Wide Variety of Tax Services

Whether you need help filing back taxes or negotiating a settlement with the IRS for tax debt you owe, Quick Debt Tax Resolution can help. The company specializes in negotiating settlements and offers-in-compromise, having levies or tax liens released, and protecting your assets even if you owe the IRS or the state of California tax agency thousands of dollars. There is a way out of tax debt if you know who to call, and Quick Debt Tax Resolution has been helping the people of California for almost 10 years.

The Good

Lower Your Back Taxes with a Settlement

Did you know you may be able to reduce your back taxes by thousands of dollars? The tax professionals at Quick Debt Tax Resolution know the language to use and the correct forms to file to lower your back taxes and make it easy to gain control of your financial future. Quick Debt Tax Resolution certified tax experts will determine if you qualify for currently not collectible (CNC) status or if the IRS will accept an offer-in-compromise. They can also file for tax penalty abatement and negotiate an installment agreement that will allow you to pay off your back taxes over six years without changing your current quality of life.

Pay Off Your Back Tax in Four Easy Steps

Quick Debt Tax Resolution uses a painless, four-step process to help you reduce and, ultimately, eliminate your back taxes. When you call Quick Debt Tax Resolution, you’ll receive a free phone consultation to discuss your tax situation. Your Senior Tax Consultant will request your tax history from the IRS and determine the best tax resolution plan. After you give the go-ahead, a team of tax experts will work quickly and accurately to negotiate with the IRS. Resolutions may include penalty abatement, a partial pay installment agreement, offer-in-compromise, or currently not collectible status. Any of these solutions may reduce your overall back tax amount owed and also give you more time to pay. Finally, your case will be considered closed and all that is left is to make on-time payments to the IRS via automatic debits from your checking account until you are free.

Tax Prep Help Can Help You Avoid Fines and Even Claim Refunds

If you are missing tax returns and facing penalties, Quick Debt Tax Resolution has a team of expert tax preparers available to help. The company can even help you file your back taxes if you are owed a refund from overpayment of withholding or estimated taxes or from Earned Income Credit or child tax credits. Don’t let money slip away. File your past tax returns today with help from Quick Debt Tax Resolution.

If you fail to file for several years, the IRS may send a Notice of Deficiency, which gives you 90 days to file your tax returns or the agency will file for you. Their assessment of taxes owed will probably not be in your favor. Tax returns are complicated, but Quick Debt Tax Resolution can file your taxes electronically.

The professional tax prep firm can also help you avoid penalties if you owe money to the IRS and failed to file a return. Whatever your reason for procrastinating on filing your taxes, Quick Debt Tax Resolution will help you get back on track.

Free Consultation

There is never a charge for your first consultation call with Quick Debt Tax Resolution, so there is no risk.

About Quick Debt Tax Resolution

One of the more recent back tax assistance companies to pop up in Southern California, Quick Debt Tax Resolution serves businesses and individual taxpayers in the Inland Empire suburban and metropolitan region of California. Providing tax preparation services as well as negotiations with the IRS to help customers settle their back taxes and forge a path to financial freedom, Quick Debt Tax Resolution employs a team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents.

The Bottom Line
Quick Debt Tax Resolution is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company website shows no additional licensing or professional affiliations. The company has been in business since 2009 and has no negative reviews. If you are seeking a one-stop service for all your tax needs, from filing current or past returns to negotiating on overdue back taxes, and you live in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, Quick Debt Tax Resolution may be able to help.


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    I would recommend Quick Debt Tax!

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    They did a good job on my case and I would recommend them if I had to.

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    They were tremendous on taking care of my situation. They were fabulous on taking care of what needed to take care of!

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