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The Good

Long, Esteemed History
New Era Debt Solutions has been in business since 1999, putting it years ahead of many other debt consolidation firms. The company has helped customers settle more than $200 million in unsecured debt.

In an industry where fly-by-night companies will take your money and not deliver the services promised, New Era stands out for its longevity and its team of professionals stand by their word to save you money and help you achieve freedom from credit card debt.

BBB-Accredited with an A+ Rating
New Era is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and a flawless record of customer satisfaction. The company has no complaints filed and a 5-star review rating, with 14 positive reviews.

Five-star Consumer Reviews
Positive reviews for New Era span far beyond the BBB website. Consumer Affairs, Yelp.com, ConsumersAdvocate.org, Angie’s List, BestCompany, TopTenReviews.com, TrustLink, and other reputable consumer watchdog companies and review sites give New Era an average of five stars.

New Era’s reputation as well as its fair pricing and reasonable fees set it apart from competitors in reviews.

Reduce The Total Amount Owed
New Era offers debt settlement services for consumers owing more than $10,000 in credit card debt and other unsecured loans, including medical bills, personal loans, and more.

New Era negotiates with your creditors to save you money. Working with a debt settlement company doesn’t just eliminate fees and interest charges, it actually reduces your balances to a manageable level so you can get out of debt and save thousands of dollars.

Alternative to Bankruptcy
If you are considering bankruptcy as the only way out of your financial situation, the team at New Era may be able to help you negotiate with your creditors and find a better way out.

While a bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 years, you can start re-building your credit rating as soon as you have reached the end of your debt settlement agreement with New Era. And a good credit score isn’t just for getting credit cards. A good credit score can get you lower rates on car insurance, help you rent an apartment, or even help you land a better job so you won’t have to worry about paying your bills or accruing more debt in the future.

Be Debt Free in About Three Years
If you can set aside an average of 1.5% of your total unsecured debt, New Era will work with your creditors to negotiate settlements that could have those credit cards and other loans paid off in as little as three years.

Team of Financial Experts to Assist
New Era employs a team of financial experts, including attorneys, debt relief specialists, and financial expert to advise you and guide you toward a brighter financial future.

You will work with a personal debt counselor, with an entire team of experts behind you. New Era experts will negotiate with creditors on your behalf to help reduce your total debt and eliminate fees and future interest charges.

Best of all, New Era does not subcontract to other companies for debt settlement services. You will communicate directly with a debt specialist that works in one of many conveniently located New Era offices across the country.

Hubs in Many Major Cities Provide Better Service
New Era serves almost all 50 states (with just a few exceptions) and has hubs in major cities, including Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego and San Jose to ensure personalized service across the country. New Era attorneys are licensed to practice in the states they serve.

High Success Rate
More than 80 percent of New Era customers complete their debt settlement plan, many in less than three years. New Era says this is one of the highest success rates in the industry.

The drop-out rate is so low because of the company’s performance-based pay model and the fact that New Era clients are very motivated to experience financial freedom.


  • Serves customers nationwide with hubs in nine major cities
  • No upfront fees
  • Alternative to bankruptcy
  • Settle your debt for 50 percent of your total balance or less
  • Five-star customer reviews
  • BBB-accredited with an A+ rating and zero complaints
  • Truth and transparency lets customers know what to expect
  • High success rate
  • Get out of debt in three years or less

No Upfront Fees
Unlike many debt settlement agencies, New Era does not charge any monthly fees or upfront fees. When a settlement is reached, the client will pay the settlement amount, plus a fee to New Era. Since New Era tends to settle accounts at an average of 57% of the total debt owed at time of settlement, customers still realize substantial savings even after paying the program fees.

Keep One Credit Card In Your Name
Unlike debt consolidation or bankruptcy, which mandates that you include all your unsecured debts in the program, New Era permits you to maintain one credit card with a small balance. This gives you the freedom to rent a car if needed, check into a hotel room without a hold on your debt card, and keep a valid credit card for identification purposes.

You’ll need to continue to pay off this credit card until there is no balance. Keeping one credit card open can also help your credit score and make it easier to get new credit once you’ve completed the debt settlement program successfully.

The Bottom Line

New Era takes its Truth and Transparency pledge very seriously, publishing solid statistics about its program’s success rates. More than 80 percent of New Era customers finish the program.

Although the program is designed to last three to four years, customers historically have paid off their debt in an average of just 27.7 months.  Not only are these numbers impressive, but few debt relief firms even share success statistics, at all.

With no upfront fees, a personal debt counselor to guide you toward completion, stellar customer reviews, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, if you are serious about getting out of debt, New Era can help you make it happen.

About New Era Debt Solutions

Based in Camarillo, California, New Era Debt Solutions has settled more than $200 million in debt since 1999. Originally founded as a financial consulting firm under the name DTS Financial, owners Dan Smith and Alex Viecco soon realized many of their customers needed help getting their debt under control before they could benefit from any other financial advice.

In 2007, the company changed its name to New Era Debt Solutions, focusing exclusively on helping customers get out of debt.


Customer Satisfaction


It is unusual to come across a financial services or debt relief company with such high consumer ratings, but New Era boasts five stars virtually across the board on major review sites.

The Better Business Bureau features 14 positive reviews, resulting in a five-star rating. The Consumer Affairs site gives New Era 4.8 stars, with 66 five-star reviews and zero negative reviews all in the past year.

Many reviewers state that New Era helped them settle for debt for less than 50 cents on the dollar, including New Era’s fees. Others share sentiments similar to those of Imran M., who succinctly states, “Excellent customer service. They helped me negotiate, reduce and settle my debt in a timely and professional manner.”

Variety Of Services


We’d love to be able to give New Era more stars in this area but the fact is, New Era does one thing, and does it well: Debt settlement. If you are looking for a debt management plan, credit counseling, or bankruptcy, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

However, New Era does earn three stars because, with a team of attorneys and knowledgeable debt experts onboard, the company’s specialists can steer you in the right direction to assist with other debt solutions. Also, the company website goes in-depth in sharing information about all the options you have if you are faced with seemingly insurmountable debt.

It should also be noted that New Era can help you settle not just credit card debt, but personal loans, repossession deficiencies, lines of credit, and debt accrued from other bills.

Experience And Recognition


In business since 1999, the company’s founders have 20 years experience in the financial services industry, providing financial counseling and debt resolution services.

In addition to stellar customer reviews and an A+ BBB rating, the company has a strong social media presence on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and YouTube, which keeps it in the limelight and on customers’ minds. The company’s positive reputation makes it easier for its debt settlement experts to negotiate a better deal with creditors, saving customers thousands of dollars.

New Era was rated “Best of 2017” by TrustLink and is top 10-ranked firm by BestCompany.

Licensing And Accreditations


New Era boasts more licenses and accreditations than many of its competitors. In addition to its BBB and Consumer Affairs accreditation, New Era is accredited by the U.S. Association of Accredited Businesses and has proven to adhere to the USAAB’s Code of Ethics. It is also a certified member of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

Expert Review


Truth and transparency. New Era treasures these values and ensures that customers are informed and educated through every stage of the debt settlement process. The company conforms to Federal Trade Commission rules that prohibit debt settlement firms from charging upfront fees.

Although results may vary, New Era customers report saving as much as 50% of their total debt, and that is after New Era collects its fees for the settlement.

New Era is highly lauded for its transparency and customer service. Clients report tremendous peace of mind after working through the debt settlement process with New Era. Gloria P. writes, “I'm so relieved to be debt free. I never thought it was possible, but with New Era's help, I can finally go on with my life.”

The company’s success rating of more than 80 percent satisfied customers who are now living free of debt should speak for itself. If you are serious about getting out of debt and willing to commit just 1.5% of your total debt monthly to do so, New Era can deliver results.


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