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Areas of Expertise

  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Prevent Levy & Seizure
  • Bank Levy
  • Tax Lien
  • Payroll Tax
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Income Tax Preperation
  • Wage Garnishment
  • IRS Asset Seizure
  • Tax Penalties
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Installment Agreement
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Currently Not Collectible
  • Penalty & Interest Abatement
  • Levy & Garnishment Release
  • Expiration
  • Custom Tax Solutions

Here's How It Works:

Step 1

Free Consultation

One of our tax experts will call you to get the details of your situation and discuss your options. Most lawyers charge $250/hour or more for this call... but we offer it FREE.

Step 2

Instant Protection

The first thing we can do is file a "Stay of Enforcement", which blocks the IRS from seizing your bank account or assets like a home. This protects you instantly.

Step 3


We look at all the angles and figure out how to save you as much money as possible. It’s about what we know and who we know that can get you a favorable settlement.

Step 4

Case Closed

You may save tens of thousands of dollars and say goodbye to tax worries and hello to a fresh start.

Success Stories

Christine G.

Definitely give Tax Resolvers a call.

The Tax Resolvers were absolutely wonderful because they helped me tremendously. I would recommend them to anybody that had a life experience that threw them in the wrong direction and tell them to definitely give Tax Resolvers a call. I was mainly working with Christopher and Ryan was the gentleman that helped me towards the end after it was resolved.

Lawrence J.

I was completely satisfied with their work

I was finding a way to resolve my tax debt so I got in touch with The Tax Resolvers. Their rep, Nathan, was very professional. He asked the right questions and we felt pretty confident just from his expertise that we were listening to. The Tax Resolvers were successful and it relieved a lot of tax debt. I will always remember them in a positive way and I was completely satisfied with their work. I’d definitely recommend them.

Vivian M.

I’m very satisfied with them and I love the customer service that they gave

I had some bad advice on an offer on compromise and I knew I needed some other professionals to take care of it so I connected with The Tax Resolvers. They kept in contact with me, and whenever I called about a question they made sure that they got back to me right away on it and they still take the time to talk with me. They put me on a payment plan so I didn’t have to come up with all that money, which was the biggest problem for me in the past. I’m very satisfied with them and I love the customer service that they gave. In fact, I have recommended them to a couple of friends.

Dorima D.

Agent Ryan has been wonderful and excellent

I went out on disability and early retirement, and I needed to do my own paperwork. I forgot that I’m going to be taking out taxes so I went on owing taxes and this has led me to connect with Tax Resolvers. So, they fixed this for me. I paid my money an hour but they did a great job. They have done a lot and did what they said they were going to do. Agent Ryan has been wonderful and excellent. He took his time to listen to any questions and didn’t rush off the phone. He is right for me. Tax Resolvers then connected me with Community Tax to resolve my tax issues. They’re brilliant.


Above and beyond!

I had a very jovial experience with The Tax Resolvers. I've seen them before. And I'm very leery about doing a lot of things, as far as anything that has to do with any numbers of mine. And I saw that name a few times, and that was the reason why I really went to them. Their agents were all good and everybody did exactly what they do. They also did everything online, so everything was paperless. That's fine and dandy, but sometimes, you really need some paper. Also, I need to know how much longer do I have to pay them.

James G.

They worked fast and did a good job.

I needed to resolve the issues to get the IRS off my back. They wouldn’t work with me, so I decided to contact The Tax Resolvers. They referred me to Community Tax. They never mentioned that they could have deleted most of my debt somehow. My accountant put me on an extension and I was afraid the IRS was gonna come back and say I defaulted because Community Tax kept saying that, “If you default on our agreement, then you’re gonna have to pay the money.” But I didn’t owe the IRS money. For example, on my tax return this year, I overpaid, so all the IRS cared about was they got to take my money. But the company handled everything and whatever they needed, I sent them, and that was it. If they had any questions, they called me and I answered the best I could. They worked fast and did a good job.