Tax Attorney

It’s most important to hire a tax attorney if you have been accused of a crime or owe back taxes that you are unable to pay. Tax attorneys can be your best option in many different tax issues.

Tax Attorney Basics

What’s a Tax Attorney? Here’s Why You Might Need to Know

A tax attorney is a lawyer who has specialized training in the extensive U.S. tax code. In addition to the Juris Doctorate ...

In These Scenarios, Rely on a Specialized Tax Attorney

For complex tax situations, depending on the targeted expertise of a specialized tax attorney can help you avoid costly fees ...

A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring a Tax Resolution Specialist

If you're having problems with your taxes, you aren't alone. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), one out of ...

How to Find a Tax Attorney and When You Need One

When you have issues with the IRS, you need support — a professional who can advocate for your best interests. ...

What Can a Tax Lawyer Do for You?

When dealing with IRS tax issues, you must proceed carefully to avoid any mistakes and misunderstandings. When resolving tax issues ...

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