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  • Tax Defense Network (Keri Brown), has helped so much. I am greatful to know they were on top of things while I continued to do what I love. They gave me a better understanding on how I am to handle my finances with the IRS. I would more then likely recommend them to anyone.

    Andy M. |



  • Flat-rate, honest pricing with no retainer fee
  • Free consultation
  • Gold Star Client Care hotline gives taxpayers access to experienced tax professionals
  • A+ BBB-rating, 1A1 D&B rating, prestigious industry affiliations
  • No minimum or maximum back taxes thresholds

The Good

Positive Consumer Reviews

Tax Defense Network received an average of 4.2 out of five stars on Facebook, a rating of 8.6 out of 10 on TrustPilot, and a 98 percent customer review rating with the Better Business Bureau, with 1,170 positive reviews compiled. Many reviewers feel like David D. Jones Sr., who wrote: “TDN was excellent in handling my case. I was informed throughout the entire process. I will highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks.”

The Good

Decades of Experience and Education

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Tax Defense Network employs experienced tax attorneys and other licensed tax professionals with a combined 60+ years of industry experience. The company’s tax consultants have been approved by the Jacksonville, Florida, Chamber of Congress. Many are also certified with the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and/or the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), two organizations devoted to the continuing education of tax professionals. With so much expertise under one roof, the company is well-positioned to offer a wide range of services to help consumers and small business owners get out from under the burden of back taxes.

Prestigious Affiliations, Awards, and Accreditations

Tax Defense Network’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau could stand alone as testament to the company’s exemplary service and success rate. But Tax Defense Network also holds a 1A1 rating with Dun and Bradstreet and a Silver Power Profile, showing the company’s excellent financial standing. In addition, Tax Defense Network was recognized by the Jacksonville Business Journal as the city’s fastest-growing private company in 2010. Tax Defense Network maintains this commitment to growth and works hard to serve the people of Jacksonville and beyond. Tax Defense Network recently partnered with tax firm Jackson-Hewitt, enabling the tax accounting firm to reach and help even more customers who are facing large back tax issues.

Industry Leading Process and Rock-Solid Philosophy

Tax Defense Network offers Gold Star Client Care, a department devoted to ensuring that every person who calls the firm has an Ideal Client Experience (ICE). The Gold Star Client Care hotline and email address offers a direct means of communication to our tax professionals, and also serves as a resource center for past and prospective clients.

Tax Defense Network formed its company philosophy around the acronyms FIRE and ICE. FIRE stands for “Fully Informed with Realistic Expectations” and ICE points to the Ideal Client Experience. The tax professionals at Tax Defense Network believe every customer should be treated with honesty and integrity and that communications should be clear and frequent.

Free Consultation

Tax Defense Network offers a free consultation, which includes an analysis of your tax situation, an appraisal of your standing with the IRS or your state tax agency, and a proposed solution to your tax issue. There is no charge unless you decide to proceed with Tax Defense Network, and you have three days to change your mind even after signing the contract.

No Back Tax Too Big or Too Small

Tax Defense Network does not require customers to face a minimum amount of back taxes before seeking help with the firm. Nor is there any amount of back tax so big that Tax Defense Network won’t be able to help. Tax Defense Network’s certified professionals evaluate each case on its own merit and is equipped to help individual taxpayers and small businesses regardless of the size of their back taxes or the measures the IRS is taking to collect that back taxes, including wage garnishment or tax levies.

Nationwide Service

Tax Defense Network can and does help taxpayers across the U.S., and successfully resolves more than 4,000 tax cases per month.

About Tax Defense Network

Founded in 1997, Tax Defense Network has garnered positive media attention from the local and national press for its affordable back tax solutions and its Gold Star Client Care services. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the company serves taxpayers nationwide, and recently partnered with Jackson-Hewitt tax accountants to provide full-service tax assistance for individuals and small businesses anywhere in the U.S.

The Bottom Line
With overwhelmingly exemplary customer reviews, a policy of transparency, and willingness to help nearly any individual or small business taxpayer regardless of their tax issue or the amount of their back tax. Tax Defense Network is an easy choice if you’re facing back tax issues and need professional help.


  • Theresa J. | 07/18/2019

    They helped me with my debt and helped me with the stress of having to deal with it. I’ve already recommended them!

  • Dean C. | 07/16/2019

    They were pleasant. I would probably recommend them.

  • Ileen R. | 07/16/2019

    My experience has been excellent! I’d give them a 5,plus, plus, plus! They knew exactly what they were talking about and walked me through it every step of the way. I’ve already recommended them!

  • Brenda B. | 11/29/2018
  • Ralph O. | 03/12/2019

    They were attentive and told me what to do to get things done. I’d recommend them if someone was in a similar tax situation.

  • Clinton J. | 03/05/2019

    I’m very particular. I think they’re a 4 out of a 5. I would recommend them!

  • Wiley P. | 03/04/2019

    They stay in touch with. I’m pretty happy with them! And I’ve already recommended them to my friends.

  • Bernard C. | 03/01/2019

    They were a little slow in communicating, but I’d recommend them!

  • Alexander P. | 03/08/2019

    They’ve helped me out a lot and I would absolutely recommend them to my friends and family.

  • David F. | 03/01/2019

    I would recommend Tax Defense Network.

  • Raleigh H. | 03/01/2019

    They get back to you in time and they go over everything that they need to go over. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend.

  • Robert M. | 03/06/2019

    They were knowledgeable and quick to answer my questions. I would recommend them.

  • Barbara R. | 03/25/2019

    I would recommend them to a friend.

  • Sarah H. | 03/25/2019

    I liked all of it, but the best thing was that they were able to strip my penalties down. It was expensive, but I’d recommend them.

  • Billy M. | 03/06/2019

    They were very professional and I would absolutely recommend Tax Defense Network.

  • Deirde B. | 03/05/2019

    I would recommend them.

  • Robert R. | 03/06/2019

    I will recommend them as long as they resolve my case.

  • Antonia B. | 03/08/2019

    I would recommend tax defense network.

  • George S. | 03/08/2019

    They were always there when I needed to talk to somebody. They handled everything professionally and they kept me abreast of what they were doing. I’ve already recommended them to friends.

  • Randy D. | 03/08/2019

    I’d give them a 5 out of 5 in communication and customer service.

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