• Exceptional Value And Affordable Services
  • All Back Tax Debt Amounts, Including under $5,000 are Eligible for Assistance
  • Helps Businesses with Payroll, HR, and Insurance Services
  • Emphasis on Client Service and Customer Satisfaction
  • Accredited with an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Simple, Three-Step Process
  • Reduce Fees and Penalties
  • Offers Assistance with Tax Consultation and Tax Prep

Free Consultation and Fast Service

Alliance Tax Advocate promises to help you qualify for an IRS tax assistance program in just 15 minutes with their free consultation. In that time, their CPAs and IRS enrolled agents can determine if you are a good fit for back tax resolution through Alliance Tax Advocate.

The company prides itself on fast action, even if your case requires immediate attention. The company promises actionable, efficient, and results-oriented solutions for businesses and individuals facing local, state, or federal back taxes.

Simple, Three-Step Process

Alliance Tax Advocate uses a simple, three-step process, first providing a free tax consultation to determine if they can find a solution to your back tax problems through the many IRS programs available. Alliance Tax Advocate’s experts will then enter the investigation phase of your case, where they pull your IRS transcripts for the past several years and discover the extent of the back taxes, penalties and fees you owe.

Finally, they enter the negotiation phase where they file the proper IRS forms to help you secure an IRS installment plan, partial pay agreement, offer-in-compromise, or even file for currently-not-collectible status if you have no money available to pay any of your back taxes. Once the IRS has accepted an agreement, you will be on your way to being back tax- free.

Reduce Fees and Penalties

Alliance Tax Advocate will work to have your fees and penalties reduced or, in some cases, even waived, regardless of the amount of back taxes you owe. This, alone, can shave substantial dollars off your outstanding tax bill and help you get back on your feet and on the way to debt resolution.

Helps Stop Collections Actions and Wage Garnishment

If you have unpaid back taxes, you could be subject to IRS liens, levies, and even wage garnishment. Alliance Tax Advocate’s experts can help stop wage garnishment and also remove liens or levies on your property.

Offers Assistance with Tax Consultation and Tax Prep

There’s more to getting – and staying – out of back tax obligations than just reaching an agreement with the IRS to settle your unpaid tax bill. You also want to make sure you are caught up on all your tax filings from previous years. And you want to submit your tax returns on time in the future to avoid penalties and fees. Most of all, you want to work with an expert who knows the legal ways to help reduce your tax liability so you will owe less in the future, reducing the odds that you’ll get in trouble with back tax again.

Alliance Tax Advocate provides tax preparation services for individual taxpayers and businesses and can help with filing both state and federal taxes. Their IRS enrolled agents are available and ready to help.

Helps Businesses with Payroll, HR, and Insurance Services

Through renowned payroll and human resource service provider ADP, Alliance Tax Advocate provides payroll, HR, and insurance services to its business clients. ADP is recognized by the IRS, which gives businesses who use their services more leverage in negotiating with the IRS in matters related to payroll taxes and business tax filings. ADP provides a record of on-time payroll tax payments, which makes bookkeeping, accounting and tax filing easier. Being able to show you made payroll tax payments on time may also reduce or eliminate penalties. Automated systems through ADP are just another way that you can reduce the stress related to business taxes and back taxes.

Emphasis on Client Service and Customer Satisfaction

By assigning each client an exclusive case manager, Alliance Tax Advocate is able to deliver exemplary, personalized service. The company promises a response via email to any customer inquiries with five hours. You can also call the Client Services Department between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific for immediate help.

Positive Consumer Reviews Show Excellent Results

Alliance Tax Advocate has a track record of positive consumer reviews across multiple websites, including Yelp, Trustpilot, and Google. The company earned a 4.3-star average rating on Google reviews, a 3.8-star rating on Trustpilot, and 5 stars from 4 reviewers on Yelp.

The most recent 5-star review on the Better Business Bureau website states, “They are great and helped me pay 8 years of taxes.”

Trustpilot reviewer James Zoe commented on the company’s fast action, writing, “Nicole was able to perform miracle tax lien resolutions at record speed.”

Accredited with an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau

Founded in 2015, Alliance Tax Advocate has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2018 with an A rating.

With two offices in Santa Ana, California, Alliance Tax Advocate is available to provide in-person service to local residents, and also serves taxpayers across the United States via phone and email.

The company works with businesses and individuals to provide a full array of tax preparation and back tax resolution services. Through a partnership with ADP, it can provide bookkeeping, payroll, HR, time & attendance, and insurance services to sole proprietors, small businesses, and large corporations.

Led by Mohamed Osman, President, and Chief Marketing Officer Adam Osman, Alliance Tax Advocate employs CPAs, IRS enrolled agents, and other licensed tax professionals to assist clients with current taxes, back taxes, tax planning, and business services.

The Bottom Line
With a staunch devotion to stellar customer service and speedy results, Alliance Tax Advocate can be a good choice if you are facing back taxes and need help immediately. The company can help stop collections, levies, liens, and wage garnishments quickly to give you peace-of-mind. Alliance Tax Advocate will work with the IRS to negotiate a resolution you can live with.
Alliance Tax Advocate makes it easy to get in touch with their expert team. You can even request a virtual consultation through Yelp or schedule an appointment for an in-person or phone consultation.
Companies may also consider Alliance Tax Advocate as a full-service tax accounting, bookkeeping, payroll service, HR, and insurance company. Businesses can save time and money outsourcing these crucial services to a firm they can trust.


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