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  • I was really satisfied with the service. I would recommend them to a friend.

    Phillip B. |
  • Very good, communicative, friendly and nice. I would recommend them.

    Kimberly B. |
  • They helped me alleviate my tax problem! I would definitely recommend them to somebody who I know is in trouble with the IRS.

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  • Free Consultation
  • Flat Rate Pricing, Not Hourly
  • Can Achieve Back Tax Resolution in Under 10 Months
  • Prioritizes Transparency & Customer Service
  • Focuses Exclusively on Resolving Back Taxes
  • Experienced in Delinquent Tax Filings

Focuses on Customer Care and the Best Service

Alleviate Tax was built on three core values: Service, transparency, and caring. From your first consultative phone call to tax resolution, Alleviate Tax experts are there with you every step of the way. IRS tax code is complicated but dealing with Alleviate Tax is simple. With straightforward pricing and a process that keeps you in the loop on the status of your case, Alleviate Tax provides transparency that is virtually unmatched in the industry. Finally, the Alleviate website states, “Caring is in our DNA.”

The company was founded on the premise of holding their customers’ hands through the entire tax resolution process, being available to lend an understanding ear, and alleviating their clients’ stress by dealing with the IRS to find a solution to the clients’ tax problems.

Sets Up Realistic, Honest Expectations About Your Back Tax Resolution

Alleviate Tax is not like many other back tax assistance companies that make insincere promises. The “small print” on the Alleviate website is not so small. It is easy to understand what you can expect. If you qualify for any number of IRS programs, Alleviate Tax representatives will stand by your side to help you reduce, or even eliminate, your back taxes. This can occur in as little as two to 10 months, depending on the amount of tax you owe and what programs you qualify for. Simply put, Alleviate doesn’t make empty promises it can’t keep, but has provided solid results and substantially reduced – or eliminated – back taxes for many customers.

Free Consultation

Every client begins the process with a free phone consultation. Designed to set the client’s mind at ease, as the call progresses a tax professional will guide you through the confusing and frustrating world of IRS expectations and options for back tax resolution.

Flat Rates for Each Step of the Two-Phase Process

After your free consultation, there is no mystery to how much you’ll spend with Alleviate Tax. Rather than hourly pricing, Alleviate charges a flat rate for each phase of its two-phase process. Upon your go-ahead, Alleviate Tax begins the Investigation phase. A tax professional investigates your current status with the IRS and discovers which tax programs you may qualify for. There is a flat fee associated with this process.

Only if you choose to proceed with Phase 2, Active Resolution, will you have to pay the second fee, which is, again, a flat rate. The caveat? These rates aren’t published on the website, and, presumably, vary based on your individual tax situation.

Since you are billed a flat rate in two phases, you can decide to opt out after the free consultation or before Phase 2 begins, cutting your losses if you would prefer to seek other avenues to resolve your back taxes.

May Achieve Tax Resolution in as Little as Two Months

While results vary, clients can have their back taxes resolved in as little as two months, and usually in fewer than 10 months.

Get Help with Delinquent Tax Filings

If you fail to file your taxes in a timely manner, the IRS may file a “substitute return,” which doesn’t factor in any deductions or exemptions, resulting in a higher than necessary tax bill. Alleviate Tax professionals will review your adjusted gross income, taxable income, total tax, number of exemptions, and filing status and file an amended return that could reduce your tax bill or even result in a tax refund.

Tax Professionals Can Help You Find the Best Solution to Your Tax Situation

Individuals facing federal back tax may benefit from a number of programs designed to reduce the amount they owe. The professionals at Alleviate Tax understand the programs and tactics to help you reduce your back taxes. Alleviate Tax experts can help you establish a partial pay or regular installment agreement, present an offer-in-compromise to the IRS, help change your status to “currently not collectible,” assist in filing for innocent spouse, stop wage garnishment, or get bank levies released. These proven strategies for working with the IRS often require professional knowledge, expertise, and tenacity to ensure paperwork is filed correctly, deadlines are met, and an equitable agreement is reached. Alleviate Tax experts will guide you through every step of these processes toward a satisfactory resolution.

About Alleviate Tax

Founded in February 2018 by CEO George Samuel Baseluos, an adjunct law professor and managing partner of Paraclete Law, Alleviate strives to be different than many other tax resolution firms. Baseluous left his former Wall Street career to pursue a vocation what would permit him to focus on helping people. He founded Paraclete Law to provide “affordable, aggressive, and effective legal representation,” according to his LinkedIn profile.

Launching Alleviate Tax seemed a logical progression, because of the number of people in need of fair and honest tax assistance. Baseluos strives to be an advocate, helper, and counselor, offering uncompromising customer service for those with back tax.

The company uses proven tactics and tax strategies to help individuals reduce their back taxes and find their way to financial freedom.

The Bottom Line
With an emphasis on transparency and attentive customer service through every step of the process, Alleviate Tax stands out in the field of back tax resolution firms. If you live in a state where Alleviate Tax is authorized to operate, they may be able to solve your tax problems for a flat fee, in less time than you imagined possible


  • John G. | 10/15/2019

    Everything was amazing. I owed a lot in back taxes. They got me compliant and all filed. The customer service was always there to answer my calls. This was the most stressful ordeal of my life and they made it easier.

  • Steven O. | 08/02/2019

    They helped me alleviate my tax problem! I would definitely recommend them to somebody who I know is in trouble with the IRS.

  • Anonymous | 08/05/2019

    It seems like they were working. They got the ball rolling. I would recommend them.

  • Robert S. | 08/06/2019

    Their fees are too nigh. I would probably not recommend them to a friend.

  • Phillip B. | 08/08/2019

    I was really satisfied with the service. I would recommend them to a friend.

  • Kimberly B. | 08/05/2019

    Very good, communicative, friendly and nice. I would recommend them.

  • Nancy M G | 01/29/2021

    I’m just beginning the process so I don’t know the outcome yet but so far they have been great to work with and very gracious on the phone, making it less stressful and at this point that’s a ig plus.

  • Raymond C. | 01/31/2021

    I started owing 34,000 ended up 38,000 and I’m still paying penalties and interest with my payments. I could set the payments myself so basically I got pretty much nothing for my money

  • Al | 12/10/2020

    I just started using their service and so far they’ve been great. After their investigation I was given 2 options that would work for my situation. 1 would eliminate the penalties that have accrued over the years and the other 1 buys me time to get my finances in order and after 3 years of no payments for prior taxes they would negotiate a payment plan. I arranged a payment plan on my own but the 500 a month was getting eaten up by penalties and interest. Their price for negotiating with the irs was below what I was expecting. I’ll give them 5 stars if their proposals work. I am confident that they will.

  • Isaac C. | 10/19/2019


  • LAURA F. | 05/02/2020

    We have just started with them but wow do they work fast. You call with a question they get back to you in 15 minutes. They do their homework and the fee was reasonable. I would recommend them to everyone

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  • Karen G. | 02/12/2020

    Great Service, Everyone I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable and seemed to be enthusiastic to help me thanks Alleviate Tax

  • Georgia G. | 09/27/2019

    I contacted Alleviate Tax in March of 2019, I told them my situation that I am living on a modest retirement income that it is a struggle for me to make ends meet. Alleviate assured me that they could settle my $20,000 IRS debt for pennies on the dollar that Corporations owing $200,000 settled for $500. I paid Alleviate $500 up front for an assessment of my situation plus another $1.200 (in payments). Six months later, I am seriously behind on my bills from paying Alleviate money I did not have. Two days ago Alleviate presented me a solution that requires me to pay another $1,200 to Alleviate Tax and $4,000 to the IRS. $784 of the $4,000 is due immediately( without warning) and the remaining $3,216 is to be paid in 5 months ( equating to monthly payments of $643) plus 4 payments of $300 a month to Alleviate. A total output of $943.00 a month. If I had this kind of money, this might be a fair deal. Plus prior to this tax deal, Felix, the Alleviate agent advised that I quit my minimum pay part time job because it was costing me money. How is that good advise when I cannot even make ends meet.

  • Bill B | 09/30/2019

    Was told 3 months ago that my account was on Non Collectible Status and I no longer owe the IRS. 3 straight months the IRS has continued to take money out of my bank account and Alleviate has no answer to prove they did ANYTHING.

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