How Do You Know You Can Trust Solvable?

In this era of “fake news,” it’s hard to know which online platforms you can trust for financial advice and recommendations of reliable products or services.

Solvable wants you – our reader – to know exactly what you can expect when you work with a company we recommend. We want you to know our recommendation is based on facts, in-depth research, and the company’s overall reputation.

We work with companies we believe in, with values in alignment with ours, and companies with the mission of helping Americans pay off their debt and take steps toward financial freedom.

Like any business, we have to make money to keep our properties running. That is how we can continue to fulfill our mission and help our readers.

How do we merge our two objectives: Providing honest financial advice and objective guidance while making money so we can help even more people?

We maintain our integrity through full disclosure of affiliate links and advertisements, and also by vetting the companies we partner with carefully.

  • If we do not believe a company offers services that protect our readers’ best interests, we will not accept their advertising dollars.
  • If a company does not align with our philosophy, we will not advertise their services.
  • If a company does not provide great value to our readers, we will not promote them.

Here are some more details about how we make money and how we choose the companies we advertise and partner with.

How We Make Money

Solvable often partners with the companies we promote. As a result, we may get compensated when you click or call them from our website. We always disclose our affiliate partners wherever a listing or link appears, whether that is on our website, in an email, or on our social media networks.

Here’s an example of an article with our standard disclosure at the top of the page.

These affiliate links and listings help us earn the money we need to continue providing great editorial content to Americans seeking financial freedom.

Our Editorial Ethics Policy

Although we do share affiliate links and other advertising on our site, our reviews cannot be purchased. Any company or product reviews are editorial in nature and cannot be bought by the companies reviewed.

Companies also cannot pay to have the content of our reviews altered in any way.

Paid listings are labeled as “sponsored,” making the difference between editorial content and sponsored advertising content crystal clear on our website and on our social media platforms.

If you don’t see an advertising disclosure, we don’t make money from that content or the links you find in it. We’ve published the content exclusively because we feel it will be helpful to our readers.

How We Choose Our Advertising Partners

Companies frequently contact us inquiring about advertising on our website. But we don’t accept advertising dollars from every company that offers.

To ensure we are always serving our readers first, a debt relief or other financial services firm must fulfill several strict criteria before we will run their ads.

Our advertisers must:

  • Align with our company’s mission and values
  • Be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other credible online reputation sites
  • Display easily identifiable contact information on their websites, along with information about the people behind the company

In addition, the Solvable editorial team must agree that the advertiser provides great value to our readers. That means Solvable’s editorial team has full veto power over our sales force to decline any advertising revenue from companies that we do not believe to be ethical, reliable, and trustworthy.

Our carefully chosen advertisers often provide discounts, free trials, and exclusive products and services to Solvable readers. Again, these special offers will be clearly labeled as “sponsored” content.

In our quest to provide the best, unbiased, valuable financial advice, we may not get it right every time. But we always work hard to make the right decisions.

How Are We Doing?

We welcome your feedback. Get in touch with us here.

What do you like about us? What do you feel we can do better? We will listen and take action to continue to provide the best financial advice and resources to help Americans pay off their debt and gain better control of their financial future.

Thank you for trusting Solvable!