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  • They have great communication and are comprehensive. They've been very helpful. I would absolutely recommend them!

    Judy D. |
  • Every time I call them, the people are all so nice and they answer all of my questions. I would definitely recommend them.

    Carroll P. |
  • For every aspect of the process they walked the talk. They did a good job! I would definitely recommend them.

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  • They were very professional. I would recommend Hurricane Tax.

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  • I spoke to a couple of girls and they were great! I gave them the information they needed and they did a really good job. They also called me when they had news. I would definitely recommend them.

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  • Experts at releasing tax levies and liens
  • Flat-fee pricing and no retainer fee
  • Free consultation
  • Most cases resolved in 2-6 months
  • Experience with personal and business taxes
  • Offers tax preparation services
  • Experience lifting wage garnishments
  • Provides accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Knowledgable about installment agreements and IRS payment plans
  • Employs EAs, CPAs, tax attorneys and back taxes specialists

The Good

Wide Variety of Tax Services

Hurricane Tax is not a one-trick pony when it comes to tax debt relief and other tax services. If you need help with back taxes, representation during an audit, or even tax planning services, Hurricane Tax can help. The company specializes in finding a resolution for your unpaid tax debt and are experts in negotiating settlements and installment agreements. They can also help with business taxes, payroll taxes, and unpaid sales tax debt, assisting businesses of any size across the U.S. In addition to tax debt relief, Hurricane Tax also provides small business accounting and bookkeeping services, so you can turn to Hurricane tax for many of your business financial needs.

Tax Services Available Nationwide

Based in Los Angeles, California, Hurricane Tax offers nationwide tax services that include tax filing services, negotiations with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers, and release of liens, levies, or wage garnishments. With a highly qualified team of IRS enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs, Hurricane Tax is equipped to help taxpayers across the country in need to back tax assistance. Hurricane Tax experts are even authorized to help with state tax assistance, negotiating on your behalf with your state’s tax agency.

Communicates and Negotiates with the IRS on Your Behalf

Dealing with the IRS is scary and time-consuming for anyone who is not a tax professional. Hurricane Tax takes this stress off your back by negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. After your initial, no-obligation phone call and a free consultation, Hurricane Tax will file a power of attorney with the IRS and then will call to request a stop on all collection activity. From there, Hurricane Tax formulates a plan of attack and will file the paperwork for an offer-in-compromise, “Currently Non-Collectible” status, innocent spouse, a partial pay installment agreement, or whatever tax solution will work for your situation.

Work with a Dedicated Team of Highly Qualified Tax Professionals

Founded in 2016 by IRS enrolled agent William Fugate, Hurricane Tax employs a small but highly qualified team of IRS enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and accountants. The company’s small size ensures you will receive personalized service and be treated like a valued customer, not just another number.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

Hurricane Tax does not agree to help every taxpayer who calls their Los Angeles office. Although the firm does provide a wide range of tax services, they want to be sure they can help you resolve your tax case and that you need the help of a tax professional to do so. Most back taxes do require the help of a tax professional to achieve a desirable resolution with the IRS or state tax agency. After hearing the details of your situation, Hurricane Tax will provide a no-obligation, flat-rate price quote, and you can decide if you want to move forward with their tax resolution services.

May Settle with the IRS for Less Than You Owe

Hurricane Tax uses a number of tax resolution tactics and negotiation strategies. Through an offer-in-compromise, partial pay agreement, Currently-Non-Collectible filing, innocent spouse assistance or any number of other programs, Hurricane Tax may be able to settle your tax case for a fraction of what you owe, have penalties and fees waived, and establish an installment agreement plan to help you get out of back taxes.

Get Professional Help with Levies, Liens, and Wage Garnishments

If you are facing a tax levy, have a lien on your property, or are facing wage garnishment, your tax situation has gotten worse than you might imagine. Most levy, lien, and wage garnishment cases require professional help to ensure the proper paperwork is filed to release the lien or levy. Hurricane Tax can help stop wage garnishment so that you can keep your hard-earned money while negotiating a payment plan or other tax resolution with the IRS.

Flat Free Pricing Provides Tremendous Value

Hurricane Tax experts work on a flat-fee basis, rather than collecting a monthly retainer or charging hourly for their back tax assistance services. Once their tax experts have heard the details of your case, they will provide you with a fair and honest price quote that you can choose to accept. There will not be hidden fees and the price won’t go up unless your case changes and you need additional services. Flat fee pricing allows you to budget for the tax services you need.

Most Cases Are Resolved in Fewer Than 6 Months

Hurricane Tax says that, in many cases, they can resolve your back tax case in as little as two to six months. More complex cases could take nine to 12 months or longer. If you establish an installment agreement, you could pay off your back taxes completely in six years or less, depending on the amount you owe.

Free Tax Prep Services When You Work with Hurricane

If you hire Hurricane Taxes to help you resolve your business or personal back tax issues, you will receive free personal tax preparation and filing services for that year. This helps ensure that Hurricane customers can stay on track with their tax filings while their state and federal back tax problems are resolved.

Get Help with Back Taxes or an IRS Audit

Do you owe back taxes? Did you fail to file taxes for any number of years? Would you like your prior tax returns amended because you believe you owe less than the IRS says you do? Hurricane Tax has tax preparers on staff who can help you get caught up on prior tax filings and stay on track in the future. Hurricane Tax can also stand by your side as your attorney during an IRS audit, to help prove your deductions were legal and allowable and your income reporting was accurate.

About Hurricane Tax

Founded in 2016, Hurricane Tax may be the new kid on the block when it comes to back tax assistance. But the company’s focus on personalized customer service and client care, as well as the wide range of tax resolution services it provides, has helped Hurricane garner several positive reviews. Employing a small but talented team of tax professionals, Hurricane Tax is a full-service tax company providing tax resolution, tax preparation, tax consultation, accounting, and bookkeeping services.

The Bottom Line
It is tempting to say that Hurricane Tax is taking the back tax assistance industry by storm with its flat-fee pricing structure. The company offers a broad variety of tax services, from tax preparation to back tax resolution, help during an audit, and even small business bookkeeping and accounting services.

Although the company has not been around very long, several positive consumer reviews attest to its success in resolving tax issues quickly. Its flat-rate pricing structure provides significant value. If you need help with your business or personal taxes, Hurricane may be able to help.


  • Mary C. | 03/28/2020

    Geralyn was very professional in working w/ me. She kept me informed, answered all my questions, and was patient with me. At the end of the process, she answered all my questions and concerns. I recommend her to anyone needing Hurricane Tax’s service.

  • Glen | 12/27/2020

    Very pleased with Hurricane Tax. Thank so much, Cindy and Rhonda for getting me on the right path with my taxes! I received my stimulus check, 12/26/20. Very happy with your hard work. I would highly recommend your Huricane Tax for you tax services!

  • Larry M. | 06/10/2019

    very professional very helpful very quick to help me Resolve my issue with IRS

  • Judy D. | 06/20/2019

    I want to leave an endorsement for David Garcia of Hurricane Tax. Mr. Garcia and his staff have been very professional, efficient, patient, while remaining very approachable. I had over 15 years of unfiled taxes, but within weeks of working with this team, the situation was corrected completely. As a senior citizen, that made everything else I was dealing with just a bit easier to handle.

    2016 was the worst year of my life. I’d lost my husband of 18 years, moved to a new city, then had a car accident that was so critical I had to be life flighted to a major hospital in Houston, Tx. It took more than a year to recovery from all of the injuries. AT 65, it was not easy to pick up the pieces and resume life. Just when I thought things could not be worse, Social Security notified me that the IRS was garnishing my check. Through internet research, I came across The Hurricane Tax team. As I stated earlier, within a few weeks, the entire issue with the IRS was completely taken care of. The procedure for doing so consisted of a few phone calls from Mr. Garcia requesting certain documentation, and frankly, that’s all I remember. The next letter I received was from Social Security stating that the IRS was no longer garnishing my social security check. I can’t thank this team enough. It just makes everything a bit easier for me. Now, I’m 67 and in a better place, physically and financially, in no small part because of the relief Mr. David Garcia and capable Team’s knowledge. Let me finish by saying a heartful Thank you Hurricane Tax team. Sincerely, Judy Dixon

  • Tito Evans | 04/27/2019

    I would never recommend this company. I hired them to do my taxes mid 2018 and its now almost mid 2019 and I still don’t have my tax status. Every time I called I never get a respond from a live person or not a call back. And when I do Its always a different person with a different story even when I paid in full they want me to shell out more money than what was agree to.

  • Collis C. | 02/14/2019

    Yes Im trying to contact one of your analyst by the name of Carl Peters

  • William P. | 12/03/2018

    The overall experience has been good, but the initial communication could be improved. I would recommend them.

  • Steven F. | 12/03/2018

    It’s hard to get them on the telephone, but I’d still recommend them to a friend.

  • Rosemary H. | 12/03/2018

    I haven’t heard from them in awhile and I’m waiting for them to send paperwork to me. I would not recommend them right now.

  • William B. | 12/03/2018

    Sometimes it’s weeks before they’ll call me back. I probably would not recommend Hurricane Tax.

  • Roy E. | 12/03/2018

    They said they could help reduce what I owed, but I made too much money, so they could only get me on a payment plan. I would recommend them for a payment plan.

  • Tammy C. | 12/07/2018

    I would like more communication from them.

  • Bruce G. | 12/07/2018

    They are some of the best people I’ve ever talked to and have really worked with me. My experience with them has been excellent.

  • Tony T. | 12/06/2018

    I’d give Hurricane Tax a 5 out of 5 for their good communication.

  • Michael M. | 12/06/2018

    I don’t give 5’s, so I give Hurricane Tax a 4 and would recommend them.

  • Christine M. | 12/04/2018

    They’ve been good to us in every way!

  • Sherry H. | 12/04/2018

    It’s taking longer than I wanted it to, but I would still recommend them.

  • Michelle M. | 12/03/2018

    I would give them a 5 because of their overall knowledge, communication, and customer service.

  • Anthony C. | 12/03/2018

    They weren’t able to reduce my taxes, but they were good to work with and I would recommend them.

  • Eugene L. | 12/03/2018

    I would recommend Hurricane Tax.

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