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  • I have no complaints at this point. Everything has been great!

    MEB |
  • J. David Tax Law was able to explain everything to me and I’d recommend them to others based on my experience so far.

    Jeffrey S. |
  • Everything’s been really great so far at J. David Tax, especially the communication.

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  • Full Service Tax Law Firm
  • Flexible Payment Plans Available
  • All Services Provided By Tax Attorneys
  • Bilingual - English & Spanish Services Available
  • Free No Obligation Tax Consultation
  • Handles State And IRS Back Tax Issues
  • Works With Low-Dollar Back Taxes
  • Can Get Wage Garnishments Lifted In As Little As 48 Hours
  • Offers Customized Tax Solutions
  • Offers A Wide Variety Of Back Tax Assistance Options
  • Can Resolve Cases Quickly
  • No Minimum Back Tax Requirement
  • Will Handle Cases For Individuals With No Back Taxes

The Good

Only Uses Tax Attorneys

J. David does not use enrolled agents. All case work at J. David is done by experienced attorneys who are authorized to practice before the IRS. That means only a lawyer will handle your case.

No-Cost Professional Consultation

You can have your case reviewed by a tax attorney without being charged billable hours. During the consultation you will speak directly with an experienced tax attorney and not a salesperson.

The consultation is 100% free and no-obligation so you can say no at any time if you don’t want to go ahead.

Speak to an Attorney not a Salesperson

At many tax assistance firms you will have to speak to a sales representative and possibly go through a face to face consultation with one before seeing an attorney.

At J. David an attorney will answer the phone and talk to you during the consultation. You can get your questions answered by a tax lawyer from the start.

Fast Resolution of IRS and State Wage Garnishments

J. David’s attorneys can usually get IRS and state wage garnishments removed within 48 hours. Payroll tax and wage garnishment are among J. David’s areas of practice.

Offers Customized Tax Solutions

J. David’s attorneys understand that every tax case is different. They will customize a solution for each taxpayer. Customized tax solutions are more likely to be accepted and approved by the IRS.

Can Resolve Tax Issues In As Little As Five Weeks

Using experienced tax attorneys and customized solutions allows J. David to resolve many case issues very quickly. Simple tax problems can be resolved in as a little as five week, more complex matters might be resolved in 12 weeks.

IRS Audit Defense by Tax Attorneys

Every audit defense at J. David is handled by a tax attorney not an enrolled agent. This can resolve matters faster and provide a more effective audit defense.

Handles Both Business and Individual Tax Cases

J. David’s attorneys will handle both individual matters such as wage garnishment and innocent spouse assistance, and business problems like payroll tax.

No Minimum Back Taxes Requirement

J. David will handle cases involving any amount, no matter how small. Unlike many back tax assistance specialists, they will work with people who have tax problems but owe no tax.

Great Reputation

J. David Tax Law is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Peer Rated for High Professional Achievement. Media coverage from MSNBC, CNN Money, CNBC, News 104.5 Radio, iHeart Radio, CLH, Cox Media and Fox News.

Handles Both State and IRS Tax Issues

J. David Tax Law will handle both state and federal income tax issues. One of its areas of practice is state tax liens and wage-garnishments. They can get both of these removed in as little as 48 hours.

Flexible Payment Plans Available

J. David offers very flexible plans, so its services are affordable to almost all taxpayers. The staff at J. David will work with you to devise a plan that fits your income and your ability to repay.

About J. David Tax Law

J. David Tax Law is a full-service tax law firm that specializes in helping individuals with very complex tax problems. The company handles a wide variety of tax issues, including expiration cases, IRS tax issues, lifting wage garnishments, and more. The best thing about J. David Tax Law is that all the work is done by tax attorneys, not by attorneys or enrolled agents. Even simple matters like levies and garnishment releases and offers in compromise will be handled by an experienced tax attorney. So if you need professional representation from experienced tax attorneys, J. David tax law is the right choice for you.

The Bottom Line
J.David Tax Law is a full-service tax law firm that can help individuals with very complex tax problems. It handles a wide variety of tax cases including expiration cases.

The best thing about J.David Tax Law is that all the work is done by tax attorneys not by attorneys or enrolled agents. Even simple matters like levies and garnishment releases and offers in compromise will be handled by an experienced tax attorney.


  • Adam A. | 01/28/2020

    J. David Tax law were lifesavers for helping with my IRS audit. When I received the notice I didn’t know where to begin but from the first call I had with them until the last IRS meeting they were on top of it. Definitely reccomend. We would have been wiped out by the IRS had we not had them. The IRS have some nasty people working for them.

  • Desiree H. | 01/06/2020

    My husband works as independent contractor and we got behind on quarterly deposits so after about 2 years we owed way more than we could afford to pay. The IRS took all the money out of our bank account. We looked around and this firm helped us to calm down and was able to get us some kind of compromise with the IRS and everything is resolved. yes, we recommend them.

  • Karen H | 04/15/2020

    We had a huge Florida sales tax debt and IRS Payroll tax debt from a tourist store we owned in Orlando. The state was threateing prosecution and we didn’t have the money to pay it. We contacted this firm and within a week they were able to get a hold in place to keep from us being prosecuted or collected on. My attorney was in constant communication and what I thought could never be worked out was resolved to our satisfaction in a matter of weeks. Highly reccommend.

  • Everett D. | 01/31/2020

    When the letter came in the mail that my wife and I owed the IRS, over $ 100K for 2016 & 2017, and the letter clearly stated what rights they had over our home, vehicles, jewelry, and RV, we were in panic mode, we didn’t have $ 100K. We turned to J.David Law Firm for help, that’s when we first met Mr.Leihernst Lamarre ( Attorney ) and Jeni Varky ( Legal Assistant ). At one point we had considered taking out a second mortgage to pay the IRS, we followed Mr. Lamarre’s advice and put all our trust in his hands, and after what seemed like eternity, Mr. Lamarre reached a settlement with the IRS, one that far exceeded our expectations, it’s over and we are more than satisfied with the outcome. Mr. Lamarre and Jeni Varky, gave us back our life and took fear out of our day. Thank You Mr. Lamarre & Jeni you guys are the best !

  • Terri A. | 09/16/2019

    I could tell early on that this was an experienced tax firm who knows what they are doing and talking about. They helped our family with a payroll tax issue in our salvage business. They take the time and talk to you with respect. I never thought that they were talking over my head. They called ofter to let us know what was happening and in the end it was better than they said it would be in the begining. Thank you all.

  • Peter J. | 06/13/2019

    Our tax attorney at J. David Tax Law worked for us for nearly a year fighting our case. He took the time to really sit down and help us fill out any paperwork the IRS needed and it was a lot. He proof checked everything for us and made sure the IRS saw us as a normal couple , people not just a number. With his help we got our compromise accepted for a insane amount compared to what we originally owed. It truly saved the future of my family. We were on the verge of losing what little we had when we came and now we look forward to rebuilding our lives for our children. This tax firm is not just good at what he does ,they are of good character and that is rare. You would be unwise to trust anyone else with you’re tax crisis.

  • Eric B. | 04/29/2019

    I’m not as happy with this firm as I could have been. They were able to get me out of paying a little over twenty-grand in IRS tax debt but I still had to pay almost three-grand. I don’t believe that I should have had to pay anything but I guess it was better than what I had. If you want a tax attorney that can eliminate a lot of the debt this is the one, just don’t expect it will all be wiped out.

  • Todd G. | 03/26/2019

    I was self-employed for a number of years and missed some quarterly tax payments and over the course of 3 years ended up owing over $90k. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I received the first notice from the IRS. I spent over an hour on the phone with the IRS only to be hung-up when connected. I tried again and was on hold for over 90 minutes when I gave up. Then a revenue agent contacted me and was trying to force me to share my part in a business to pay off the tax debt. I didn’t know where to turn until a friend referred me to J David. I felt relief after my first conversation and they ended up getting over $21k of the debt wiped out and I can afford the agreement they negotiated. I found out later that the IRS couldn’t force me to sell my share in my business but they certainly were framing it that way. For anyone with a big tax debt I would recommend this firm.

  • Richard K. | 02/19/2019

    Brad, Tom, and the staff are awesome! We had a recent transaction where IRS liens had to be discharged in order for a home to sell. We’d spent a lot of money and hours of time trying to find the right entity to help us. Everyone at J. David Tax Law were extremely knowledgeable on the process, knew all the steps to take, worked hard to make it happen and kept me informed every step of the way. Everything worked out as they said it would!!!

  • Karen F. | 11/15/2018

    J. David Tax Law is simply the best. I found them on here to help me navigate through a complex IRS situation with a lien and a levy. My first contact with them was amazing, Bryan is so very nice and professional. The communication and support was exceptional, I could not have asked for anything better. This firm provided me with absolutely sound representation that later turned out exactly how they anticipated saving me thousands of dollars. I’m so grateful for their representation. My attorney was a hard worker and great communicator providing me updates late in the day and weekends when it was needed. There is nobody else I would recommend to a friend or family member but J David Tax. Don’t waste time with anyone less than a tax attorney you can work directly with. I’m so happy I did and this and my tax nightmare is over.

  • Karen B. | 11/05/2018

    I recently went through a divorce and sold my home in the same tax year. To make matters worse, during the process, I discovered some errors and omissions on my prior tax returns. I found J. David Tax Law from a referral from a work associate and selected them based on their reputation and reviews. From my first conversation with Jim, I knew I was in great hands. They methodically reviewed and addressed all my issues, returned every phone call, and answered every email. I had all of my attorneys contact information and always felt important! I highly recommend this firm!

  • MEB | 10/01/2018

    I have no complaints at this point. Everything has been great!

  • Melissa L. | 10/01/2018

    I really like that I don’t have to do anything and J. David Tax Law handles everything. I also really like my attorney and would highly recommend.

  • Jennifer A. | 10/10/2018

    I used J David Tax Law for tax issues related to the IRS. I am embarrassed to say how much I owed. This firms level of knowledge, and confidence, about the best way to handle my situation was incredible and proved to be successful. My attorney wass honest and clearly explained the pros and cons of the courses of action to best resolve my problem. The actual outcome of my case exceeded even the highest expectations I had at the beginning of the process and the whole situation was handled smoothly and efficiently. I would highly recommend J. David Tax Law for any IRS issue you have and I believe they are an expert in this field.

  • Roosevelt B. | 09/27/2018

    I recommend J. David Tax Law as their customer service is really good, and that’s a big thing for me.

  • Dennis K. | 09/26/2018

    J. David Tax was very attentive and they’re getting the job done!

  • HPD1 | 09/25/2018

    I like my attorney that I’m working with at J. David Tax Law. I also like the people that got me originally signed up in the process.

  • Jeffrey S. | 09/25/2018

    J. David Tax Law was able to explain everything to me and I’d recommend them to others based on my experience so far.

  • Gloria B. | 09/25/2018

    I like the person I’m working with at J. David Tax Law, especially their follow up and attentive to our tax matters.

  • Rebecca C. | 09/24/2018

    J. David Tax Law has been working very well and they’ve been working with me on getting my issue resolved. They take the time to answer my emails and call me often.

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Featured Question/Answers
Do you work with county property tax disputes? If so, We are appealing our county property tax 2019/20 . Our property taxes increased by double since 2018. When county appraisers attempted to explain why it was so, they explained it was a new procedure for calculating RV Park property tax (commercial=29%). I called our County Commissioner and did not understand the policy either. We need someone to look into this confusing issue. The tax is more than 10% of gross business income! Outrageous! Help Michael
Unfortunately, we do not handle property tax issues. The reason is that the laws vary greatly from county to county and city to city. What might be effective representation in one municipality will not work at all in another. I would recommend attempting to find a local attorney in your town that is familiar with property tax laws and disputes for that municipality.


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