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  • Howard J.

    Posted 01/09/2019

    I ended up paying much less than I expected to the IRS

    “Can’t say enough about the job these guys did to resolve my tax situation. I hadn’t filed for many years and did not know where to start. They had all of my back taxes filed in less than three weeks and that allowed me to get the security clearance I needed for my new job. I ended up paying much less than I expected to the IRS. If I would have known someone could have gotten me the deal they did I would have dealt with this three years ago. Thanks for all you did!”

  • Anderson O.

    Posted 10/12/2018

    A much better resolution that I thought was possible.

    “It’s sad to say but I hadn’t filed taxes in 9 years. I knew that I would probably officially owe the IRS and New York a lot, when I did. I didn’t realize that the IRS could file for me, and they did, and the amount they said I owed was a lot more than what it should have been. I had wanted to get this taken care of but did not know where to start on filing taxes since I did not have any documents. A friend of mine who is an accountant here in New York had worked with this firm in the past, so he referred me to them. I am glad to write this review because my attorney and his assistant at J. David Tax Law brought this to a much better resolution that I thought was possible.”

  • Darren D.

    Posted 03/22/2018

    Man I appreciate it and so does my family

    “I am happy to leave a review for these lawyers. I am not one that has had many dealings with lawyers but these did a great job for me and my wife. I owed the IRS 52,000 and my wife was real sick. She was in the hospital and the IRS took every dime of our money from our bank account. I would not of thought they could do that but they did. They got all my money back and have me on track for the tax debt to go away next year. Man I appreciate it and so does my family. Thank you.”

  • Karl H.

    Posted 02/10/2018

    The people at J. David Tax really helped me out.

    I am an independent trucker, which makes me a business owner. I was going to an accounting person that was handling my taxes for years. I never had to pay much, if anything. About four years ago I started getting notices from the IRS that my tax returns were not prepared correctly and I owed, A LOT. I ignored it, kept on truckin. Then the IRS got my attention by wiping out my bank account. Jim and the people at J. David Tax really helped me out. I really appreciate the job they did on my case.

  • Kiari H.

    Posted 02/07/2017

    I cannot recommend these people enough

    “I started a real estate staging business in 2006 and it escalated into a money making machine, for a couple of years. Then the economy crashed and I did not have money to pay my suppliers or employees. I used my payroll tax money to keep my business afloat, then I went out of business. The IRS did not forget. I thought it was forgotten then received a certified letter from the IRS and it was bad. I spoke with Bryan at J. David Tax Law and he laid out a plan that I thought was feasible to stop the IRS. In less than a week they stopped the levy. I cannot recommend these people enough, professional from beginning to end.”

  • Harvey O.

    Posted 01/09/2017

    I’m glad we took a chance with them.

    “We had an IRS tax debt that was following us around for years. Finally they lowered the boom with a wage garnishment on my wife. We couldn’t meet our expenses. My wife called this law firm but I was skeptical. We were able to workout the fee so we could afford it, they took less down up front since we had the garnishment. I’m glad we took a chance with them. Our attorneys there got the garnishment lifted and we are paying the IRS less than 10% of what they were taking from my wife’s check. I’m grateful for them, they exceeded our expectations.”