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  • They were on top of everything and responded quickly whenever I had questions.

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  • Specializes In Business Tax Issues And Problems
  • Employs Tax Attorneys And Enrolled Agents
  • Offers Tax Accounting Services
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating Of A+
  • Files Business Licenses
  • Criminal Tax Defense Available
  • Specializes In California Tax Problems
  • Registered Agent For Service Of Process
  • Offers S Corporation Election
  • Performs IRS Audit Defense
  • Expertise In Offers In Compromise
  • Handles Litigation In Bankruptcy Court
  • Handles Offshore Bank Account Problems
  • Expertise In Payroll Tax Problems
  • Files Foreign Qualification And Certificates Of Authority
  • Expertise In Business In Business Planning
  • Certificate Of Good Standing Available.
  • Confidential Tax Consultation Available

Employs Tax Attorneys

A tax attorney is the highest trained and most knowledgeable tax professional available. To practice before the IRS, a lawyer must have a Juris Doctorate (law degree), pass the state bar examination and be a qualified certified public accountant (CPA).

Some tax attorneys also hold a Master of Laws in Taxation Degree which means they have had additional education in trusts, estates, elder law, estate planning, tax controversies and other subjects.

The Good

Employs Enrolled Agents

An enrolled agent is a tax professional that has passed a written examination and is authorized to negotiate with the IRS. Enrolled agents often have special knowledge about tax levies, bank account levies and state tax issues.

Offers Criminal Tax Defense

Some of Enterprise’s tax professionals have experience dealing with the IRS’s Criminal Investigations Division. They understand how to deal with IRS criminal investigators and the federal courts.

Expertise in California Tax Issues

One of Enterprise Consultants’ specialties is California income tax issues. Its lawyers have had extensive experience dealing with the Franchise Tax Board.

Their tax attorneys are licensed to practice in California. Some of the enrolled agents have experience with Franchise Tax Board Liens.

Specializes in Offers in Compromise

Offers in Compromise (OICs) are one of the best tax resolutions the IRS offers because they can settle back taxes for pennies on the dollar.

But they can be hard to get.

Enterprise Consultants makes OICs easier to get by prescreening them with the same criteria used by the RIS. That means the IRS will be more likely to accept them.

Will Handle Back Taxes of Less Than $10,000

Unlike some tax firms, Enterprise Consultants and enrolled agents will take cases involving back taxes of less than $10,000. They will also handle cases involving larger back taxes, including ones over $100,000.

Expertise in IRS Audit Defense

Enterprise’s tax attorneys and enrolled agents are experts at developing strategies for dealing with IRS Audits. These strategies can reduce the cost and time involved in an audit. There is also a possibility that the strategy can stop the IRS from raising your tax rates.

Expertise in Tax Return Amendments

Despite what many people think, it is possible to amend or correct a tax return after it has been filed.

Enterprise Consultants can amend anything in a tax return with a Form 1040X. Such amendments can even prevent criminal prosecution by the IRS. Enterprise’s attorneys have had decades of experience filing 1040X forms.

Processes Foreign Qualification and Certificate of Authority Applications

When a business operates in a state it is not incorporated in, a Certificate of Authority or Foreign Process Qualification will have to be filed. Enterprise Consultants can prepare and file these documents in any state.

Not filing these documents can lead to serious tax issues. Enterprise’s attorneys can also help businesses resolve foreign process application issues and resolve tax controversies with state governments.

Resolves IRS Payroll Tax Problems

Enterprise’s attorneys can negotiate settlements for a wide variety of payroll tax problems with the IRS. This includes problems created by employees and IRS payroll tax audits.

The IRS can even run an audit on self-employed persons that receive a W-2 for their work. Anybody with questions about payroll tax should call Enterprise today to prevent IRS entanglements.

Business Licensing Expertise

Business licensing is getting more complex every day, especially for firms with more than one location. Enterprise can research your business, and file all the licenses needed.

California businesses will need to have a general business license from the county or state for every branch.

Offers Tax Appeals

Many people do not realize this, but the federal government operates an Appeals Office that can overturn IRS decisions. Any citizen has the right to appeal IRS actions to this office, but such appeals can difficult.

The tax attorneys at Enterprise specialize in these appeals and have participated in tax-appeal conferences. Enterprise can help you determine if an appeal would help, and then prepare and file the appeal and represent you at the conference.

Offers Registered Agent Services

Enterprise is a registered agent for service of process which means it can file the articles of formation for corporations and LLCs. In some states every business including sole proprietorships must have a registered agent.

Enterprise has a legitimate working office in Los Angeles that can serve as the registered agent for any company. Its registered agent service includes unlimited forwarding of government mail.

S Corporation Filing Services

S corporations offer important tax benefits for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but the laws governing them can be tricky.

Enterprise’s attorneys have experience in the election (formation) of an S corporation and the filing of the corporation. Enterprise can help business owners determine what corporation they need and file the required paperwork for it.

Can Resolve Offshore Bank Account Problems

All money in offshore bank or investment accounts must be reported to the IRS. Enterprise’s attorneys can help individuals report such income and deal with issues arising from unreported income.

They can also answer questions about taxes and offshore bank accounts.

Handles Tax Litigation in Bankruptcy Court

A U.S. Bankruptcy Court has the power to resolve disputes between a taxpayer who has filed bankruptcy and the IRS. A bankruptcy judge can overrule IRS actions including liens and discharge tax liabilities.

The bankruptcy court can also reduce or eliminate back taxes. Enterprises’ attorneys had years of experience representing clients before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and the California State Board of Bankruptcy Court.

Helps Businesses Obtain Certificate of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing can make it easier for businesses to get investments, financing credit, bonding and loans.

Unfortunately, these certificates can be hard to get.

Enterprise can handle all of the paper work needed for a business to obtain a certificate of good standing in California.



The Bottom Line
Enterprise Consultants Group is a full service tax consulting firm that employs both tax attorneys and enrolled agents. It specializes in business tax issues and offers a wide variety of services for business.

Since Enterprise is based in Los Angeles it has a special focus on California tax law and related issues. Enterprise Consultants would be best for persons forming a business and persons or organizations with business tax problems.


  • Riley K. | 02/11/2021

    This was a life changer for me. Now that I have their help, my tax debt is under control. I’m never getting behind again. I feel a like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Thanks ECG!

  • Shanon D. | 02/16/2021

    My husband and I had been dealing with an IRS income tax issue for serval years steaming all the way back to ,it was just a huge boulder on our backs for year’s and we just couldn’t shake it. So, we did it we picked up the phone and called ECG finally reached out for help. Jim Anderson and his team of tax Attorney’s and Enrolled agents helped us finally fix the issue. We owed a little under 37,000.00 to the IRS and after several weeks of hard work by Jim and his team we’re happy to say we owe nothing to the IRS all our tax liens were removed and me and my husband bought our first home together a dream come true. Thank you to Jim and his team of tax professionals they are true advocates and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again. ******** Jim Anderson

  • Abe C. | 02/16/2021

    ECG saved me a considerable amount of money on my tax issues. I knew I had neglected my tax problems. Long story….short my problems became completely overwhelming, until I reached out for assistance. Mathew was my first point of contact. After speaking with him, I felt such relief. Matthew is so knowledgeable. I knew immediately that i was in good hands. They absolutely did a get job for me and I am so thankful to have this nightmare behind me!

  • Hendrix J. | 02/17/2021

    I strongly recommend Enterprise Consultants Group for all your tax problems. I was a bit nervous at first to trust someone to do what they said they could do after a bad experience in the past, but the team at ECG negotiated an offer with the IRS that I previously tried to do myself but got rejected. They truly are the best of the best!

  • Anthony | 02/17/2021

    They were very knowledgeable about the current guidelines which was comforting with the IRS ever changing policies.

  • Patty J. | 02/18/2021

    Thank you Enterprise Consultants Group! As far back in years as my debt with the IRS was, I thought I was safe, until my company was issued a levy on my paycheck. You helped me by lifting the garnishment and settled my debt to an amount that was finally affordable. Now I can continue filing my taxes every year and know what I need to do so I don’t ever have to have to go through that problem again. Thank you Ben and the entire staff at Enterprise Consultants Group for being so helpful during my ordeal.

  • Max H. | 06/05/2020

    HORIBLE! Took my money ,took their time,done nothing. I got a better deal at the IRS than they got me. They didn’t even try! Charged me thousands! Then threatened me with leagal action! They are worse than the IRS!!!!

  • Shunda T. | 05/09/2019

    ECG was amazing. We owed almost $100,000 when we requested their help. They allowed us to make a payments to pay their fee, and by the time we were done paying our case was complete and ready for our signatures. By the time they were done with our case, we were receiving a refund. ECG was friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. We received instructions on exactly what was needed. ECG even filed an extension request before we really began the process

  • Javier G. | 04/25/2019

    They were on top of everything and responded quickly whenever I had questions.

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