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Nine million Americans face tax problems - you’re not alone. We are here to help you finally put your tax issues behind you and start building a better future.


We find the most affordable tax attorneys based on their low costs, financing and free consultations.


Your lawyer will do all the paperwork and negotiate with the IRS or state tax agency for you.


We recommend only the most trustworthy and proven tax lawyers after extensive research.


We prioritize working with compassionate attorneys who understand how difficult your situation is.

Our commitment is to you and helping you find a satisfactory resolution. When you find an attorney through us, you are automatically many steps ahead and working with a verified proven expert.

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Help us match you with the right attorney by telling us about your situation. It should take you less than 3 minutes, and it may help you save thousands.

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We'll match you with a top-rated, BBB-certified, and affordable tax lawyer who has successfully helped others in your area & tax situation solve their tax issues.

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Learn about how to resolve your taxes and if you qualify to save under an IRS and State tax hardship program. Get started for free!

Solvable Helps You Find the Right Tax Lawyer!

When choosing a tax lawyer, you want to pick carefully. The right lawyer can be instrumental in helping achieve tax resolution from the IRS and State agencies. We created a matching service to help you find the perfect tax attorney on a budget.

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Need a trusted tax relief company with proven success? Or help removing a bank levy, lien or garnishment? We have you covered. Searching online can lead you to hire an inexperienced or insincere company as anyone with a credit card can advertise online these days.

Solvable’s mission is to help those with tax issues find a trusted and affordable solution. If you need a tax lawyer, our free evaluation service will match you with a pre-screened tax lawyer for a no-obligation phone consultation. You'll be able to talk to someone about your case, learn about your options and potentially even lower your tax bill!

Our matching service works in real-time, and shortly after you submit your case, you will receive a call and/or email from your attorney match for your free consultation.

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  • Solvable is always 100% free to use – we have done the research and built the tools to help you find the best attorney match for your tax situation.
  • We go through a rigorous screening process – so you can move forward with confidence and be assured you have a proven lawyer on your side.
  • All lawyers in our network are transparent, follow high ethical standards, and are known for superior customer service.
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