IRS Tax Relief Scam Report

Facing tax debt is a scary situation. You may not know where to turn to find a reputable, trustworthy tax attorney or tax debt relief firm to help you.

Solvable has created a scam report to provide businesses and consumers with an up-to-date list of tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax accountants suspended by the IRS. This report goes as far back as 2009 and contains a list of those suspended over the last 10 years.

Published by The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and curated by Solvable's experts, this list was designed to help you steer clear of so-called tax experts who will not help your financial situation and could actually hurt you by taking your money and not delivering results.

From fraudsters pretending to be the IRS and telling taxpayers they have unpaid tax debt, to tax debt relief firms who take your money and never help you, there's no shortage of criminals trying to separate honest Americans from their hard-earned money.

Enrolled agents, tax accountants, CPAs, and tax attorneys on our scam report may not have been charged with crimes, but they have had their license revoked or suspended for varying amounts of time. It's wise to steer clear of these businesses and individual tax practitioners. In some cases, tax practitioners may be reinstated to practice by the IRS. You can find the list of reinstated IRS practitioners here

Solvable's goal is to provide consumers with the knowledge they need to face all kinds of debt - including tax debt. We aim to give you the confidence to choose the right companies and organizations to help you resolve your debt - fully and legally.

The results of this report will help you remain scam-free. You can face your tax troubles head-on, with the help and guidance of qualified, vetted tax professionals you can trust.

Facing tax debt is a scary situation. You may not know where to turn to find a reputable, trustworthy tax attorney or tax debt relief firm to help you.

Solvable created a scam report to provide businesses & consumers with an up-to-date list of tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax accountants suspended by the IRS from 2009 to now.

Published by The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and curated by Solvable's experts, this list was designed to help you steer clear of so-called tax experts who will not help your financial situation and could actually hurt you by taking your money and not delivering results.

List of Suspended Tax Practitioners by the IRS

StateDesignationName ProfessionalEffective Date(s)Bulletin No.
FloridaCPAKoplas, Michael R.Indefinite from April 20, 20202020-32
New JerseyCPAFraser, CarlyleReinstated to practice before the IRS, effective March 23, 20202020-32
New MexicoCPAVaughn,James A.Reinstated to practice before the IRS, effective April 15, 20202020-32
PennsylvaniaCPAVance, DeanIndefinite from August 27, 20182020-32
South CarolinaCPAMolony, John W.Indefinite from May 24, 20202020-32
WisconsinCPANeal, Jon C.Reinstated to practice before the IRS, effective April 27, 20202020-32
CaliforniaCPA/ Enrolled AgentCampbell, MarshallIndefinite from July 16, 20182020-15
CPAChotani, Masood A.Reinstated to practice before the IRS, effective November 05, 20192020-15
CPAKauffman, Darryl LynnIndefinite from October 30, 20192020-15
CPAKeyser, Joel D.Indefinite from December 13, 20192020-15
FloridaEnrolled AgentAvalle, Dawn MIndefinite from November 26, 20192020-15
AttorneyMorse, Daniel WIndefinite from October 09, 20192020-15
Enrolled AgentSierra, JimmyIndefinite from November 20, 20192020-15
CPASmith, John M.Indefinite from September 09, 20192020-15
MaineAttorneyWhite, Jeffrey PIndefinite from September 18, 20192020-15
MassachusettsCPAFraser, Karen J.Indefinite from December 13, 20192020-15
AttorneyMauser, Timothy M.Indefinite from December 13, 20192020-15
MichiganAttorneyPalmer, Jeffrey J.Indefinite from November 22, 20192020-15
MinnesotaAttorneyNora, Wendy A.Indefinite from November 19, 20192020-15
MississippiCPANicholson, Jr., Carl L.Indefinite from November 26, 20192020-15
New JerseyCPAFoust, Chris A.Indefinite from November 26, 20192020-15
New YorkCPAShin, Tom H.Indefinite from September 09, 20192020-15
Enrolled AgentBronner, Ira H.Indefinite from October 30, 20192020-15
Enrolled AgentMcCoy, William L.Indefinite from September 7, 20172020-15
North CarolinaAttorneyAnthony, Jr., Warner H.Indefinite from October 16, 20192020-15
CPAJames, Perry A.Indefinite from September 24, 20192020-15
OklahomaAttorneySanger, Brett D.Reinstated to practice before the IRS, effective May 16, 20192020-15
CaliforniaCPAFairfield, LukeIndefinite from July 2, 20192019-46
CPAMalana, Pablo TIndefinite from July 31, 20192019-46
CPALippman, Wayne B.Indefinite from February 25, 20192019-46
CPALippman, Wayne B.Reinstated to practice before the IRS, effective August 25, 20192019-46
KentuckyCPAJones, Stephen C.Indefinite from August 27, 20192019-46
New YorkAttorneyHessberg, III, AlbertIndefinite from July 16, 20192019-46
North CarolinaAttorneyElkins, Howard T.Indefinite from July 31, 20192019-46
TennesseeEnrolled AgentWallick, Stephen C.Indefinite from July 24, 20192019-46
TexasAttorneyCanales, Olivero E.Indefinite from August 27, 20192019-46
AttorneyFinley, Walter T.Indefinite from July 2, 20192019-46
DelawareCPARice, Donald R.Indefinite from April 18, 20192019-32
FloridaCPAWebber, Zane P.Indefinite from June 11, 20192019-32
IllinoisCPALamping, Anthony A.Indefinite from April 11, 20192019-32
AttorneyJung, Soo-HyunIndefinite from June 11, 20192019-32
IowaAttorneyKowalke, Todd W.Indefinite from April 11, 20192019-32
MichiganAttorneyBowser, James C.Indefinite from April 30, 20192019-32
New JerseyAttorneyFriedman, Barry D.Indefinite from May 8, 20192019-32
New MexicoEnrolled AgentBecerra, StevenIndefinite from April 30, 20192019-32
New YorkAttorneyEtkind, Steven M.Indefinite from May 21, 20192019-32
OhioCPA/AttorneyMarshall, Michael J.Indefinite from June 18, 20192019-32
North CarolinaAttorneyPatterson, Shannon D.Indefinite from May 08, 20192019-32
AlabamaAttorneyDionne, Donald L.Indefinite from 8/25/20112011-47
Douglas Jr., James B.Indefinite from 2/2/20122012-27
Hall, III, Garland C.Indefinite from 6/18/20102010-33
McLain V, John H.Indefinite from 10/14/20102011-04
Moseley, Christopher P.Indefinite from 4/15/20102010-27
Poff Jr., Richard G.Indefinite from 3/22/20112011-28
CPAAiken, Karen H.Indefinite from 3/30/20092009-17
Black, Jr., John W.Indefinite from 11/21/20172018-10
Bowers, David A.Indefinite from 4/26/20112011-33
Bowlin, Donald W.Indefinite from 12/1/20082009-05
Ellis, Jesse S.Indefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
Lawrence, Tracie P.Indefinite from 6/24/20132013-33
Mollica, Terri M.Indefinite from 10/24/20172018-10
White, Gregory B.Indefinite from 4/20/20092009-21
ArizonaAttorneyAlavez, Erin M.Indefinite from 8/5/20092009-36
Allen, Steven W.Indefinite from 2/7/20112011-28
Casper, Eric M.Indefinite from 1/8/20092009-08
Cifelli, Thomas A.Indefinite from 12/3/20082009-05
Curtis Jr., David W.Indefinite from 5/27/20112011-33
Doherty, Brian G.Indefinite from 2/11/20152015-22
Everett, James J.Indefinite from 5/7/20092009-21
Groh, Gregory G.Indefinite from 12/1/20082009-05
Guerin, Donna M.Indefinite from 6/24/20132013-33
Heck, Donald O.Indefinite from 11/8/20112012-07
Huynh, Hoang V.Indefinite from 11/5/20082009-05
Jackson, Jeff C.Indefinite from November 24, 20092009-51
Johnson, Richard B.Indefinite from 12/5/20082009-05
Kazragis, Gary W.Indefinite from 8/25/20112011-47
Lacsamana, VincentIndefinite from 3/26/20092009-21
Matheny, Ronald S.Indefinite from 12/1/20082009-05
Moffatt, Jeffrey See CaliforniaIndefinite from 8/2/20182018-50
Morrison, John G.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-08
Moser, Bobby K.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Parra, Oscar C.Indefinite from 7/14/20112011-39
Platt, Donna J.Indefinite from 5/11/20112011-33
Wirth, Andrew T.Indefinite from 12/3/20082009-05
CPACarlson, Steven M.Indefinite from 11/13/20122013-16
Cota, Jesse A.Indefinite from 10/23/20082009-46
Goodmansen, Allen P.Indefinite from 6/18/20102010-33
Hamilton, Douglas A.Indefinite from 11/23/20072009-33
Heath, Nannette L.Indefinite from 2/6/20192019-22
Klein, Eric M.Indefinite from 1/25/20172017-27
Olson, Carl R.Indefinite from 12/15/20082009-05
Roque, Phillip G., See CaliforniaIndefinite from 6/10/20132013-33
Williams, Kevin C.Indefinite from 12/10/20142015-13
Wise, DannyIndefinite from 12/14/20092010-07
Enrolled AgentAinsworth, Brent L.Indefinite from June 8, 20092009-26
Andre, Damian C.Indefinite from 1/10/20132013-16
Heckinger, Robert F.Indefinite from 6/24/20132014-10
Hillerman, Marjorie J.Indefinite from 1/26/20102010-20
Tax Return PreparerLimb, Joseph S.Indefinite from 3/31/20142014-26
ArkansasAttorneyJenkins, Jr., Newton D.Indefinite from 1/7/20132013-16
Jewell, Barry J.Indefinite from 6/12/20092009-29
Stilley, Oscar A.Indefinite from 9/10/20102011-04
Straub, F. S.Indefinite from 5/12/20092009-25
CPADriskell, GiniIndefinite from 11/1/20182019-12
Lindsey, Jr., Lloyd E.Indefinite from 4/16/20092009-21
Morris, James B.Indefinite from 11/13/20122013-16
O?Dell, KimberlyIndefinite from 1/9/20132013-23
CaliforniaAttorneyAbrams, Gary R.Indefinite from 4/14/20102010-20
Agajanian, Roger J.Indefinite from 3/8/20112011-28
Aka, Wilfred I.Indefinite from 11/15/2017 (and may petition for reinstatement after at least 36 months)2019-22
Appelblatt, Gary M.Indefinite from 3/15/20102010-20
Ardalan, KavehIndefinite from 2/2/20092009-10
Bonnheim, William S.Indefinite from 8/28/20122012-47
Bryson, Timothy C.Indefinite from 5/3/20132013-33
Bujkovsky, Gustav G.Indefinite from 6/21/20112011-33
Burkenroad, DavidIndefinite from 2/17/20112011-28
Burton, Thomas W.Indefinite from 7/5/20112011-39
Collins, Richard S.Indefinite from 6/7/20102010-33
Cox, Cynthia L.Indefinite from 10/14/20102011-04
Curcio, GregoryIndefinite from 8/30/2011 but not less than 48 months2012-07
Dakopolos, Helena M., See OregonIndefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Duban, Dennis L.Indefinite from 10/22/20142015-13
Fearnside, William L.Indefinite from 4/15/20102010-27
Ferris, Frank J.Indefinite from 8/31/20112011-47
Findley, John W.Indefinite from 7/22/20112011-47
George, Robert D.Indefinite from 11/8/20112012-07
Geyer, Mark M.Indefinite from 3/22/20112011-28
Gilpin, Scott E.Indefinite from 7/5/20112011-39
Glicker, Brian I.Indefinite from 11/8/20112012-07
Gong, Gloria M., See TexasIndefinite from 4/14/20102010-20
Grant, Gary D.Indefinite from 3/9/20102010-20
Hartnett, John G.Indefinite from 12/11/20082009-05
Hendren, Ed W.Indefinite from 2/2/20092009-10
Henschel, Bradford E.Indefinite from 5/ 4/20112011-33
Herring, Ann E.Indefinite from 6/7/20172017-35
Hoover, Steven G.Indefinite from 11/8/20112012-07
Hopkins, Maximilian J.B.Indefinite from 11/3/20102011-04
Jacquot, David L., see IdahoIndefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Jason, Robert M.Indefinite from 12/1/20092009-51
Jennings, Jr., John Douglass.Indefinite from 1/24/20182018-28
Johnson, Eric D.Indefinite from 4/26/20112011-33
Johnston, Dennis H.Indefinite from 4/14/20102010-20
Kamarian, GarabedIndefinite from 3/9/20102010-20
Kerekes, Michael S.Indefinite from 1/10/20132013-16
Kidwell, Thomas B.Indefinite from 7/5/20112011-39
Kitt, Eli A.Indefinite from 1/27/20102010-07
Kleier, James P.Indefinite from 9/10/20142014-46
Krane, Matthew G.Indefinite from 8/10/20102010-41
Krohn, Charles H.Indefinite from 5/27/ 20092009-25
Kwon, Steve S.Indefinite from 10/14/20102011-04
Lee, David S.Indefinite from 1/3/20182018-28
Lenz, Stewart W.Indefinite from August 31, 20112011-47
Levine, Marc R.Indefinite from 4/5/20152015-22
Lima, Richard A.Indefinite from 4/22/20112011-33
Llorente, Alex J.Indefinite from 4/10/20092009-21
Losey, F. RichardIndefinite from 10/14/20102011-04
Luebkeman, Theodore C.Indefinite from 7/5/20112011-39
Martin, Craig K.Indefinite from 3/4/20112011-28
Maya, WilliamIndefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Mendoza, Ricardo L.Indefinite from 8/31/20112011-47
Moffatt, JeffreyIndefinite from 8/2/20182018-50
Nesin, Robert B.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Nitschke, Peter D.Indefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
O?Neal, Michael E.Indefinite from 7/5/20112011-39
Ortega, ManuelIndefinite from 2/2/20122012-27
Pak, James J.Indefinite from 1/3/20182018-28
Parra, Oscar C., See ArizonaIndefinite from 7/14/20112011-39
Phillips, Richard A.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-08
Posin, Mitchell L., See NevadaIndefinite from 7/14/20112011-39
Prendiville, Andrew J.Indefinite from 1/7/20112011-12
Prospero, Raymond C.Indefinite from 3/5/20152015-22
Prozinski, Deidre J.Indefinite from 7/5/20112011-39
Replogle, David K.Indefinite from 11/8/20112012-07
Rezak, DonaldIndefinite from 1/8/20092009-08
Richards, James S.Indefinite from 6/15/20162016-38
Roberts IV, Walter J.Indefinite from 10/14/20102011-04
Rodriguez, Stephen A.Indefinite from 4/15/20102010-27
Rosenbaum, Keith A.Indefinite from 5/25/20162016-38
Rusch, Chris M.Indefinite from 10/22/20142015-13
Scott, Robert K.Indefinite from 2/17/20102010-15
Selzer, Paul T.Indefinite from 1/8/20092009-08
Shields, L. ScottIndefinite from 10/22/20142015-13
Siegel, Lawrence P., see NevadaIndefinite from 1/3/20182018-28
Smith, Todd C.Indefinite from 6/17/20112011-33
Staten, Jacqueline.Indefinite from 6/7/20102010-33
Sun, Alexander F.Indefinite from 3/9/20102010-20
Swartzlander, Jeffrey C.Indefinite from 5/27/ 20092009-25
Walker, Scott N.Indefinite from 8/25/20112011-47
Wattoff, Matthew P., see New YorkIndefinite from 8/14/20142014-46
Wiener, Lewis R.Indefinite from 1/8/20092009-08
Williams, Jr., Frank H.Indefinite from 9/22/20102011-04
Withers, Roy R.Indefinite from 1/7/20112011-12
Wolfe, Gerald L.Indefinite from 3/14/20122012-27
CPAAka, Wilfred I.Indefinite from 2/19/20162016-27
Andrade, Anthony LIndefinite from 11/21/20162017-08
Applewhite, Jeffery D.Indefinite from 11/5/20152016-10
Aylward, William K.Indefinite from 2/22/20192019-22
Birnbaum, Richard J.Indefinite from 11/18/20142015-13
Boitano, Steven F.Indefinite from 2/5/20152015-22
Cassidy, Carl R.Indefinite from 5/4/20112011-33
Cassidy, Carl R.4/20/20152016-49
Chotani, Masood A.Indefinite from 11/17/20142015-13
Comstock, James M.Indefinite from 5/3/20172017-35
Crawford, Scott M.Indefinite from 5/3/20162016-38
Dial, Thomas leeIndefinite from 2/6/20192019-22
Diver, Dennis D.Indefinite from 1/3/20182018-28
Dugan, Patrick D.Indefinite from 11/18/20142015-13
Ewing, Anton A.Indefinite from 5/5/20152015-38
Frantz, Mark A.Indefinite from 8/19/20132014-10
Gardner, Paul E., see LouisianaIndefinite from 4/15/20162016-38
Garrett, Jack E.Indefinite from 8/22/20112011-47
Gilliland, Nathan M.Indefinite from 8/14/20142014-46
Grodsky, Edward B., see New YorkIndefinite from 5/12/20162016-38
Hart, Thomas E.Indefinite from 10/12/20182019-12
Hasting, Carl D.Indefinite from 9/20/20112011-47
Hukriede, Jr., Leslie G.Indefinite from 10/23/20082009-46
Jonavic, Theodore P., see NevadaIndefinite from 3/7/20192019-22
Kim, Jae YoungIndefinite from 2/8/20192019-22
Klein, Eric M., see ArizonaIndefinite from 1/25/20172017-27
Krell, StevenIndefinite from 4/5/20102010-20
Lampson, Rodney D., See NevadaIndefinite from 7/9/20142014-35
Lavu, HermanIndefinite from 11/17/20142015-22
Libman, Arnold C.Indefinite from 1/12/20102010-15
Martinez, StevenIndefinite from 4/10/20152015-38
McKinney, Gordon A.Indefinite from 4/28/20162016-38
McPeak, Rick L.Indefinite from 5/3/20162016-38
Medlen, Jr., Daniel L.Indefinite from 10/12/20162017-08
Meyer, Christine N.Indefinite from 1/26/20172017-27
Miller, Daniel R., see OregonIndefinite from 3/16/20162016-27
Miller, Gregory R.Indefinite from 9/22/20082009-38
Miller, Laurence K.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Morinaka, GlenIndefinite from 4/26/20102010-27
Murray, William R.Indefinite from 8/10/20102010-41
Neal, Thomas R.Indefinite from 7/10/20092009-33
Norred, Michael W.Indefinite from 6/5/20142014-35
Nowack, JoshuaIndefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
O?Donnell, LawrenceIndefinite from 8/31/20112011-47
Park, Hee Y.Indefinite from 6/18/20142014-35
Pena Jr., HilarioIndefinite from 6/7/20112011-33
Pybrum, Steven M.Indefinite from 5/8/20132013-33
Rachele, SusanIndefinite from 5/6/20102010-27
Reed, Trudy N.Indefinite from 9/9/20142014-46
Reiser, Mary F.Indefinite from 12/10/20142015-13
Roque, PhillipIndefinite from 6/10/20132013-33
Rosenthal, MartinIndefinite from September 16, 20092009-40
Schnur, Steven W., see GeorgiaIndefinite from 10/6/20152016-10
Shahabdonbali, Reza (aka Shahab, Ray)Indefinite from 6/18/20142014-35
Shattuck, Alan D.Indefinite from 5/27/20112011-33
Shroff, Vispi B.Indefinite from 4/10/20152015-38
Smith, Jason M.Indefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
Sokol, William H.Indefinite from 3/6/20182018-28
Stadtmueller, Roger A., see OregonIndefinite from 4/28/20172017-35
Steiner, Robert A.Indefinite from 10/23/20082009-46
Stockton, Rick A.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-08
Tedder, Garold J.Indefinite from 10/25/20122013-23
Tiongson, Anthony A.Indefinite from 8/9/20102010-41
Tiongson, Anthony A.Indefinite from 3/31/20132013-23
Veen, Steven C.Indefinite from 3/9/20092009-17
Washington, ShawnIndefinite from 12/4/2009, but at least 24 months2010-15
Watson, Robert J.Indefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
Winings, David M.Indefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
Wise, Danny, See ArizonaIndefinite from 12/14/20092010-07
Wong, Richard Po-ChungIndefinite from 12/13/20102011-12
Zhong, John Z.1/27/20172019-22
Zhong, John Z.Indefinite from 1/10/20172017-51
Enrolled Agent Jenks, Kenneth E.Indefinite from 5/13/20092009-25
Aguilera, Roberto R.Indefinite from 4/24/20132013-23
Benoit, George L.Indefinite from 12/7/20102011-12
Biggins, Jr., James A.Indefinite from 10/22/20142015-13
Charvez, VictoriaIndefinite from 7/3/20182018-50
Crandall, Jeffrey D.Indefinite from 2/24/20102010-15
Frausto, Marco4/8/20112011-33
Gonzales, JuanitaIndefinite from 11/10/2008, but at least 36 months2010-15
Huberman, Murray J.Effective 11/21/20142015-38
Jovel, EfrainIndefinite from 7/30/20152015-47
Kassel, Steven H.Indefinite from 4/1/2009, but at least 48 months2010-27
Kenney, Elizabeth K.Indefinite from 7/30/20092009-33
Lewis, Charles D.Indefinite from 5/15/20122012-35
Marty, Teresa M.Indefinite from 5/6/20102010-27
McEwan, John G.Indefinite from 2/8/20192019-22
Miyabara, Morris7/8/20162016-49
Padilla, Dwight A.Indefinite from 4/28/20152015-38
Schultz, Richard E.Indefinite from 10/21/20152016-10
Sherman, BrentIndefinite from 4/10/20182018-43
Simon, Agustin D.Indefinite from 10/24/20172018-10
Tannous, GeorgeIndefinite from 1113/20122013-16
Thomsen, Neil A.Indefinite from 5/8/20142014-26
Tomsha-Miguel, Susan R.Indefinite from 3/10/2011, but at least 5 years2011-33
Ung, RathanaIndefinite from 8/22/20142014-46
Yee, Elbert D.Disbarment for a minimum of 5 years from 3/30/20142014-26
Tax Return PreparerTurner, Michael I.Disbarment for a minimum of 5 years from 4/29/20142014-26
ColoradoAttorney Zodrow, John J.Indefinite from 8/4/20112011-47
Baca, Cesar A.Indefinite from 12/6/20112012-23
Cabral, Alfonso S.Indefinite from 7/22/20112011-39
Calvert, David R.Indefinite from 6/18/20142014-35
Conradt, Thomas C.Correction retroactive to 10/27/20142017-27
Indefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Duggan, Daniel S.Indefinite from 7/22/20112011-39
Essling, Timothy J.Indefinite from 2/10/2009 2009?11
Fried, David M.Indefinite from 11/3/20102011-04
Nitschke, Peter D., see CaliforniaIndefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
Pavek, David D.Indefinite from 8/4/20112011-47
Riebesell, Harold F., See NevadaIndefinite from 3/4/20112011-28
Scott, William S.Indefinite from 5/21/20092009-25
Simon, Harry L.Indefinite from 11/5/20082009-05
Sletten, Douglas D.Indefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
Sweetman, Debra A.Indefinite from 4/17/20092009-21
Walker, Scott N., See CaliforniaIndefinite from 8/25/20112011-47
CPABarker, Reed H.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
DeHaven, Steven D.Indefinite from 11/3/20102011-04
Iley, Don R.Indefinite from 5/10/20162016-38
Krech, Robert G.Indefinite from 12/31/20102011-12
Marple, Jon R.Indefinite from 1/26/20102010-07
O?Donnell, Lawrence, See CaliforniaIndefinite from 8/31/20112011-47
Stadtmueller, Roger A., see OregonIndefinite from 4/28/20172017-35
Enrolled AgentAnderson, Edwin G.Indefinite from 5/10/2011, but at least 6 months2011-33
Bidwell, Larry C.Indefinite from 8/17/ 20092009-51
ConnecticutAttorneyCarpenter, Daniel E.Indefinite from 1/5/20102010-07
Gruenbaum, JerryIndefinite from 5/26/20152015-38
Ruchandani, NanditaIndefinite from 3/13/20172017-27
CPAAriola, Thomas M.Indefinite from 2/24.20102010-15
Castellano, Joseph A.Indefinite from 1/24/20182018-28
Corso, Stephen P., See NevadaIndefinite from 7/21/20092009-33
Enrolled AgentGanias, Stavros M.Indefinite from 6/1/20122012-35
Ziro, Kenneth A.Indefinite from 6/30/20152015-38
Tax Return PreparerBrady, Michael A.Indefinite from 6/24/20132013-33
Thorndike, ThomasIndefinite from 8/23/20132014-10
FloridaAttorney Johanson, Kent A.Indefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
Andresen, Kenneth P.Indefinite from 6/25/20142014-35
Aronsky, Richard A.Indefinite from 8/24/20092009-38
Benito, Daniel A.Indefinite from 9/21/20092009-42
Crase, Katherine D.Indefinite from 8/24/20092009-38
Cullen, John F.Indefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Cunningham, Jr., Shirley A.Indefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
DeMarco, II, Leo P.Indefinite from 10/13/20082009-46
Estefano, Delaila J.Indefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
Forman, Terry J.Indefinite from 7/9/20152015-47
Gass, Daniel G.Indefinite from 9/29/20132014-10
Goldstein, Stephen J.Indefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Gramer, Gary W.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Haire, Benjamin H., See South CarolinaIndefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Hausler, Gary J.Indefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Ivsan, JohnIndefinite from 10/5/20172018-10
Keasler, Jr., Frank R.Indefinite from 4/21/20162016-38
Kennedy, Paul R.Indefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Lawrence, Mark, See MarylandIndefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
Merl, Eric L.Indefinite from 8/4/20162016-49
Miller, Raymond E.Indefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Montello, Louis R.Indefinite from 2/6/2009 2009?11
Murphree, Gary M.Indefinite from 7/23/20092009-33
Odunna, Okechukwu J.Indefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Pereira, Lizabeth L., See MichiganIndefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Quagliata, SalvatoreIndefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Roach, Jr., WilliamIndefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
Roy, William G. IIIIndefinite from 7/25/20182018-50
Ryan, III, David P.Indefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
Salomon, Scott A.Indefinite from 8/11/20092009-36
Scheltema, James R.J.Indefinite from 1/10/20182018-28
Schmidt, Peter H.Indefinite from 7/23/20092009-33
Shepherd, Robert L.Indefinite from 8/10/20102010-41
Stolar, Leonard U.Indefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
Tipler, James H.Indefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Waage, Scott A.Indefinite from 4/16/20132013-23
Warrington, Tara M.Indefinite from 2/5/20192019?22
Weisenfeld, Joseph J.Indefinite from 8/24/20092009-38
Whitney, Wilfrid M.Indefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
CPACoombs, Barrington G.Indefinite from 5/2/20132013-33
Cottone, Robert C.Indefinite from 3/23/20162016-27
Davis, James E.Indefinite from 6/1/2011, but not less than 12 months2011-33
Freeman, Lewis B.Indefinite from 1/29/20122012-23
Kaskey, Tim W.Indefinite from 5/28/20102010-36
Konigsberg, Paul J.Indefinite from 5/25/20162016-38
Legel, LawrenceIndefinite from 1/13/20092009-08
Legel, Lawrence1/13/2009 ? 1/13/20122011-28
Osimen, Christopher E.Indefinite from 5/29/20122012-35
Penn, JoelIndefinite from 11/3/20152016-10
Roche, Ernest L.Indefinite from 12/18/20082009-08
Rodriguez, Juan C.Indefinite from 1/15/20132013-23
Sanders, BertaIndefinite from 11/13/20122013-16
Schmautz, Emil N.Indefinite from 3/6/20122012-27
Swaney, Natalie M.Indefinite from July 27, 20102010-36
Takesian, Greg CIndefinite from 2/8/20192019?22
Todd, Mayumi O.Indefinite from 7/17/20092009-33
Van De Warker, John N.Indefinite from 5/12/20162016-38
Enrolled AgentBryan, Clyde C.Indefinite from 3/3/20102010-20
Collazo, Humberto N.Indefinite from 2/24/20102010-15
Hanley, Jane B.Indefinite from 7/25/20122012-47
Johnston, EvelynIndefinite from 6/23/20102010-33
Strickland, Beverly A.Indefinite from 3/23/20092009-17
Tax Return PreparerMiddleton, TyreeIndefinite from 12/10/20132014-20
GeorgiaAttorneyAnderson, Wade G.Indefinite from 12/14/20092010-07
Bishop, Winford K.Indefinite from 12/15/20082009-08
Copeland, Robert P.Indefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Cruse, Samuel W.Indefinite from 4/26/20112011-33
Graham, Michael H.Indefinite from 11/3/20102011-04
Mathis, Craig S.Indefinite from 3/13/20122012-27
Mooney, Richard C.Indefinite from 3/27/20182018-28
Pesanto, WilfredoIndefinite from 2/6/20122012-27
Powell, Jr., George E.Indefinite from 12/1/20092009-51
Roberts, John A.Indefinite from 1/13/20092009-08
Swank, Lynn M.Indefinite from 4/26/20112011-33
Ware, Ulysses T.Indefinite from 2/23/2009 2009?11
CPAAdegbite, Matthew A.Indefinite from 8/12/20142014-46
Arizechi, MichaelIndefinite from 11/5/20102011-04
Burch, TammyIndefinite from 12/01/20162017-08
Hays, Jr., Cecil D.Indefinite from 2/2/20172017-27
Jackson, Sherry P.Indefinite from 2/2/20092009-10
Njie, SaloumIndefinite from 11/3/20102011-04
Rainey, Esther S.Indefinite from 4/16/20092009-21
Schnur, Steven W.Indefinite from 10/6/20152016-10
Strickland, William M.6/20/20132013-33
Strickland, William M.5/19/20162017-27
Ziff, Thomas D.Indefinite from 6/7/20172017-35
Enrolled AgentHewett, Thomas J.Indefinite from 12/10/20142015-13
Roberts, Vernon A.Indefinite from 4/26/20112011-33
IdahoAttorneyAdamson, Dannis M.Indefinite from 1/11/20112011-28
Crowley, Tammy L.Indefinite from 6/25/20092009-29
Jacquot, DavidIndefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
CPARoe, JanetIndefinite from 11/16/20182019-12
Sandifer, MarthaIndefinite from 10/25/2011 but not less than 48 months2012-07
IllinoisAttorneyDaugerdas, Paul M.Indefinite from 8/14/20142014-46
Greene, James P.Indefinite from 3/11/20152015-22
Greisman, Robert S.Indefinite from 1/11/20102010-07
Kaiser, Kenneth E. 9/28/20102011-04
Kearns, John W.Indefinite from 4/17/20092009-21
Kipnis, Mark S.Indefinite from 12/4/20082009-05
Koenig, Phillip E.Indefinite from 5/26/2010, but at least 48 months2010-33
Meuth, Patterson C.Indefinite from 12/4/20082009-05
Moenning, Richard C.Indefinite from 10/24/20162017-08
Moscarello, Catherine A.Indefinite from 11/8/20112012-07
Nead, Morris J.Indefinite from 7/2/20092009-33
Palmieri, VincentIndefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
Roupas, Dean J.Indefinite from 3/30/20092009-17
Solovy, Dean E.Indefinite from 7/14/20092009-51
Ucherek, David M.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-08
CPAAhmed, NaveedIndefinite from 6/4/20142014-35
Bujan, Jr., Frank M.Indefinite from 7/1/20092009-36
Gurdak, JosephIndefinite from 10/25/20172018-10
Ihejirika, ChristopherIndefinite from 11/13/20122013-16
Manis, Ronald E.Indefinite from 4/7/20142014-26
McMahon, BrianIndefinite from 11/3/20152016-10
Spencer, George L.Indefinite from 10/3/20142014-46
Travis, Jeffrey B.Indefinite from 2/19/20152015-22
Williams, Kevin C., see ArizonaIndefinite from 12/10/20142015-13
Zubkoff, RonaldIndefinite from 1/11/20162016-27
Enrolled AgentClausing, Robert J.Indefinite from 10/21/20082009-46
Johnson, Ralph D.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Neubauer, David K.Indefinite from 4/14/20092009-26
IndianaAttorneyBonnell, Michael K.Indefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
Freeman, Timothy D.Indefinite from 1/16/20132013-16
Gifford, Ronald D.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Holland, III, Robert M.Indefinite from 11/23/20092009-51
Marshall, Sven E.Indefinite from 8/30/20172017-51
Ouellette, Steven J.Indefinite from 10/1/20142015-13
Perry, Teresa L.Indefinite from 11/24/20092009-51
Powell, II, Everett E.Indefinite from 1/3/20182018-28
CPAFaley, Matthew M.Indefinite from 6/22/20172017-35
Groll, James K.Indefinite from 10/16/20142015-13
Schaefer, James M.Indefinite from 10/1/20182019?22
Sheedy, Stacy L.Indefinite from 1/9/20132013-16
Ticen, MarkIndefinite from 6/20/20132013-33
Wilson, Curtis D.Indefinite from 5/13/2011, but at least 12 months2011-33
KansasAttorneyArnold, III, Robert EIndefinite from 11/1/20182019?22
Boisseau, Eldon L.Indefinite from 6/21/20162016-38
Davison, Allen R.Indefinite from 12/17/20102011-12
Dowell, Douglas W.Indefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Markowitz, Daniel J.Indefinite from 12/17/20082009-05
McCall, Michael W.Indefinite from 5/10/20102010-33
Muir, Timothy J.Indefinite from 10/29/20182019?22
Ruther, Scott L.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
CPACota, Jesse A., See ArizonaIndefinite from 7/21/20092009-46
Drake, Richard S.Indefinite from 10/12/20172018-10
Mahler, Carol L.Indefinite from 2/4/20162016-27
Olson, Carl R., See ArizonaIndefinite from 12/15/20082009-05
Parman, Jon P.Indefinite from 4/1/20092009-26
Poppe, Thomas V.Indefinite from 4/4/20122012-27
Stewart, KimberlyIndefinite from 12/15/20082009-05
Enrolled AgentFranklin, Gene See MissouriIndefinite from 5/27/20092009-25
KentuckyAttorneyAtherton, Bruce D.Indefinite from 9/7/20102010-41
Brooks, Troy L.Indefinite from 12/9/20082009-05
Christian, Charles E.Indefinite from 9/18/20122012-47
Doan, Burgess L., See OhioIndefinite from 6/2/20092009-25
Ford, David C.Indefinite from 8/1/20172017-51
Howard, VickieIndefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Land, Suzanne P.Indefinite from 2/7/20132013-23
Radolovich, Ferdinand R.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Reskin, James A.Indefinite from 6/17/20112011-33
Sebastian, Ruth A.Indefinite from 4/3/20092009-17
CPACushny, Lillian B.Indefinite from 8/26/20162016-49
Milslagle, Mark J.Indefinite from 3/24/20142014-20
Robison, Jean P.Indefinite from 7/7/20092009-33
Rogers, Mary C.Indefinite from 5/30/20122012-35
Stivers, Charles M.Indefinite from 10/5/20172018-10
Vater, Gayle G.Indefinite from 2/6/20192019?22
Williams, Larry T.Indefinite from 12/8/20082009-13
Enrolled AgentPope, Lisa A.Indefinite from 3/25/2011, but at least 18 months2011-28
LouisianaAttorneyBack, Kenneth A.Indefinite from 9/20/20102011-04
Blackman, Jr., Gordon N.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Demoruelle, John E.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Fradella, Frank T.Indefinite from 5/5/20142014-26
Gilbert, Janinne L.Indefinite from 10/12/20162017-08
Holliday, Stephen J.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Judice, Gregory V.Indefinite from 6/10/20102010-33
Miller, Bruce A.6/4/20122012-35
Octave, Shantel C., See TexasIndefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
Phillips, II, Charles T.Indefinite from 2/2/20152015-22
Sims, Carvel A.Indefinite from 4/3/20092009-17
Straub, F. S., See ArkansasIndefinite from 5/12/20092009-25
Tallon, Melissa H.Indefinite from 2/3/20122012-27
Whitehead, III, Charles R.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Willis, Michael S.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Zinna, Randy P.Indefinite from 5/15/20122012-35
CPABlackwell, Brian R.Indefinite from 7/23/20132014-10
Bradley, Louis R.Indefinite from 1/18/20112011-12
Gardner, Paul E.Indefinite from 4/15/20162016-38
Hooever, Gary D.Indefinite from 2/12/ 20102010-15
Ohle III., John B.Indefinite from 5/15/20122012-35
Peddy, Jr., Millard C.Indefinite from 12/17/20082009-05
Tulli, AnthonyIndefinite from 1/6/20142014-26
MarylandAttorneyAgbaje, Taiwo A.Indefinite from 7/30/20152015-47
Alivizatos, ConstandinIndefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Assaraf, Steven M.Indefinite from 11/9/20122013-16
Bleecker, Lorin H.Indefinite from 9/20/20102011-04
Boykins, James R.Indefinite from 4/22/20112011-33
Brennan, Richard A.Indefinite from 5/12/20092009-25
Broida, Charles J.Indefinite from 2/4/20162016-27
Cinquegrani, Peter J.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Conradt, Thomas C., see ColoradoCorrection retroactive to 10/27/20142015-13
Coppola, John M., See VirginiaIndefinite from 1/16/20132013-16
Cvach, Paul R.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Dewan, Kiran M.Indefinite from 2/5/20152015-22
Dixon, III, IsaiahIndefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Eckel, Grason J.Indefinite from 10/29/20102011-04
Farris, Peter D.Indefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Foltz, III, Richard N.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Fox, David E.Indefinite from 6/7/20112011-33
Gilland, Michael, B., See PennsylvaniaIndefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Gisriel, Michael U.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Goldstein, David B.Indefinite from 11/9/20122013-16
Good, Tamara R.Indefinite from 6/21/20162016-38
Hall, Jr., Ralph E.Indefinite from 7/21/20092009-33
Holmes, Stephen J.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Hunt, Mark E.Indefinite from 4/11/20112011-28
Kwarteng, Charles O.Indefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Lawrence, MarkIndefinite from 9/16/20092009-40
McLaughlin, Louisa C.Indefinite from 7/25/20182018-50
Miller, Karen J.Indefinite from 11/18/20142015-13
Mittendorff, Robert E., See VirginiaIndefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Pawlak, Thomas F.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Ryan, Jr., Michael W.Indefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Scheltema, James, R.J., see FloridaIndefinite from 1/10/20182018-28
Stern, Gary F.Indefinite from 10/18/20122013-16
Venuti, John J.Indefinite from 4/10/20122012-27
West, Brian G.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
CPABortnick, Edward A.9/24/20172018-28
Haymon, Gregory L.Indefinite from 10/29/20182019-12
Jacob, FelixIndefinite from 1/6/20142014-20
Udo, EnyinnayaIndefinite from 3/22/20172017-27
Enrolled AgentRomanus, Joyce A.Indefinite from 1/15/20132013-16
MassachusettsAttorneyAllen, Peter A.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Barnes, Jr., Donald H.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Barrett, Donal B.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Beato, Pedro L.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Brauer, David P.Indefinite from 12/11/20082009-05
Buck, John K.Indefinite from 7/22/20112011-47
Carreiro, Jr., Joseph M.Indefinite from 5/29/20092009-25
Conner, William E.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Corben, Gary S.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Cormier, Bruce M.Indefinite from 6/18/20142014-35
Cullen, John F., See FloridaIndefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Delehanty, Thomas K.Indefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
DeMarco, II, Leo P., See FloridaIndefinite from 10/13/20082009-46
Doherty, Brian G., see ArizonaIndefinite from 2/11/20152015-22
Edgar, Charles M.Disbarment for a minimum of 5 years from 4/18/20142014-26
Goldstein, FrederickIndefinite from 7/21/20092009-33
Gruenbaum, Jerry, see ConnecticutIndefinite from 5/26/20152015-38
Hanserd, Valerie F.Indefinite from 9/20/20102011-04
Harbeck, Karen M.Indefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Hartnett, John G., See CaliforniaIndefinite from 12/11/20082009-05
Holland, James K.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Kilduff, KevinIndefinite from 1/20/2010, but at least 48 months2010-15
Kirby, Gerald M.Indefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
Lamond, III, John F.Indefinite from 11/13/20122013-16
Levintoff, YuriIndefinite from 11/21/20162017-08
MacKay, Ellen M.Indefinite from 9/20/20102011-04
Martin, Craig J.Indefinite from 3/4/20112011-28
McCarthy, Paul D.Indefinite from 10/12/20172018-10
McCormick, Edward G.Indefinite from 7/25/20182018-50
McDonough, Matthew J.Indefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
McLaughlin, Peter C.Indefinite from 6/7/20112011-33
Paczkowski, Raymond J.Indefinite from 3/ 4/20112011-28
Palmer, Andrew P.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Pepyne, Jr., Edward W.Indefinite from 6/10/20102010-33
Philip, George, see Rhode IslandIndefinite from 3/13/20172017-27
Quinn, Mary M.Indefinite from 7/7/20092009-33
Richard, Joyce A.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Roberts, Jr., John D.Indefinite from 5/12/20092009-25
Sacher, Bruce N.Indefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Scallon, Edwin T.Indefinite from 4/3/20092009-17
Silva, Deanna M.Indefinite from 9/29/20112011-47
Sites, Michael GIndefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Skouras, Jr., Peter G., See New HampshireIndefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Sousa, Carlos M.Indefinite from 8/14/20142014-46
Spector, David L.Indefinite from 6/10/20102010-33
Surette, III, J. EdwardIndefinite from 11/5/20102011-04
Teague, Denis T., see VermontIndefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
Tierney, Jr., Paul R.Indefinite from 12/10/20182019-12
Tracia, Douglas F.Indefinite from 5/6/20152015-38
Udo, JohnIndefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Uhl, Christopher M.Indefinite from 7/31/20122012-47
Zadworny, Kim E.Indefinite from 6/17/20112011-33
CPAArmstrong, Roger A.Indefinite from 2/18/20162018-43
Britton, Randy A.Indefinite from 11/17/20162017-08
Edgar, Charles M.Indefinite from 1/9/20132013-16
Freedman, Norman11/6/20162017-08
Lowe, JamesIndefinite from 7/19/20172017-51
Takesian, Greg C., see FloridaIndefinite from 2/8/20192019?22
Enrolled AgentGinsberg, Barry N.Indefinite from 6/5/20182018-43
MichiganAttorneyCampbell, John A.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Carter Jr., David B.Indefinite from 9/13/20122012-47
Pereira, Lizabeth L.Indefinite from 9/4/20092009-40
Rominger, Charles S.Indefinite from 10/25/20132014-10
Ross, Mark E.Indefinite from 12/6/20112012-23
Tuttle, Wallace H.At least 5 years from 4/9/20112011-28
CPABowie, Oliver W., see North CarolinaIndefinite from 1/24/20182018-28
Brown, Andy J.Indefinite from 3/13/20172017-27
Horton, Darryl S.Indefinite from 1/7/20112011-12
Kroon, Arthur7/9/20142014-46
Matusz, Mark M.Indefinite from 7/8/2011, but at least 6 months2011-39
Ross, Jr., Charles C.Indefinite from 7/15/20132014-10
Enrolled AgentAlexander, Jr., RoyalIndefinite from 7/6/20172017-51
Cochran, Linda D.Indefinite from 7/28/20112011-47
Yoder, Daniel L.Indefinite from 10/22/20142015-13
MinnesotaAttorneyAhl, Vicki M.Indefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Biber, Aaron F.Indefinite from 3/4/20112011-28
Brost, Linda A.Indefinite from 7/7/20092009-33
Cumming, WilliamIndefinite from 11/17/20142015-13
Fairbairn, Jo M.Indefinite from 9/24/20122012-47
Holt, Mark D.Indefinite from 1/15/20152015-22
Houge, Benjamin S.Indefinite from 7/21/20092009-33
Letourneau, Dennis R.Indefinite from 4/22/20112011-33
Meidinger, Joan L.Indefinite from 10/1/20142014-46
Sea, Bobby G.Indefinite from 9/9/20132014-10
Smith, Victor H.Indefinite from 1/15/20152015-22
Taber, Daniel P.Indefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Theiler, Roland J., see WisconsinIndefinite from 2/14/20172017-27
Varriano, Richard D., See North DakotaIndefinite from 1/12/20092009-05
CPAGoetz, Jr., Roger H.Indefinite from 1/21/20162016-27
Harycki, Kenneth F.Indefinite from 9/19/20182018-50
Kirgis, Grant A.Indefinite from 5/2/20132013-33
Murry, Michael J.Indefinite from 5/31/20132013-33
Zhong, John Z. See CaliforniaIndefinite from 1/10/20172019?22
MissouriAttorneyBaca, Cesar A., See ColoradoIndefinite from 12/6/20112012-23
Baldwin, James E.Indefinite from 6/23/20112011-33
Barry, James P., See IowaIndefinite from 7/2/20092009-33
Belz, MarkIndefinite from 12/12/20082009-05
Black, Todd R.Indefinite from 1/22/20132013-16
Boisseau, Eldon L., see KansasIndefinite from 6/21/20162016-38
Buerkle, Joe T.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Busch Hunt, JacquelynIndefinite from 4/29/20092009-29
Carson, Lydia M.Indefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
Coon, Jr., Eugene E.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Croft, Thomas CIndefinite from 5/6/20152015-38
Day, Neysa L.Indefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Dowell, Douglas W., See KansasIndefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Genova, Leslie A.Indefinite from 6/25/20092009-29
Grecco, Frances E.Indefinite from 6/17/20112011-33
Lowery, Martha L.Indefinite from 8/9/20112012-47
Markowitz, Daniel J., See KansasIndefinite from 12/17/20082009-05
Shklar, Mark A.Indefinite from 5/12/20092009-25
Sommers, JohnIndefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Stover, A. BlairIndefinite from 9/29/20112011-47
Suits, Jennifer K.Indefinite from 7/1/20092009-36
Taylor, David L.Indefinite from 11/5/20102011-04
Tluscik, Russell E.Indefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Whitworth, Daniel D.Indefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
Wirken, James C.Indefinite from 5/5/20152015-38
Witt, Jeffrey M.Indefinite from 5/26/20152015-38
Wynne, George, See New YorkIndefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
CPAGable, Travis K.Indefinite from 4/5/20182018-43
Hermann, ChristopherIndefinite from 10/19/20182019-12
Neel, William G.Indefinite from 3/9/20102010-27
Sutton, Elbert L.Indefinite from 6/30/20092009-36
Enrolled AgentBasham, Angela D.Indefinite from 8/14/20122012-47
Burns, Joseph L.Indefinite from 5/15/20152015-38
Divers, Robert D.Indefinite from 8/3/20092009-36
Franklin, Gene L.Indefinite from 5/27/20092009-25
Geiger, David J.Indefinite from 3/9/20102010-27
Tax Return Preparer Tsehaye, Semere6/17/20132013-33
NevadaAttorneyPosin, Mitchell L.Indefinite from 7/14/20112011-39
Pritzker, Bruce E.Indefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Riebesell, Harold F.Indefinite from 3/4/20112011-28
Salas, Richard J.Indefinite from 2/2/20122012-27
Siegel, Lawrence P.Indefinite from 1/3/20182018-28
CPACorso, Stephen P.Indefinite from 7/21/20092009-33
Eisenberg, SusanIndefinite from 9/20/20102011-04
Hendrix, Bruce W.Indefinite from 4/10/20152015-38
Jonavic, Theodore PIndefinite from 3/7/20192019?22
Lampson, Rodney D.Indefinite from 7/9/20142014-35
Tax Return PreparerKidane, YordanosIndefinite from 12/18/20122013-23
Tewolde, BenaymIndefinite from 12/18/20122013-16
New HampshireAttorneyConner, William E., See MassachusettsIndefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Mooney, Richard C., see GeorgiaIndefinite from 3/27/20182018-28
Skouras, Jr., Peter G.Indefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Wyatt, Jr., Donald L., See TexasIndefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Enrolled AgentJordan, Stephen B.3/20/20162017-27
New JerseyAttorneyBellotti, Mark J.Indefinite from 6/4/20142014-35
Carlin, Kevin J.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Casale, Michael A.Indefinite from 9/9/20132014-10
Connolly, Matthew G.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Fink, Edward M.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Fishman, Mitchell E.Indefinite from 6/10/20102010-33
Frey, Thomas G.Indefinite from 7/30/20152015-47
Frohling, John B.Indefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
Gold, Mark E.Indefinite from 6/10/20102010-33
Gordon, Layne S.Indefinite from 6/18/20142014-35
Griffin, Timothy G.Indefinite from 8/27/20152015-47
Hersh, Bruce D.Indefinite from 3/4/20112011-28
Hover, Philip B.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Kimmel, Andrew M.Indefinite from 7/7/20092009-33
Kirnan, Matthew J.Indefinite from 7/22/20112011-47
Kivler, Russell T.Indefinite from 5/27/20092009-25
Lewis, David A. Indefinite from 8/15/20122012-47
Lynch, John G., See New YorkIndefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Lynch, Jr., John G.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Martz, Edward J.Indefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
Matthews, Sam S.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Meiterman, BernardIndefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Mueller, ErikIndefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Murphy, Thomas L.Indefinite from 10/1/20142014-46
Needle, Leonard S.Indefinite from 2/6/20122012-27
Przygoda, Deirdre A.Indefinite from 4/22/20112011-33
Robinson, Loren K.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Rondos, Steven T., See New YorkIndefinite from 5/29/20092009-25
Sinko, MichaelIndefinite from 11/13/20092009-51
Thompson, Gary R.Indefinite from 9/21/20102011-04
Tsai, StephenIndefinite from 7/22/20112011-47
Van Siclen, Todd D.Indefinite from 3/26/20152015-22
Weiner, Joel R.Indefinite from 10/13/20082009-46
CPABekritsky, StanleyIndefinite from 11/2/20082009-47
Davis, Jr., EdwinIndefinite from 3/10/20092009-17
Davis, Richard B.Indefinite from 4/26/20102010-27
Fraser, Carlyle F.Indefinite from 8/19/20162016-49
Hronich, Michael A.Indefinite from 3/6/20092009-17
Johnson, CourtneyIndefinite from 7/19/20172017-51
Levin, Robert J.Indefinite from 4/12/20162016-38
Maruvada, Rajeswara R.Indefinite from 8/7/20182018-50
Orlando, Charles J.Indefinite from 12/17/20102011-12
Penn, Joel, see FloridaIndefinite from 11/3/20152016-10
Pfaff, Robert A.Indefinite from 8/5/20092009-36
Pinto, Steven W.Indefinite from 6/24/20162016-49
Rekuc, RaymondIndefinite from 8/1/20142014-46
Schetelich, TimothyIndefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Williams, Richard F.Indefinite from 11/29/20112012-23
Williamson, Kevin P.Indefinite from 8/15/20122012-47
Wurdemann, William L.Indefinite from 6/8/20092009-29
Enrolled AgentArmbrister, JohnIndefinite from 11/ 4/20132014-20
Saleem, MuhammedIndefinite from 8/14/20142014-46
Tax Return PreparerGallagher, Joseph W.Indefinite from 10/30/20132014-10
Joseph, RigotIndefinite from 6/5/20132013-33
New MexicoCPAVaughn, James A.Indefinite from 1/10/20172017-27
New YorkAttorneyAuslander, Kenneth J.Indefinite from 8/10/20112011-47
Azznara, Nat J.Indefinite from 8/10/20102010-41
Balaban, BarryIndefinite from 9/3/20142014-46
Barnett, Joell C.Indefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Barrett, Donal B., See MassachusettsIndefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Barsch, Robert J.Indefinite from 6/7/20112011-33
Bronstein, DianaIndefinite from 3/12/20152015-22
Burke, Thomas P.Indefinite from 7/7/20092009-33
Buscemi, LawrenceIndefinite from 7/22/20112011-47
Coren, Steven M.Indefinite from 9/14/20102011-04
Dash, Jan A.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Donner, Andrew S.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Doonan, William C.Indefinite from 10/24/20172018-10
Duban, Dennis L., see CaliforniaIndefinite from 10/22/20142015-13
Ellis, Scevia S., See VirginiaIndefinite from 9/29/20112011-47
Engram, Jimmie L.Indefinite from 2/6/20122012-27
Feerst, Barry R.Indefinite from 11/12/20092009-51
Freedman, Theodore L.Indefinite from 7/8/20142014-35
Garcia, Rene G.Indefinite from 5/27/20092009-25
Goldman, MichaelIndefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
Goli, Satish K., See TexasIndefinite from 5/27/20092009-25
Goods, Robert R.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Gramer, Gary W., See FloridaIndefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Griffin, Timothy G., see New JerseyIndefinite from 8/27/20152015-47
Gugino, Mark C.Indefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
Hibner, John R.Indefinite from6/7/20102010-33
Holzberg, Bryan J.Indefinite from 3/31/ 20092009-17
Holzer, Eric A.Indefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Hytner, James T.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Ignacio, David G.Indefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Katz, Benjamin Z.Indefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Kelly, William R.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Kingoff, Stuart N.Indefinite from 2/6/20122012-27
Kornblatt, DanielIndefinite from 1/14/20162016-27
Kosak, Mark S.Indefinite from 5/27/20092009-25
Koziol, Leon R.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Kroll, Martin N.Indefinite from 5/12/20092009-25
Krupnick, Sheldon M.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Labahn, William S., see AlaskaIndefinite from 4/3/20092009-17
Larson, John M.Indefinite from 8/11/20092009-36
Lefrak, Joseph S.Indefinite from 11/12/20082009-05
Leibell III, Vincent L.Indefinite from 9/29/20112011-47
Levine, HaroldIndefinite from 3/29/2018, but not less than 60 months2018-28
Lewis, John D.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Lynch, John GregoryIndefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Lynch, Jr., John G., See New JerseyIndefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Lynch, Steven J., see PennsylvaniaIndefinite from 6/20/20172017-35
Mandel, S. SidneyIndefinite from 2/9/20162016-27
Mangone, Anthony J.Indefinite from 9/29/20112011-47
Martz, Edward J., See New JerseyIndefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
McCaffrey, SeanIndefinite from 3/4/20162016-27
McCarthy, Christopher P.Indefinite from 6/10/20102010-33
McGraw, Kevin J.Indefinite from 4/30/20152015-38
McVann Jr., Thomas TIndefinite from 9/29/20112011-47
Micek, Andrew M.Indefinite from 9/10/20092009-40
Mueller, Erik, See New JerseyIndefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Nissenbaum, MartinIndefinite from 2/25/20102010-15
Park, YohanIndefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Parker, David E.Indefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Pesanto, Wilfredo, See GeorgiaIndefinite from 2/6/20122012-27
Polidi, RichardIndefinite from 2/3/20152015-22
Price, Peter R.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Quagliata, Salvatore, See FloridaIndefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Rickard II, Michael W.Indefinite from 3/4/20112011-28
Rinato, Peter M.Indefinite from 1121/20162017-08
Rogers, Barnett R.Indefinite from 4/15/20092009-21
Rondos, Steven T.Indefinite from 5/29/20092009-25
Ruchandani, Nandita, see ConnecticutIndefinite from 3/13/20172017-27
Schneider, EricIndefinite from 11/17/20162017-08
Shapiro, Richard J.Indefinite from 2/25/20102010-15
Shepherd, Robert L., See FloridaIndefinite from 8/10/20102010-41
Shweky, Alan J.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Simels, Robert M.Indefinite from 8/10/20102010-41
Spargo, Thomas J.Indefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Spiegler, Barry I.Indefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Strunk, BonnieIndefinite from 9/20/20102011-04
Tang, E. LisaIndefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Tessitore, William F.Indefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Wattoff, Matthew P.Indefinite from 8/14/20142014-46
Whiting III, Kenneth P.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Woghin, Steven M.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Wynne, GeorgeIndefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
CPA Fecci, Eric J.Indefinite from 9/24/20122012-47
Baker, BrianIndefinite from 5/29/20092009-25
Bishop, Winford A., See GeorgiaIndefinite from 11/18/20142009-08
Camarata, Mark S.Indefinite from 1/8/ 20102010-07
Cervone, JosephIndefinite from 1/3/20182018-28
Fein, LeonardIndefinite from 10/17/20082009-17
Grodsky, Edward B.Indefinite from 5/12/20162016-38
Grossman, Alan L.Indefinite from 4/25/20182018-43
Konigsberg, Paul J., see FloridaIndefinite from 5/25/20162016-38
Napolitano, James P.Indefinite from 9/23/20082009-05
Pezzo, John J.Indefinite from 1/17/20142014-20
Pfaff, Robert A., See New JerseyIndefinite from 8/5/20092009-36
Pilotti, Dennis M.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Rosner, Robert J.Indefinite from 11/13/20092009-51
Shah, HemangIndefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
Simons, Ronald L.Indefinite from 9/11/20142014-46
Starr, Kenneth I.Indefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Stevens, Joseph FIndefinite from 2/21/20192019?22
Turynowicz, StevenIndefinite from 12/16/20132014-20
Vago, DavidIndefinite from 12/13/20112012-23
Warren, Silford M.Indefinite from 6/25/20142014-35
Whittlesey, JoAnn C.Indefinite from 7/18/2008 (erroneously listed as 7/18/2009, in IRB 2009?42)2010-33
Indefinite from 7/18/20092009-42
Witzke, AngelaIndefinite from 7/19/20172017-51
Enrolled AgentCummins, Virgil M.Indefinite from 1/30/20142014-20
Daniel, Cleavan7/2/20092011-28
Ginsberg, MartinIndefinite from 3/23/20092009-17
Guthrie, SushanaIndefinite from 7/19/20172017-51
Mangione, Vincent P.Indefinite from 6/24/20132013-33
McCoy, William L.Indefinite from 9/7/20172017-51
Podosek, Craig T.Indefinite from 10/ 22/20142015-13
New YorkAttorneyAhern, Christopher J.Indefinite from 12/10/20182019-12
North CarolinaAttorneyBeavers, Harold W.Indefinite from January 12, 20092009-08
Cardinal, Roger C.Indefinite from 4/3/20092009-17
Chavis, Ertle K.Indefinite from 4/15/20162016-38
Dearwester-Soboleski, JaneIndefinite from 8/1/20172017-51
Erickson, Paul L.Indefinite from 1/23/20092009-08
Ford, David C., see KentuckyIndefinite from 8/1/20172017-51
Foster, Thomas F.Indefinite from 6/5/20182018-43
Gaskins, Johnny S.Indefinite from 11/5/20102011-04
Glenn, Lori M.Indefinite from 1/15/20152015-22
Griffin, Robert E.Indefinite from 10/12/20162017-08
Hatch, Jonathan L.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Howell, RobertIndefinite from 11/5/20152016-10
Ivsan, John, see FloridaIndefinite from 10/5/20172018-10
Marsh, Randall S.Indefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Mitchell, Hilton S.Indefinite from 3/12/20102010-20
Polidi, Richard, see New JerseyIndefinite from 2/3/20152015-22
Robinson, AmyIndefinite from 3/31/20092009-17
Smith, Troy A.Indefinite from 6/8/20092009-26
Sossomon, Creighton W.Indefinite from 8/9/20112012-47
Watson, Carlos D.Indefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
CPABarker, William W.Indefinite from 6/18/20142014-35
Blanton, Calvin, LewisIndefinite from 2/10/20092009-10
Blunt, Jerome L.Indefinite from 6/9/20092009-29
Bowie, Oliver W.Indefinite from 1/24/20182018-28
Bullock, Lester E.Indefinite from 5/27/20112011-33
Daniel, Walter J.Indefinite from 9/29/20092009-42
Davis, Myra L.Indefinite from 6/5/20132013-33
Drake, DonaldIndefinite from 5/8/20142014-26
Drumwright Jr., Robert G.Indefinite from 2/2/20122012-27
Edwards, Jr., Albert M.Indefinite from 1/24/20182018-28
Farless, James M.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Fowler, Roy D.Indefinite from 6/27/20112011-33
Gipson, Frederick M.Indefinite from 4/14/ 20102010-20
Gray, Robert M.Indefinite from 10/8/20142015-22
Himmelberg, Stephen M.Indefinite from 6/24/20132013-33
Jakielski, MichaelIndefinite from 10/12/20172018-10
Kar, James, See OregonIndefinite from 7/7/20092009-33
McLamb, Jr., James O.Indefinite from 12/17/20082009-05
Mixon, A. Amanda ? aka Abbott, Allie A.Indefinite from 10/1/20102011-04
Neaves, William A.Indefinite from 5/12/20102010-27
Ross, Walter H.Indefinite from 8/16/20102010-41
Rwejuna, Israel W.Indefinite from 10/30/20082009-47
Sharp, Linda R.9/7/20182019-12
Shipman, Sr., Keith A., See VirginiaIndefinite from 10/15/20082009-46
Stakias, Gregory A.Indefinite from 1/8/20102010-07
Stampley, Margaret F.Indefinite from 11/26/20182019-12
Starr, Melanie M.Indefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
Watson, Hilda G.Indefinite from 4/3/20092009-17
Widis, Larry E.Indefinite from 1/15/20152015-22
Enrolled AgentAshley, Cynthia S.Indefinite from 10/9/20132014-10
Black, PamelaIndefinite from 3/23/20092009-17
Scott, Bridget D.Indefinite from 1/24/20182018-28
OhioAttorneyDoan, Burgess L.Indefinite from 6/2/20092009-25
Hoff, George L.Indefinite from 7/30/20102010-36
Ivsan, John, see FloridaIndefinite from 10/5/20172018-10
McCord, MichaelIndefinite from 6/21/20102010-33
Navatsyk, Donald A.Indefinite from 11/5/20102012-07
Plesich, Gregory T.Indefinite from 10/19/20182019-12
Ridenbaugh, Aaron A.Indefinite from 7/30/20102010-36
Schiller, Glenn M.Indefinite from 6/21/20102010-33
Scudder, Steven C.Indefinite from 1/24/20182018-28
CPAAlvaro, Michele A.Indefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
Bates, Jr., James F.Indefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
Buzolith, Cathy L.Indefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
Cole, Michael D.Indefinite from 6/4/20092009-26
Couchot, Larry E.Indefinite from 7/30/20152015-47
Crow, Alan B.Indefinite from 9/24/20122012-47
Cummings, Gene T.Indefinite from 6/14/20172017-35
Davis, Scott E.Indefinite from 8/11/20112011-47
Denoewer, Michael F.Indefinite from 2/5/20152015-22
Drake, Charles C.Indefinite from 11/28/20122013-16
Kauffman, George B.Indefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
Lee, Michael R.Indefinite from 6/11/20132013-33
Leither, Leon N.Indefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
Merrelli, Joseph J.Indefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
Moon, Bryan M.Indefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
Prince, Paul W.Indefinite from 6/21/20102010-33
Quatman, John J.Indefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
Rogers, Mary C. See KentuckyIndefinite from 5/30/20122012-35
Rossi, Philip D., See West VirginiaIndefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
Rubin, Kimball E.Indefinite from 12/17/20082009-17
Salisbury, Kirk G.At least 5 years from 2/2/20102011-28
Smith, Joseph H.Indefinite from 10/11/20112012-07
Smith, Patrick E.Indefinite from 7/6/20112011-39
Welti, Robert C.Indefinite from 8/14/20122012-47
Zelenkofske, Andrew B.Indefinite from 8/18/20152015-47
Zgoznik, AntonIndefinite from 4/5/20102010-20
Tax Return PreparerElsass, Tobias H.Indefinite from 7/28/20142014-35
OklahomaAttorneyAuer, David BIndefinite from 9/26/20172017-51
Clausing, W. K.Indefinite from 1/26/20102010-07
Faulkner, Marvin C.Indefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
Gordon, George D.Indefinite from 8/9/20112011-47
Knight, David W., see TexasIndefinite from 11/18/20142015-13
CPAFarrow, Katherine L.Indefinite from 11/1/20082009-05
Hall, Daniel A.Indefinite from 2/18/2009 2009?11
Hampton, Dennis L.Indefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
Haymon, Gregory L., see MarylandIndefinite from 10/29/20182019-12
Hinton, Angelia P., See MississippiIndefinite from 6/21/20102010-33
McMurrain, LisaIndefinite from 7/30/20102010-36
Shambles, Joey M.Indefinite from 6/21/20102010-33
OregonAttorneyCyr, Steven M.Indefinite from 4/30/20152015-38
Dakopolos, Helena M.Indefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Phinney, William S.Indefinite from 10/15/20152016-10
Sunderland, Brian J.Indefinite from 12/14/20092010-07
CPAAcarregui, Christopher L.Indefinite from 11/21/20162017-08
Alyateem, Jiryis N.Indefinite from 2/16/20172017-27
Bohn, Morton D.Indefinite from 3/16/20122012-27
Burroughs, Gary S.Indefinite from 12/31/20102011-28
Christensen, David O., See WashingtonIndefinite from 8/23/20132012-35
Hagerman, Kurt L.Indefinite from 2/9/20172017-27
Holland, Michael W.Indefinite from 5/4/20112011-33
Kar, JamesIndefinite from 7/7/20092009-33
Miller, Daniel R.Indefinite from 3/16/20162016-27
Ryan, Jane D.Indefinite from 12/9/20082009-05
Stadtmueller, Roger A.Indefinite from 4/28/20172017-35
Stapleton, Gary D.Indefinite from 1/22/20102010-15
Whitney, Scott A.Indefinite from 6/25/20142014-35
Enrolled AgentBunn, BarbaraIndefinite from 7/13/20122012-47
PennsylvaniaAttorneyButler, Michael S.Indefinite from 4/5/20102010-20
Coploff, LarryIndefinite from 9/9/20092009-51
DeSantis, Joseph J.Indefinite from 4/5/20102010-20
Fryer, Charles E.Indefinite from 4/6/20092009-21
Gilland, Michael B.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
James, Janeane M.Indefinite from 4/5/20102010-20
Lynch, Steven J.Indefinite from 6/20/20172017-35
Mandale, Michael Z.Indefinite from 7/8/20142014-35
Moose, Richard E.Indefinite from 3/16/20092009-17
Sabatine, III, Nicholas R.3/17/20162017-27
Troese Sr., Stephen J.Indefinite from 9/10/20122012-47
Weinstein, BrettIndefinite from 11/17/20142015-13
CPABujaky, MartinIndefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Davidson, Robert J.Indefinite from 4/25/20182018-43
Easton, III, William N.Indefinite from 9/15/20142014-46
Glick, DennisIndefinite from 2/22/20142014-20
Graham, William J.Indefinite from 4/15/20112011-33
Johnson, Courtney, see New JerseyIndefinite from 7/19/20172017-51
Kozelsky, Joseph G.At least 5 years from 12/17/20102011-28
LoStracco, MichaelIndefinite from 2/5/20152015-22
Noonan, GregoryIndefinite from 2/4/20092009-17
Pinkowski, JeromeIndefinite from 10/2/20142014-46
Prence, Neal PIndefinite from 2/21/20192019?22
Szerencsits, Jr, JosephIndefinite from 4/30/20152015-38
Zelenkofske, Andres B., see OhioIndefinite from 8/18/20152015-47
Enrolled AgentHurwitz, Harold L.Indefinite from 4/21/20092009-42
Muracco, Dominick J.Indefinite from 5/5/20142014-26
Sulkoske, Jr., Edward B.Indefinite from 8/18/20132014-10
Rhode IslandAttorneyPhilip, GeorgeIndefinite from 3/13/20172017-27
TennesseeAttorneyAnderson, Sharon K.Indefinite from 11/18/20142015-13
Brooks, Troy L., See KentuckyIndefinite from 12/9/20082009-05
Clemmons, John E.Indefinite from 9/9/20142014-46
Harris, Samuel J.Indefinite from 11/21/20142015-13
Hoots, James M.Indefinite from 6/21/20102010-33
Johnson, David J.Indefinite from 3/5/20152015-22
Lockett, William S.Indefinite from 1/11/20112011-28
Rafferty, Michael F.Indefinite from 6/17/20092009-42
Speight, Harry M.Indefinite from 12/15/20082009-05
Stanbery, Jr., Charles E.Indefinite from 10/28/20102011-04
Weed, David S.Indefinite from 1/22/20102010-15
Welch, Lawrence A.Indefinite from 12/9/20082009-05
CPAAdams, Jr., PaulIndefinite from 2/18/2009 2009?11
Bell, Robert E.Indefinite from 11/8/20132014-10
Haley, Robert W.Indefinite from 11/5/20152016-10
Hamblen, John T.Indefinite from 11/18/20142015-13
Heath, Stewart O.Indefinite from 11/13/20122013-16
Mercer, Howard L.Indefinite from 4/20/20092009-21
Miller, HerbertIndefinite from 1/1/20092009-08
Osborne, Edwin P.Indefinite from 6/10/20132013-33
Riddle, Mark S.Indefinite from 12/15/20152016-10
Singleton, Jamie E.Indefinite from 3/16/2010, but at least 48 months2010-20
Sood, Bhupinder S.Indefinite from 6/3/20142014-35
Enrolled AgentHinson, Jeffrey L.Indefinite from 3/11/20152015-22
TexasAttorneyAshley, Kimberly D.Indefinite from 2/18/2009 2009?11
Bender, John P.Indefinite from 7/30/20102010-36
Bragg, Jeffrey M.Indefinite from 10/11/20112012-07
Burford, Kenneth F.Indefinite from 12/21/20102011-12
Caldwell, Bobby, H.Indefinite from 1/6/20092009-10
Clark, Mark A.Indefinite from 10/11/20112012-07
Cox, Sharron L.Indefinite from 4/19/20162016-38
De La Garza, Roberto E.Indefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
Derkunt, Mustafa E.Indefinite from 6/21/20102010-33
Dicus, Brian G.Indefinite from 1/22/20102010-15
Ernstmeyer, Leslie S.Indefinite from 10/14/20102011-04
Gardner, William J.Indefinite from 10/11/20112012-07
Goains, Michael D.Indefinite from 10/11/20112012-07
Goli, Satish K.Indefinite from 5/27/20092009-25
Gong, Gloria M.Indefinite from 4/14/20102010-20
Green, Bret C.Indefinite from 1/22/20102010-15
Hammond, III, Charles E.Indefinite from 5/24/20162016-38
Hernandez, Luis R.Indefinite from 5/26/2011, but at least 40 month2011-33
Hughes, Carl D.Indefinite from 1/6/20092009-10
Johnson, SherrieIndefinite from 1/6/20092009-10
Kimes, Larry W.Indefinite from 10/8/20142015-13
Knight, David W.Indefinite from 11/18/20142015-13
Larue, Lauren C.Indefinite from 1/11/20112011-28
Miller, ClydeIndefinite from 1/25/20112011-39
Mitchell, James L.Indefinite from 4/19/20162016-38
Morris, Booker T.Indefinite from 1/6/20092009-10
Mulder, James C.Indefinite from 7/25/20182018-50
Murff, David L.Indefinite from 10/11/20112012-07
Ngoyi, Ngoyi P.Indefinite from 3/25/20092009-17
O?Laughlin, Frederick J.Indefinite from 8/8/20162016-49
Octave, Shantel C.Indefinite from 7/18/20112011-39
Olsen, Edwin C.Indefinite from 1/22/20102010-15
Petrillo, Donald J.At least 5 years from 4/22/20112011-28
Phillips, Travis R.Indefinite from 1/22/20102010-15
Rogers, BrianIndefinite from 10/12/20162017-08
Sandel, Michael W.Indefinite from 3/25/20092009-17
Septowski, Charles D.Indefinite from 10/12/20172018-10
Sims, Steven R.Indefinite from 1/23/20092009-08
Smith, Donald T.Indefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
Vickers, Brenda J.Indefinite from 6/4/20092009-26
Wright, Richard L.Indefinite from 1/6/20092009-10
Wyatt, Jr., Donald L.Indefinite from 2/12/20102010-15
Zweifel, WilliamIndefinite from 6/25/20142014-35
CPAAltemeyer, Sandra L.Indefinite from 3/31/20092009-17
Arocha, Robert T.Indefinite from 10/11/20112012-07
Barnes, James H.Indefinite from 6/15/20092009-29
Bean, John E.Indefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Box, Cheryl A.Indefinite from 9/9/20132014-10
Burt, Charles E.Indefinite from 2/8/20122012-27
Cline, LauraIndefinite from 4/10/20182018-43
Dawson, Robin G.Indefinite from 416/20142014-26
Dominguez, Joe A.Indefinite from 1/26/20102010-07
Elsom, William D.Indefinite from 5/6/20092009-21
Funderburgh, LeeIndefinite from 8/7/20092009-36
Garner, Darrow C.Indefinite from 10/27/20142015-13
Hopkins, Andrew M.Indefinite from 11/14/20182019-12
Johse, Kenneth R.Indefinite from 7/8/20142014-35
Knebel, WalterSuspended for a minimum of 48 months from 6/8/20172017-51
Labunski, Gail S.Indefinite from 4/26/20112011-33
Manner, Ronald P.Indefinite from 10/28/20102011-04
McClain, James L.Indefinite from 2/6/20152015-22
Nguyen, Viet B.Indefinite from 4/24/20132013-23
Parrack, Jeffrey B.Indefinite from 7/1/20102011-04
Putman, Clinton W.Indefinite from 10/28/20102011-04
Smith, Terry L.Indefinite from 8/4/20112011-47
Styles, Michael L.Indefinite from 10/14/20162017-08
Taulman, Sharon L.Indefinite from 1/6/20092009-10
Thakkar, Mahesh K.Indefinite from 2/8/20192019?22
Thomason, Frank J.Indefinite from 6/30/20092009-36
Enrolled AgentBrooks, Jeffrey K.Indefinite from 7/28/20092009-33
Hargus, RichardIndefinite from 4/6/20092009-21
Walker, Vicki L.Indefinite from 11/15/20182019-12
Tax Return PreparerYbarra (aka Mondrianh), KarenaIndefinite from 11/8/20132014-10
VermontAttorneyCanney, John R.Indefinite from 6/19/20182018-43
Teague, Denis T.Indefinite from 12/8/20142015-13
CPAHeath, Kenneth J.Indefinite from 1/19/2010, but at least 60 months2010-15
Enrolled AgentCarp, SusanIndefinite from 7/6/20092009-42
VirginiaAttorneyAskintowicz, John W.Indefinite from 12/15/20082009-05
Cecil, David E.Indefinite from 6/14/20112011-33
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Soonthornchal, BoonlompIndefinite from 3/3/20152015-22
Walker, Andrew J.Indefinite from 12/14/20092010-07
Enrolled AgentDibble, DavidPractice rights indefinitely suspended for 48 months from 2/6/2014 (reinstatement with conditions); PTIN revocation indefinite from 04/24/142014-20
Harris, Ephrain D., See North CarolinaIndefinite from 10/31/20122013-16
Smith, ConnieIndefinite from 11/17/20142015-13
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O?Brien, John J.Indefinite from 5/31/20122012-35
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Enrolled AgentPark, Sun H.Indefinite from 10/31/20122013-16
AlaskaAttorneyLabahn, William SIndefinite from 4/3/20092009-17
Shipps, Ra P.Indefinite from 10/14/20102011-04
North DakotaAttorneySletten, Douglas D., See ColoradoIndefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
Varriano, Richard D.Indefinite from 1/12/20092009-08
Indefinite from 12/9/20082009-05
UtahCPABarker, Reed H., See ColoradoIndefinite from 1/5/20092009-10
Metcalf, Brent H.Indefinite from 3/5/20092009-13
District of Columbia (DC)CPAUdo, Enyinnaya, see MarylandIndefinite from 3/22/20172017-27
NorthDakotaAttorneyMcDonagh, Alan M.Indefinite from 12/10/20122013-16
WestVirginiaCPARossi, Philip D.Indefinite from 11/14/20112012-07
NorthCarolinaEnrolled AgentHarris, Ephrain D.Indefinite from 10/31/20122013-16
ISRAELEnrolled AgentCohen, Mordecai N.Indefinite from 10/22/20142015-13
MaineAttorneyDuncan, John D.Indefinite from 1/12/20092009-08

There are various reasons practitioners can be banned by the IRS. We've listed out each instance below.

Types of Sanctions

Why does a tax practitioner lose their license? What type of sanctions can the IRS impose? Understanding the various sanctions imposed by the OPR can help you understand why you should avoid tax practitioners suspended by the IRS.

Disbarred by practice from the IRS – Just as a lawyer may be disbarred for illegal or immoral conduct, a tax practitioner can lose his or her license to practice before the IRS for a minimum of five years. A practitioner who is disbarred may take your money but cannot negotiate with the IRS on your behalf or represent you in court.

Suspended by practice from the IRS – This tax professional cannot practice before the IRS for the term of the suspension, which varies.

Censured in practice before the IRS – Beware, because this individual can still practice before the IRS. However, the tax practitioner’s rights may be subject to conditions designed to hold the person to high standards of conduct. Consider this sanction a warning flag; you may not want to hire a practitioner whose integrity has been called into question.

Monetary penalty – A tax practitioner may have to pay a penalty if he or she has engaged in conduct subject to sanction. Likewise, if a tax practitioner acts on behalf of an employer, firm or entity and reasonably should have known the actions were subject to sanction, the practitioner could face a penalty. Be careful of this person, because this tax practitioner might look the other way and allow behavior, such as lying on your tax returns, that could get you into trouble.

Tax practitioners who are facing other sanctions often face monetary penalties as well as having their license suspended or revoked.

Disqualification of appraiser – A professional under this sanction is not permitted to present evidence or testimony in administrative proceedings before the IRS or Department of Treasury.

Ineligible for limited practice – Steer clear of these individuals. A tax practitioner declared ineligible for limited practice was never enrolled or licensed. By failing to comply with IRS requirements, the practitioner may now be determined ineligible to engage in limited practice as a taxpayer representative.

Disciplinary Sanctions

Just as the IRS doesn’t collect unpaid tax debt overnight or put a lien or levy on your property without due process, the OPR must follow a specific process before imposing sanctions. Learn about the steps that go into sanctions to better understand the information in Solvable’s scam report.

Disbarred by decision, Suspended by decision, Censured by decision, Monetary penalty imposed by decision, and Disqualified after hearing – An administrative law judge (ALJ) imposes sanctions after the government’s summary judgement movement or an evidentiary hearing. There is no appeal.

Disbarred by default decision, Suspended by default decision, Censured by default decision, Monetary penalty imposed by default decision, and Disqualified by default decision — If the tax practitioner does not respond to the OPR’s complaint, the ALJ issues a default decision imposing sanctions.

Disbarment by decision on appeal, Suspended by decision on appeal, Censured by decision on appeal, Monetary penalty imposed by decision on appeal, and Disqualified by decision on appeal — The tax practitioner appealed the ALJ’s decision but lost the appeal.

Disbarred by consent, Suspended by consent, Censured by consent, Monetary penalty imposed by consent, and Disqualified by consent — The tax practitioners offered a consent to sanctions to avoid disciplinary proceedings.

Suspended indefinitely by decision in expedited proceeding, Suspended indefinitely by default decision in expedited proceeding, Suspended by consent in expedited proceeding — Proceedings were expedited by the OPR because the tax practitioner is also facing criminal convictions or lost his or her professional license.

Determined ineligible for limited practice — An unenrolled or unlicensed tax return preparer may not practice because the preparer violated standards or conduct or failed to comply with requirements.

Any tax practitioner can petition to have sanctions lifted after five years, unless the sanctions specified a shorter time period.

If the sanctions are lifted, the practitioner may be “reinstated to practice before the IRS.” Unenrolled / unlicensed professionals may be “reinstated to engage in limited practice before the IRS.”

Review our scam report to find out if your tax practitioner has ever faced sanctions. If a tax practitioner has been reinstated, tread carefully. Read online reviews and determine if you would prefer to find a tax debt relief firm with a flawless track record and no history of sanctions.

We have taken the greatest effort to ensure our information is up-to-date. To verify a practitioner’s current status, you can also contact the IRS in writing: Internal Revenue Service, Office of Professional Responsibility, Attention: SE:OPR, Room 7238/IR, 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20224.