• Free Consultation with No Obligation
  • Employs CPAs, EAs and tax attorney
  • 10-Day Refund Policy Available
  • Experience Releasing Tax Liens
  • Resolve State & Federal Tax Debt
  • Specializes in Stopping Wage Garnishments
  • Representation for Personal & Business IRS Audits
  • Knowledgeable About Small Business Tax Laws

50 Years of Tax Relief Expertise
Honest Tax of Woodland Hills, California, promises “Honest Answers” and “Honest Results.” The team of tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, tax accountants, and CPAs boast a combined 50 years of experience in helping California residents eliminate their tax debt legally and with a minimum amount of stress.

The Bottom Line
Honest Tax isn’t just a clever company name. The tax debt relief firm really does emphasize honesty and transparency in every situation. Stellar consumer reviews, a longstanding reputation and, now, Ben Stein as a celebrity spokesperson all speak to Honest Tax’s trustworthiness and dependability. If you have unpaid business or personal tax debt, it’s worth 30 minutes of your time to see if the pros at Honest Tax can help.
  • Robert D. | 07/11/2019

    I’m just starting out with them, but it’s been great so far. They’re treating me good! They’ve been very straightforward with me and have answered all of my questions. I would recommend them!

  • Lisa N. | 07/11/2019

    I haven’t heard from them in a long time, but communication was good at the beginning.

  • Terry J. | 07/10/2019

    When I asked them to do something they helped me out and did it for me. I would recommend them to a friend.

  • Moises A. | 07/09/2019

    They started out really good, but as it progressed I didn’t hear from them as much. I’d still recommend them.

  • Sarah R. | 07/09/2019

    There wasn’t anything that I really liked or disliked, but I would recommend them.

  • Linda K. | 06/19/2019

    Do not know how they managed to handle my case with such short notice but I am glad I hired them on time.

  • Leslie B. | 06/11/2019

    I am grateful for what this company did for me and my family. My wages were getting garnished and I had no idea what to do, I reached out on my own and got no where. Thanks Honest Tax team.

  • Mina G. | 06/11/2019

    Struggled and jumped from one firm to the next. Honest tax addressed my problem from the start and told me what to do to avoid having to come back to a firm for help.
    What three others could not honest tax achieved. Glad its over now.

  • Artur K. | 06/11/2019

    Spoke to Steve for a few weeks before I retained him, he was straight with me and sincerely cared about helping me with my tax issue.
    I ended up trusting him and he did not fail me. After a short two months he delivered results.

  • Lino R. | 06/11/2019

    Where do I begin… I owed a lot of money to both state and Fed and admittedly I was not the nicest to work with. Overall I was impressed with the integrity and higher ground this company took with me. They were always polite and moved my case along smoothly till the end. Impressed and glad I stuck it through.

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    Honest Tax
    21215 Burbank Blvd., Suite 600
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367


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