. Robin Mulder could not have been more professional and supportive, and worked out a resolution that I never would have been able to do on my own. Such a huge relief and weight lifted, thank you Robin and TDN!

Posted 06/28/2018

Very happy

Bernadine A G.
Posted 06/22/2018

Upon entering into Tax filing season for 2017 it set heavily on my conscience that I now needed to clear my slate of also 3 years of past non filing of taxes due to financial life struggles. So desperate and in fear of what IRS would do. I found Tax Defense. What a blessing! This Company put out integrity to me without intimidation to my need of concerns. They open every avenue that fit my budget to get the problem solved. You are assigned a thorough case worker from beginning to end. And by the way, a SINCERE SHOUT OUT TO MRS. MALADONO! SHE WAS MY CASE WORKER, THANK YOU. I WASN’T expecting anything but in my case, I did. Be up front with Tax Defense and they will pull you through your dilemma. It will take time, but it is worth it in the long run. So gather all your documents and get a Peace of Mind. Thank you TAX DEFENSE STAFF MEMBERS!

Susan Y.
Posted 06/08/2018

Overall my experience with Tax Defense Network was Very Good. I would not hesitate to use them again. They finished their work on my case, in a very professional manner, and they made me feel confident in their ability to get the job done.

Jose M.
Posted 06/08/2018
Jonathan L.
Posted 03/30/2018

It has been an absolutely complete pleasure working with Amber Sarmiento for these past years. I’ve been a customer for quite some time and Tax Defense Network has help me tremendously through out the years and with all my tax issues. I am very satisfied with the results and most of all the support I get from the Tax Defense Team. Special thanks to Amber Sarmiento for all her help.

Andy M.
Posted 03/28/2018

Tax Defense Network (Keri Brown), has helped so much. I am greatful to know they were on top of things while I continued to do what I love. They gave me a better understanding on how I am to handle my finances with the IRS. I would more then likely recommend them to anyone.